As a writer, I love delving into science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and everything fictional. Fiction is where my heart is, but my love of movies, television, music, and books are equally as important to me.

My fangirl career started at the bright age of 8 months old, when I took my first trip to Walt Disney World. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was a place where my fantasies could come to life and I’ve been making the journey there almost every year since. But, my active fangirl career didn’t start until 1997 when a little movie called Titanic came to the big screen. I found my first love in Leonardo DiCaprio and started a scrapbook dedicated to my favorite star.

As I grew, so did my tastes. All of a sudden, ‘Nsync was the most important thing to me and plastering my walls with posters seemed to be the appropriate action to take. That love affair lasted the longest and I still have a sore spot in my heart for them. When that ended, Pirates of The Caribbean began. And then a short time later I found my fangirl heart swell up for a small book series called The Twilight Saga.

Of course, I fangirled over other things, but those stand out the most to me. Now, as I continue my writing career, I find that being a fangirl is something that I can enjoy more because of all the social outlets, websites, and forums that give my fangirling a home. I can be myself in these places. And that is what I hope to accomplish with this blog. To have a place for myself and others to discuss, connect, and fangirl over the things they love.

MISSION STATEMENT: To FanGirl intelligently and responsibly

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