Image Source: Florence Welch

Love may be as easy as two people sitting and doing nothing, but the older you get you find that happiness isn’t as mundane as you once thought it would be. There is always a shadow scheming, waiting in the wings to knock you down. The things you once thought could be yours are the things you can never seem to grasp. Desires dressed like red, satin ribbons wrap around your wrist. They billow in the breeze, but are never binding. They’re yours for a time, but always mange to break free and fly away.

Yet, the expectations placed upon you collapse heavily on your chest. They’re always there, suffocating, restricting your breathing. They tell you that you need to be a wife before you’re twenty-five, a mother before you’re thirty. You have to have a career that everyone envies. Be confident, but never conceited. Be ambitious, but always demure. You’re pushed in so many different directions, sometimes it’s hard to know what you really want. Eventually, with time, the path becomes so damaged that it disappears. Were you ever meant to be there in the first place? What happens when we don’t fit into the role we are told we have to play?

We are argue in the kitchen about whether to have children, about the world ending, and the scale of my ambition. And how much is art really worth? The very thing your best at is the thing that hurts the most.

But you need your rotten heart, your dazzling pain like diamond rings. You need to go to war, to find material to sing. I am no mother, I am no bride, I AM KING.

She appeared without any warning, a cloaked figure in the night sitting at our bedside, asking us to forfeit our souls. We gave them to her willingly, because she asked. We performed rituals in her honor, our own secret ceremonials, because that’s what she deserved. Even when she became a ghost, kept us waiting for years, it never felt like we were alone. Her voice would appear in our dreams and we’d know the demons were vanquished for one more day.

When she materialized a few nights ago after a long sleep, she climbed into our windows like she always does and recited a charm, a feminist mantra for the women of today. She spoke of her own experiences, our sister in this crusade, being the first to conquer the lies we’ve all been taught to take. She said, “You don’t have to fit in to that perfectly square, boring and beige box the patriarchy designed. Embrace your darkness as you stand in the light. Fight! Fight against the idea that there’s something wrong with you because you don’t want the things you’re supposed to want or you can’t find a way to obtain them. When that feeling becomes too much, snap its neck and don’t look back.”

I need my golden crown of sorrow, my bloody sword to swing, my empty halls to echo with grand self-mythology. I am no mother. I am no bride. I AM KING.

I am no mother. I am no bride. I AM KING.

A new era finally begins for Florence + The Machine with the highly-anticipated release of King. The fandom has been a sobbing/screaming mess this entire week. We are VERY excited about the yet-to-be-announced fifth album and it’s been hard to keep control. Seriously, the witch is back and there’s going to be hell to pay if she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves for this masterpiece.

I want nothing more than everyone to shout Florence’s name from the rooftops. I want the song to go soar and top the charts. I would sell my soul for the entire world to realize how freakin’ amazing this woman is. She is the only one making music like this. And the video? I mean, if there’s anyone who knows what her fans want, it’s Florence.

With King, Florence creates a new identity entirely, one free of stereotypes and restrictions. She takes the obsolete ideas of masculine and feminine, fuses them together in beautiful, chaotic harmony. Although the all-consuming, escalating drumbeat is a driving force behind the song, the joyous radiance of the violin and harp never relent. Florence’s voice may be dark and raspy at times, but she is fierce and sparkling the next. Pleasure and pain collide as her two selves combine. With each note, each verse, she wants you to remember that this isn’t a fight for dominance. This is about finding balance in life, in love, and in art.

I was never as good as I wished that I was, but I knew how to dress it up. I was never satisfied. It never let me go, just dragged me by my hair and back on with the show.

King is available to download on iTunes HERE

What do you think of “King?” What did you think of the video? Which lyric was your favorite? Can’t wait for the new album? Tell me in the comments!

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