I ❤️ Books

Looking back on my teenage years, I can’t remember having a strong relationship with books. Sure, I liked to read, but I rarely read for fun. Mostly, I read what stories and books my school required me to. Shakespeare was a constant presence during that time, but the classics never appealed that much to me, they still don’t. In college, there was mandatory reading, but these books were somewhat unusual. They were titles I’d never heard of before. I found these volumes to be intriguing, but they couldn’t bring me joy.

When Twilight came into my life, everything changed. I felt a connection to the series that was built to last a lifetime. I never read anything like it before. It drastically altered my devotion to the written word. After that, there was always a book in my hand. I discovered so many different authors and genres. I learned so much about myself and the world around me. Books allowed me to develop and grow my imagination.

I love books. I love everything about them. I love the texture of the paper on my fingertips. I love the way the book crinkles, the way the pages fold in my hand. I love the way a book becomes yours. But I don’t just read a book. I immerse myself in them until I’m covered in ink. I read until my eyes hurt, wait five minutes and continue to read again. I read until I am bruised and bloody, because I AM the characters. They are me and we are one.

See you tomorrow!

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