A Much Needed Push

Author: Kim the FanGirl

Summary: Edward Cullen can’t seem to gather the courage to ask out pie maker extraordinaire, Bella Swan. Bella can’t seem to make a move, either. Will Edward ever get the girl of his dreams? Or will Bella finally take matters into her own hands?

Rating: M (18+ Readers Only, Please) for Language and a bit of Lemon Zest.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight, but you knew that already. The rest of it? All mine. Please, do not steal my words. Plagiarism is wrong.

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Many thanks to the beautifully talented Miss Hannah (a.k.a. Set In Motion) for being my lovely Beta.


Chapter 1: Dark Chocolate Confessions

     “Another cup of coffee, Edward?”

     “Yeah, sure. Thanks, Bella.”

     She smiled, placed her hand on my shoulder, as she began to pour the dark concoction into the worn, cream-colored mug.

     God, she’s beautiful. Do you think she feels it too?

     What? That slow burn, weaving through the soul, setting our entire being into a state of welcomed frenzy the exact moment we touch? I really hope she does.

     “Anything else?” Bella asked as she finished refilling my glass, removing the small spot from its temporary perch.

     I shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair.

     Ask her.

     No, it’s not the right time.

     Ask her.

     No. I can’t.

     “Okay,” she said giving me a small smile, slowly removing her hand, leaving me to attend to her other customers.

     Fuck. Not again.

     For seven long months I’ve been pining for this woman, and I’m still unable to ask her out. It would be so easy too. Just a few simple words, but can I do it? No. I can’t.

     Bella made her way around the diner again, refilling cups of stale coffee, filling orders. I couldn’t help but stare at her long mahogany curls, they way she kept them in a high ponytail, with just a small sweep of bangs to cover her creamy skin; the way her hips swayed smoothly, while she held the small tray high on her right side. I imagined wrapping those long, slender legs around my waist; her unclothed, perfect, round breasts pressed against my naked chest; nights filled with words and promises. Long lunches; romantic late-night walks; everything I could ever hope to have with this woman.

     Then go get her. Make her yours.

     You don’t understand. I want more when it comes to Bella, but I’m too afraid to tell her that – too afraid of her rejection. I know I’m not good enough; not smart enough, nor handsome enough. She deserves someone better than me; not some small-town history teacher, living in a dingy one bedroom apartment over Newton’s. Someone who doesn’t spend his nights grading papers and eating takeout; who doesn’t fall asleep on the couch fantasizing about a woman he hasn’t even had the balls to ask out yet. She deserves someone better, and whoever he is, he’s not me.

     Don’t you want her, Edward?

     God, yes. For these past seven months, I’ve sat at the same table with my well-worn book closely beside me, fingering the bent pages as I wait. I wait for her to see me, to see that I am eagerly waiting like a fool to talk to her again, to feel her touch.

     She must know how you feel.

     I don’t know if she does. Every time I think we have a breakthrough, something happens. Either someone interrupts us, or a phone starts to ring. More times than not, I am the one that retreats; fear taking me captive time and time again.

     Why am I never able to find the words I desperately want to say?

     Upon my arrival to the diner, my eyes always frantically search for her, for my Bella. It seems like ages until she spots me at my usual table, though it could hardly be more than a few minutes. She notices me staring at her and I quickly cast my eyes down, my crooked smile appearing easily at her recognition.

     You want her. You need her.

     Her feet make quick work to obtain my order: a cup of coffee and the Special of the Day – a slice of Bella’s signature, freshly baked, homemade pie.

     Today’s special had been Dark Chocolate Fudge Banana Cream, made complete with a large dollop of whipped cream on the side; one of my favorites. Bella knew this, as I may have spoken – in great detail – of my love for this exact pie previously to her. Her deep chocolate eyes light up every time I send my compliments. Her smile, genuine and infectious.

     A small laugh escaped when I asked her about her latest culinary achievement this afternoon. Her excitement and enjoyment seeped through while she explained the different ingredients, the type of crust that must be selected to perfectly accompany the fresh fruit and cream filling. She waited as I softly cut into the dessert, then placed the sweet decadence onto my awaiting taste buds, tasting and savoring her creation. I heard her giggle, as I then proceed to devour the rest in a few short bites.

     “I’m glad you like it.”

     I would have responded, but I was too busy chewing, and Esme always told me never to talk when my mouth was full. The hums and moans of my enjoyment were enough reassurance for Bella, so she took her leave, but not before she rubbed a few small circles on my back, voicing her appreciation.

     Those few soft touches she offers me each day are the only things that get me through the lonely nights; that keep me on-edge on days when I haven’t seen her or felt her warming touch; that leave me aching and begging for more.

     If I were to fuck that up, I don’t know what I’d do.

     Bella never hesitates to refill my cold cup with rich, hot coffee, while I silently read or grade papers – things that allow me to focus more on her, rather than my current vocation. Sometimes when the diner is slow, she’ll come and sit with me. We’ll talk about my teaching or her baking. If I’m lucky, she’ll give me some small insight into her life, like her favorite band, or talk about a book she read recently.

     It’s moments like those that I cling to the most, that give me hope. Over the past seven months, we’ve talked a lot, laughed a lot. She understands me, makes me smile and laugh, things that rarely come naturally to me. She never does what I expect and she always seems to be running around in her head. Her presence alone is enough to calm my nerves, yet can instantly excite and thrill me like no other. Bella is the only one who can make me feel that way. She means everything to me.

     If she only knew.

     “Anything else you need, Edward?”

     Bella’s soft, sweet voice echoed in my ears, bringing me out of my reverie.

     “No thanks, Bella.”

     Looking at the large clock above the kitchen window, I realized it was time for me to leave. Her shift would end soon, and I needed to get home and make sure everything was ready for the next day’s class. I paid my check and pulled out some bills to leave her a tip. A few minutes later, Bella quickly finished her side-work and I was packed up, ready to go home. When she looked over to see me leaving, she pulled her lip between her teeth and waved.

     “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she mouthed.

     I smiled and nodded, making my way toward the exit. All of a sudden, the things I have been wanting (needing) to say to Bella finally breached the surface – everything on the tip of my tongue – but the moment didn’t last. All too soon, I’ve shut the door to the Volvo and arrived home.

     The next day, it will all begin again. The silent pleas, the fear, the hope. Will I ever be able to voice my desires to the beautiful brunette that occupies my every waking thought, every dream-filled night? There’s only one acceptable answer. Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I will be asking Bella Swan out. No more excuses. No more fear. No more.

     Edward Cullen will get the girl.


Chapter 2: Dangerously Delicious Decisions

     Look at him, looking all . . . you know.

     What? Lickable? Dangerously handsome? Sexy as fuck?

     Well, yes.

     Get a grip, Swan. It’s not like this is breaking news, or anything.

     I just don’t think it’s fair, that’s all. Seven months he’s been coming into the diner, being all charming and wonderful.

     You also forgot, damn frustrating!

     That too. It’s just that you would think I had some sort of effect on the man after all this time. It’s not like he isn’t attracted to me. I mean, he can never take his eyes off me. The conversation isn’t a problem, either. Well, when we finally get to say more than a few words to each other, that is. So, what is it, then?

     I think you mean, “What the fuck is Edward Cullen’s problem?”

     Yeah. Seriously, what is his deal? He’s flirtatious. He has that whole panty dropping smile down. He seems interested. Doesn’t the man know he has me wrapped around his long, gorgeous fingers?

     Don’t forget the whole, ‘you really wanna jump his bones’ thing too.

     You know that’s only part of it. No one makes me laugh like Edward does. No one makes me feel like Edward does. Not to mention, he’s sweet, intelligent, has fantastic taste in music.

     He’s got a great ass . . .

     Yeah, he does.

     Dammit! You’re making me lose my focus. We have to figure out the problem here.

     You already know what the problem is.

     I do. He’s way too good for me.

     Oh, shush. He’s perfect for you. You just have to woman-up and ask him out. Then it’s simple, really. You go on a few dates, have lots and lots of fantastic, mind-blowing sex, get married, and pop out a couple of adorable, little bronze haired babies. Piece. Of. Cake.

     If only it were that easy.

     It is easy. Just listen to me, and in no time, you’ll have Eddie boy right where you want him.

     Naked and in my bed?

     Whenever. Wherever. However you want, sister.

     I don’t know about this. He’s, you know, Edward. I’m just boring Bella Swan.

     You don’t give yourself enough credit.

     I just don’t think . . .

     Stop it, Swan! Do you want that perfect specimen of a man over there? The one with the purty green eyes that can’t seem to stop staring at you, or your tits?


     How bad, Swan? How bad do you want Edward Cullen?


     Alright, what do I have to do?

     First off  –

     “Hello. Earth to Bella!” Rose yelled – right next to my ear, mind you – effectively bringing me out of my mid-afternoon daze.

     Bella, I was in the middle of something here!

     Just keep going. Maybe she’ll go away.

     So, all you have to do is –

     “Ow! What the hell, Rose?”

     Did she just smack you on the back of your head? What. The. Hell. Bitch is going down.

     I would really shut up if I were you. Don’t you see that look?

     You mean, the one that oddly resembles the infamous Rosalie Hale Death Glare? Yeah, I see it.

     Well, if we don’t pay attention, not only will Rose hit us again, but we’ll both be out on our asses looking for a new job. Do you really want that?

     Not really. No.

     Then, shut the fuck up.

     Okay. Jeez.

     Thank you.

     You’re welcome.

     No problem.

     “I’m sorry, Rose. What’s up?”

     “Oh, no. Don’t give me that shit, Swan. You’re over here making ‘goo-goo, fuck me’ eyes at The Professor over there, when really, you have more important things to be doing. Do you not?”

     Uh, oh.

     When I didn’t answer, Rose arched her brow, then anchored one arm on her hip, while the other settled on the counter. Her long blonde hair rested nicely down her back, as the black pencil skirt and silk red blouse accentuated all her curves.

     It’s disgusting how beautiful she is.

     Do you think Edward wants someone like her?

     No, Swan. He wants you.

     I wish I could be that optimistic.

     “Bella!” Rose grabbed my arm, moving us to a more secluded spot in the back of the small diner, though still in view of a few tables.

     Edward’s table.


     “Ah, sorry. Working, Rose. I should be working.”

     I crossed my arms, embarrassed; trying desperately to focus. I knew I would be in big trouble if I didn’t reassure my her that I was there to work, and not there to ogle at a certain individual. I also knew that, despite being my boss, Rose was still my best friend who would do anything for me.

     Like bring you ice cream and massive amounts of chocolate, while you cry over that hunk-a-hunk-a-man sitting right over there?

     Yep. I can’t even count the number of times over the past seven months when I called Rose in the middle of the night, bawling my eyes out. Sometimes she would just hold and soothe me when I cried, telling me everything would work out, and to just be patient. Other times, she’d yell at me, ordering me to give him my number or she would do it for me. I was all for that plan, until Rose called me pathetic. Then it was all screaming, tears, and apologies. I don’t think either of us made that kind of mistake again. Mostly, she would threaten to kick his ass and slash his tires. That seemed like a good idea, until I remembered seeing the result of one of Rosalie’s right hooks. I really couldn’t let her damage that pretty jaw of his, could I?

     Psst . . . Do you still see him?

     Yes. I see him.

     What’s he doing?

     Edward had been reading, then stopped and placed the book on the table. He stretched his arms above his head, allowing his white v-neck to lift and a sweet sliver of skin to show.

     Oh, sweet baby Jesus.


     He caught me staring – with my mouth agape, just so you know – and proceeded to flash me a possibly orgasm-inducing crooked smile. Then he winked. Winked!

     The man is trying to kill me, I swear.

     “Bella,” Rose sighed.

     Shit. I think she was still talking when we zoned out there. Do you know what she said?

     No. Too busy. Thinking dirty thoughts. Very dirty thoughts.

     Not helping.

     God, I’m such a horrible person. Rose is just trying to help, and what do I do? As soon he shows the least bit of interest, I’m out of it.

     You’ve got to stop, Swan. Focus. Focus.

     “I’m sorry, Rose. I’ll . . .”

     “Just stop, Bella. This can’t happen anymore. We seriously need to talk.”

     I’ll start packing. You start the truck.

     Just let her finish, please.

     “I know what your problem is. You don’t have to explain. I just wish you would understand. You make the most fuck-awesome pies on the coast. I have people knocking down my door every day, trying to steal you away from here.

     “You’re one of a kind, Bells. Your strong, beautiful, and you need to bring that man to his knees! You know what I’m talking about. I seriously don’t understand why you don’t ask him out already. He’s clearly into you. I don’t see what the problem is.”

     Hold the phone.

     Well, that was a strange turn in the conversation.

     I thought she was going to chuck you!

     Me too. Wait. You’re British now?

     You know how it is, mate.

     “Um . . . Rose, what are we talking about?”

     “What we’re talking about Bel-la, is your lack of self-confidence.”

     Really? Cause I saw this convo totally going a different way.

     “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this. Enough of this self-loathing crap! March that cute ass over there and DO SOMETHING. You’re good enough. You’re pretty enough. You’re enough! Get that through your thick skull.” Rose stopped and grabbed my shoulders, pleading with me to understand.

     “And if I have to watch you two do this fucked up mating dance any longer, I will not hesitate to kick both your asses.”

     Rosalie Hale, she tells it like it is.

     Oh, why does she have to say these things?

     You mean, why does she have to be right?

     Shut up.

     “It’s just weird, Rose. He’s new in town and I hardly know anything about him.”

     “Give me a break, Bells.”

     I started to pace. She didn’t get it. Yeah, the whole self-confidence thing was a big part of it. Ever since the fifth grade, when that jackass, Mike, told everyone I had cooties, and then he and the entire student body proceeded to call me The Ugly Duckling until senior year of High School, I’ve been fucked up in the confidence department.

     No, this was more. Edward didn’t want me. How could she not see that?

     “He doesn’t even . . . Gah! Rose, he’s been coming to the diner every day for seven months and he still hasn’t asked me out. If he’s so into me, then why doesn’t he just ask for my number? Ask for a date? Throw me over his shoulder and fuck me in the bathroom? Hell, I’ll even settle for a nice ass grab. It’s because he doesn’t like me like that, Rose.”

     All this time, he hasn’t even tried to make a move. How can you tell me there isn’t something wrong there?

     “Maybe he’s shy, or maybe he just got out of a bad relationship. I don’t know. There has to be a good reason. Do you see him right now?” Rose throws her arm out and points to the emerald eyes solely focused on me and not the book he continues to hold.

     When he sees us looking, he quickly looks away. I chuckle and look down. Rose throws her hands in the air and sighs.

     This is going so well.

     “Hey, Bells. Lover boy is eye-fucking you again. Guy’s got it baaad,” a booming voice yelled from the kitchen.

     “Thanks Emmett!” Rose and I yelled back in unison.

     “You see! Even Emmett can see what you can’t.”

     “Thanks, babe.”

     “No problem, Em.”

     Well, if this isn’t just perfect. My two best friends are ganging up on me. I sure could use some help. Hey, inner voice?  Where did you go?

     Shhh. Busy. Daydreaming.

     Mmmm . . . Lips. Skin. So good. So good. Yes. Yes! Yes!

     I think we’ve lost her. I guess I’m on my own here.

     “Well, what do you suggest I do, Rose?”

     “All you need Bella, is a little push,” she said, a huge grin lighting up her face.

     A push?

     A push. That’s what she just said. Didn’t you hear her?

     Yes, but what does it mean?

     Hell, if I know.

     Suddenly, Rose rushed up behind me and pushed. Yes, she literally pushed me.

     There was no way that this was going to end well.

     “What the fuck are you doing?”

     Refusing to take a step further, I straightened my legs, curling my toes in my tennis shoes, trying to strengthen my position.

     “I’m giving you a much needed push, Bella,” she forced out.

     Holy shit! She’s gone off the deep end.

     That is an understatement.

     Unfortunately, I lacked any type of physical coordination, so it wasn’t long before Rose was able to begin pushing again. My legs slid across the floor, while my back arched into Rose’s hands. I soon realized that the target of her mission was my beautiful, bronze haired sex god.

     “No. No. NO. You can’t do this Rose,” I fought.

     “Watch me.”

     This is not good. Code Red. Code Red. All hands on deck! Get out of there, Bella!

     Oh, shit. Oh, shit. What the fuck did think she was doing? I can’t do this. He’ll laugh at me. He’ll say, “Silly, Bella. Like I would ever go out with you.” This is bad. This is very bad.

     The closer we got, the harder and harder she pushed. Edward sat there with a look of utter bewilderment on his face as he saw us approach. I assume the look of horror that graced my features was evident, as well. Rose was literally pushing me into something I had been fighting against since the beginning. This was not how it was supposed to happen.

     We’re almost there, Bella. Get out. Get out now!

     Well, how about a little help here?

     Sorry. I’m jumping ship. Farewell, my friend.

     Where do you think you’re going?

     Inner voice? Bella?

     That bitch.

     What do we do now?

     “Don’t you do this, Rosalie,” I pleaded one last time.

     She laughed and her evil grin spread. We were almost there. Edward here we come!

     Five feet.

     He chuckled.

     Four feet.

     He shook his head and placed his book down next to his empty plate.

     Three feet.

     He tried to hide his laugh, covering his upturned lips with his hand.

     Two feet.

     I almost shit my pants.

     We’re here!

     Nice to have you back.



     What did you call me?

     Nothing. Care to tell me what exactly we’re supposed to do now?

     “Bella?” Edward smiled.

     So beautiful . . .

     Focus, dammit!


     “Oh, hey. Edward,” I gave him a timid wave.

     I had no clue what to do. I looked to my left, finding Rose’s spot empty.

     So much for moral support.

     This was it. Seven months of hoping he’d make a move. Seven months of trying to make a move of my own. Failing with every misguided and unexpressed word. Everything came down to this moment. Should I let him take the lead and see how it goes? Or could I fight for the thing I wanted most? No, I couldn’t wait anymore. I needed to do something. Something drastic.

     That’s my girl.

     “Bella,” he began again, but I didn’t let him finish.

     I stepped forward and placed my hands on his slightly stubbled jaw, taking him completely by surprise. Pressing my forehead to his, I searched those rich green eyes, finding exactly what I was looking for. Hope. Want. Need. Lust. Love?

     Then without hesitation, I molded my lips to his.

     About damn time, too.


Chapter 3: Sweet Strawberry Surprise

     You can do this, Cullen. You. Can. Do. This.

     I pushed my fingers through my hair again, closing my eyes as the action somewhat silenced my aching nerves.

     For the past ten minutes, I had been sitting outside the diner, steadily gathering the courage I needed; rehearsing my speech over and over again, making sure everything would go as planned. Today was the day. Today I would ask Isabella Swan to officially accompany me out on a date. It had been a long time coming, for sure.

     The first moment I had laid eyes on my Bella, I knew she would be my undoing. Those sweet chocolate eyes held so much warmth and kindness, losing my heart was inevitable. When we initially met, I had just moved to Forks the previous week and was in desperate need of a caffeine fix. Forks’ one and only diner was the only place around to get a decent cup of coffee for miles. Not to mention, they had an absurdly delicious selection of baked goods. At least, that’s what Alice had told me.

     My little sister had moved to Forks a year prior, after she married my best friend, Jasper. I thought they would want to stay near Chicago – near her family – but Jasper had accepted a teaching job, so off they went. It wasn’t long until little Henry Masen Whitlock was scheduled to be born. It took my parents, Esme and Carlisle, exactly one minute and fifteen seconds to officially decide to relocate to Forks after hearing their baby girl was pregnant. Then it was just me. Alice had begged and pleaded for hours on end, crying and sobbing, not stopping until I had agreed to uproot my life. Little did she know, I would do anything for my baby sister. Her avid prosecution on the subject was utterly useless. I decided the moment she asked.

     It wasn’t like anything was holding me to Chicago, either. Tanya and I had broken up, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until the absence of my family would be enough to make me move anyway.

     Three months later, I had a new job – thanks to Jasper – a new home, and a caffeine addiction that needed immediate attention.

     The diner had been extremely busy that morning. I was lucky enough to find a small table near the window, amongst the arguing families and secluded single workers of Forks. The chaotic atmosphere was unsettling as I looked over the significantly sized menu.

     “Coffee?” a small, melodic voice asked.

     I didn’t look up, almost transfixed, sorting through the large assortment of sugary treats. I really blame Alice for my sugar and caffeine addiction. That little pixie was always running around with some piece of candy or sugar-coated snack when we were kids. It’s not my fault. Esme always taught us to share.

     “Oh, dear God. Yes. Coffee. Mmm . . .”

     She chuckled, then began to pour me a much needed steaming cup of java.

     If I had looked up a second later, I might have missed the brilliant, ruby-red blush that covered her beautiful face. She had been staring. I had caught her staring at me.

     Running my fingers through my copper-colored disarray, I gave her the infamous Cullen crooked smile.

     Bella began to slowly back up, pulling her plump bottom lip between her teeth.

     “I . . . ah . . .,” she began and pointed toward the kitchen. “I’ll . . . um . . . be right back . . . to take your order.”

     She bolted, barely missing a large tray of dishes as she made her escape. I can’t say the same for the innocent bystanders she bumped into, though. They weren’t so lucky.

     A few moments later, a loud SLAP was heard from the kitchen, followed by a female voice yelling, “Get yourself together, woman!”

     If I wasn’t so dumbstruck by my mysterious waitress, I would have laughed. She was stunning, yes. But there was something more. I couldn’t explain it. I still can’t.

     Eventually, she did come back to take my order, but I was the one stuttering and acting like a fool. I was completely besotted by the woman.

     Things haven’t changed much.

     Speaking of . . .

     Shit. I lost track of time.

     Focus, Cullen. We’ve got a job to do.

     Right. If I was going to do this, it had to be now. I couldn’t wait any longer.

     Bella Swan, here I come.

     I shut the door to the Volvo, making sure to grab my book. Walking into the diner, I could immediately smell the sweetened aromas of strawberries and honey filling every crevice, molding itself into every available space.

     Mmmm . . . so good.

     Most of the seats were fairly empty, since it was only a few minutes past ten in the morning. Rose, the owner, was standing beside the cash register, checking the receipts from the Saturday morning rush. I could faintly see her husband, Emmett, in the kitchen slicing and dicing, watching the Mariners game on a small television in the back. The two were Bella’s best friends. During one of our brief conversations, she had told me how the trio met her junior year of high school, when Bella had moved from Phoenix to stay in Forks with her father, Charlie.

     Speaking of Bella . . . where is she?

     My eyes began frantically searching for my Bella, but I couldn’t see her.

     The other waitress, Jessica, was taking down Tyler Crowley’s order as he blatantly looked down her too-tight of top. Officer Mark was at the counter reading the morning paper and sipping his coffee. A few other people I didn’t recognize were scattered here and there . . . but no Bella.

     “Morning, Edward,” Rose greeted me while I made my way to my table, her eyes never leaving the counter.

     How does she do that?

     “Morning,” I mumbled, still searching for her.

     Panic took hold. What if she wasn’t there? What would I do then? I could barely get my shit together this morning, could I come back and ask her another time?  No. It had to be today. No more excuses. I would search all of fucking Forks if I had to – even Port Angeles.

     “Bella’s in back. She’ll be right with you,” Rose said as I finally sat down.

     Oh, thank fuck.

     “Thanks, Rose.”

     Four minutes and thirty-six seconds later – What? It’s not like I was counting or anything – Bella emerged holding four freshly baked pies. She held one in each hand, while the others were placed low on her arms. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw her. It was an involuntary reaction to her presence.

     Approaching the front counter, Bella handed two of the pies to Rose, then began to place her unique creations in the showcase. She took precise care, making sure that each pie placement was to her liking. When she was satisfied, she placed a small name card in front of the individual pies. Taking a step back, Bella placed her hands on her hips and appraised her work.

     A small laugh escaped me when she gave a slight nod, as she closed the display doors. I couldn’t help myself.

     Bella looked up quickly and scowled when she found my fist covering my laughter. It didn’t help. I just laughed harder. Eventually, the corners of her lips started to rise in a smirk.

     I knew it. She couldn’t stay mad at me. 

     Shaking her head, Bella took one of the pies and cut me a slice, adding an extra dollop of whipped cream on the side. Then she grabbed a tray, putting the plate and a clean coffee cup onto it. When she was finished, she grabbed a fresh pot of coffee and made her way over to me.

     This was it. No more waiting. I was going to ask Bella out and nothing was going to stop me . . . especially Bella. If those pretty, plump lips said even a single word to me, I knew I was going to back out. No. I had to get everything out there before there was any chance for me to fuck it up.

     Oh, God. She was so close now, her smile becoming brighter with each step.

     Well, here goes nothing.

     “Bella, I . . .”

     Oh, shit.

     Now, I don’t know how it happened. Truthfully, I don’t want to know, either. It’s all a little bit fuzzy, to be honest. Though, I do recall a few things: Jessica walking up behind Bella. An evil smirk. Bella taking the pie plate off the tray. A push. A gasp (That was me, by the way). Then a face full of pie. My face.

     “Fuck, Edward. I’m so sorry,” Bella said, covering her mouth with her palm.

     Why that the hell was she apologizing for? It was Jessica’s fault.

     “No worries, Bella. It’s okay,” I laughed.

     What else could I do? I had been mere seconds away from asking the woman of my dreams out on a date, then immediately had a pie shoved in my face. It had to be some kind of sick, cruel joke. Right?

     I sure as fucking hope so. 

     “Anyway, that’s one way to make sure I clean my plate. Though, it is a bit messy,” I said, scooping up some of the delicious dessert onto my finger, humming as I slipped the sweet concoction past my lips.

     Might as well enjoy it.

     Another gasp. It wasn’t me this time. It was Bella.

     I gave her a questioning look, but she was too busy staring at my mouth.

     “Bella?” I laughed again.

     “Uh? Oh . . . um, nothing. You have some on your . . . ah,” she pointed.


     Carefully, I slipped out of my plaid button-up and wiped the excess cream off my face with my shirt – my white v-neck was still clean amidst the chaos. I faintly heard Bella mutter something under her breath, but it was too low to understand.

     Oh so slowly, she looked me over with a slight gape, her brown eyes becoming darker with each glance. When she finally made it to my quizzical eyes, she chuckled.

     “I’m so sorry, Edward.”

     Was she laughing at me?

     Yep. She is.

     It took less than a minute for both of us to break out in hysterics. Despite the circumstances, I guess it was pretty funny. Plus, I loved any chance to hear her laugh.

     Hey, Edward?


     Don’t you have something to ask Bella?


     “Bella, I was wondering . . .”

     “What the hell, Bella?”

     And that would be Rose.

     No. No. NO. Not now.

     Fuck my life.

     For over twenty minutes, Rose apologized for the ‘mishap,’ and promised that my daily pie fix would be on the house for a week. I tried to tell her what really happened, but Bella was so embarrassed by it all, she took the blame anyway.

     Attempt number three came a short time later. Bella had brought me a fresh piece of pie – Strawberry Creamcheese – and a new cup of coffee. I had barely gotten her name out when the infamous cockblocker, Jessica, suddenly got ‘sick’ and had to go home. Bella had to take on the Saturday lunch rush all by her self. All afternoon she had been running back and forth, from table to table. I hardly even saw her, let alone had the chance to talk to her. Rose had been the one to keep my cup filled while Bella kept busy.

     This is not going as planned, is it?

     No. It definitely is not. If I could just get her alone for a few minutes. That’s all I need.

     With a sigh, I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. It was a few minutes past Three. I knew I should’ve been going soon. I couldn’t be late to the weekly Cullen Family dinner unless I wanted both my mother’s and sister’s sharp, pointy shoes up my ass. Though, it was a risk I was willing to take, if I could get a chance to ask Bella again.

     Ten more minutes won’t hurt.

     Right. I can do this.

     I just gotta find her and ask her out.

     No problem. Piece of cake. Easy.

     Now, where the hell is Bella?

     She was just here a minute ago.

     When the lunch rush had finally ended, Bella took a seat beside the cash register. She had been in perfect view, working on menial tasks. She looked deep in thought, so I didn’t want to bother her. Occasionally, she would look up and catch me starring – the blush coming out in full effect – or scrunch her nose and shake her head, like she was arguing with herself. She was utterly adorable . . . and I wanted her to be mine.

     Then find her and let’s do this!

     Who are you, Emmett? Give me a minute here.

     Look! There she is!


     Jesus. You’re whipped already.

     From my position at the front of the tiny restaurant, I could easily see Rose talking to Bella in the back, near the kitchen. My girl had her arms crossed, trying to listen to whatever Rose was telling her. She looked distracted, nervous. I wanted to rush over there and ask her what was wrong, but Rose looked from Bella to me, glaring.

     Shit. She’s scary.

     What the hell did I do?

     You’ve been ogling her best friend nonstop for seven months. You don’t think she noticed?

     Quickly, I looked away; embarrassed and just a bit worried that Rosalie would kick my ass if I continued to stare. I placed my book on the table – that I had been pretending to read – and stretched, feigning innocence.

     Um . . . I think you have an admirer.


     No fuckin’ way!

     Bella stood there, mouth agape, staring at yours truly. Lust darkened her chocolate eyes.

     Oh, God.

     Houston, we have lift off!

     Shit. Tell that fucker to calm down.

     Yeah, like he’s going to listen to me.

     Do whatever it takes. He’s not going to fuck this up now.

     I proceeded to give her a smirk – Mom always told me my smile was my best asset – and a nice wink, for good measure.

     Cue blush.

     Yes. I saw you, sweet girl. 

     Maybe this wasn’t a one-sided relationship, after all. Seeing my girl like that, because of me, gave me a newly found confidence. I would ask Bella Swan out today. She was mine and it was about time she knew it too.            

     Now, I just have to get her alone and things will be good.

     That’s the spirit, Cullen!

     When I looked over again, I could see Bella pacing back and forth. At the rate she was going, she would wear a hole right through the floor. Rose was shaking her head. It looked like the two were arguing about something.

     Or someone . . .

     Rosalie’s arm reached out and pointed directly at me.

     You’re in trouble now.


     All I could do was look away.

     You know I’m surprised Charlie hasn’t put a restraining order out on you yet. Seven days a week you’re eye-fucking his daughter. Hell, I’m surprised Bella hasn’t put a restraining order out on you yet.

     God, how I hate you.

     Shut up. You love me.

     No. I really don’t. Look at the mess you’ve made. If it weren’t for you, Bella and I could be together right now. Instead, I’m alone and miserable. And I’m talking to myself! This has got to stop. I’m not talking to you anymore.

     Okay. You’ll just have to deal with this on your own.

     Deal with what?


     What the hell?

     I had been too busy arguing with myself to see that Rose was now pushing Bella Swan right toward me. Her feet shuffled against the floor, resisting Rosalie’s advancement.

     What is she doing?

     I have no idea.

     Bella’s hands were tightly balled up into fists at her side and she looked as if she were in pain. Rosalie had an evil grinned plastered on her face.

     Well, this ought to be good.

     Closer and closer they came. Bella fighting with Rose the entire way.

     Five feet.

     I chuckled.

     Bella looked as if she could punch someone.

     Rosalie probably.

     Four feet.

     I shook my head and placed my book down next to my empty plate.

     She’s almost here.

     Three feet.

     I tried to hide my laugh, covering my upturned lips with my hand.

     This is your chance!

     Oh, crap.

     Two feet.

     I almost shit my pants.

     “Bella?” I smiled.

     No need to show her your nerves.

     “Oh, hey. Edward,” She gave me a timid wave.

     So beautiful . . .

     This was it. This was my moment. I, Edward Cullen, was going to ask Bella Swan out.

     About damn time, too.

     “Bella . . . ,” I began, but was interrupted.

     No! Not again. I give up.

     Wait a minute. Look.

     Bella’s nervous features slowly began to transform into ones of utter determination. She stepped forward and placed her hands on my jaw. Softly pressing her forehead to mine, she searched my hopeful eyes. I pleaded with her to find what she was looking for. I needed her in my life. I wanted her with everything I had. I loved her. And in that moment, I knew she felt the same.

     Where have you been? I knew that.

     Well, you could have told me.

     I tried, but you wouldn’t listen.

     I did listen, but. . . Whoa.

     Wait a minute.

     Did she just . . . ?

     Yeah, I think she did.            

     She kissed me.

     Bella kissed me.

     Holy shit!


Chapter 4: Luscious Lemon Delights


     I couldn’t stop kissing him. Though he pulled away and words were coming out of his mouth, I couldn’t stop kissing him.

     I may or may not have straddled him as well.

     “Yes, Edward?” I practically moaned.

     A slight shudder moved throughout his body as my lips found perch on his neck and jaw. His beautiful fingers gripped onto my hips, while he held me as close to him as possible.            

     “Uh, um . . . ,” he stuttered. “Would you . . . uh, like to go out with me sometime?”

     Hmmm . . . let me think.

     “Hell yes!” I smiled.

     He laughed.

     It took all my strength not to rip all his clothes off then and there.

     His electric green eyes darkened even more, when I began to suck on his bottom lip.

     “Oh, God,” I moaned.

     “Fuck!” He moaned.

     Alright, there may have been a little dry-humping, I’ll admit.

     What? Don’t judge me. Like you wouldn’t do the same thing?

     I would.

     I know you would, slut.

     Damn, right.

     Without realizing what I was doing (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I began circling my hips faster, making Edward groan.

     “Baby,” he purred (Yes, purred).

     I guessed he liked that, so I did it again . . .


     . . . once more.


     Come on, almost there.

     “Isabella Marie Swan, either you remove yourself from your boyfriend’s lap, or I will do it for you.”

     Oh, shit. So damn close too.

     I attempted – because it was damn hard – to pry my lips away from Edward, knowing I was in a heap of trouble. I hesitantly looked to my left. Rose had one eyebrow cocked, her hands on her hips, with the tip of her high-heeled shoe tapping in a forceful rhythm.

     “What can I do for you, Rose?” I smiled sarcastically.

     I loved her to death, but she should have known better than to interrupt a severely sexually frustrated woman; especially when said sexually frustrated woman currently had a gorgeous man expertly rubbing her thigh with his porntastic fingers – his hot, wet mouth licking and sucking, creating a trail from her neck to her collarbone.

     Oh, god.

     Edward didn’t even notice Rose until she hit him in the back of the head with a menu.

     “Sorry, “ he mumbled, licking his swollen lips.

     The way he smiled at me and squeezed my ass, I knew he was anything but sorry.

     Lucky bitch. 

     I sure am.

     “Well,” Rose smirked. “I’m glad you two idiots finally realized you belong together. You can thank me later, by the way. But I’m sorry to tell you that this establishment is not licensed for the type of live performance you two had in mind. So could you please take your horny asses home and finally, finally get it on. You love each other, there’s no point in waiting any longer. Fuck each other’s brain’s out. Get married. Have a few kids. Do whatever you want. Just get your sexy asses out of my diner. Now.”

     Rosalie abruptly turned, swiftly walking to the register, smiling widely as she greeted customers.

     Well . . . damn. 

     I’m pretty sure Edward and I were wearing matching expressions of shock and awe.

     Yep, we were.

     It’s not like she was wrong, though. For seven long months we both had been to chicken-shit to anything about our attraction to one another; neither one of us able to make that first monumental step – too afraid of rejection.

     What a waste of time.

     I see that now. Edward’s quiet humility and down to earth mentality had always been what I’d been drawn to most; though that unequaled combination of his exceedingly good looks (Have you seen the man?), humor, and intelligence left me to believe I wasn’t good enough for him.

     If I had ignored that heinous self-esteem-killing bitch in my head and made my move sooner, we wouldn’t be stuck in this god-awful limbo, dancing between the edge of denial and longing; wanting, but never bold enough to do anything about it.

     Very softly, a hand grasped my chin, pulling me out of my reverie.

     Sigh. He’s even prettier close up. 

     “Hey, Bella?” Edward whispered, eyeing my lips, slowly moving his attention upwards.

     “Yeah?” I answered, dazed.

     What that man can do to me, I swear.

     “You wanna get out of here?”

     Throwing his devilish crooked smirk back at him, I jumped off his lap as fast as I could, holding my hand out for him to follow. Edward took it willingly, laughing adorably, shadowing me as I sprinted towards the back of the restaurant.

     “In a hurry, Bella?”

     What was the point in even answering that question? We both knew the answer, anyway.

     “What do you think, Baby?” I asked, turning my head and winking at him, biting my lip.

     Edward abruptly stopped, slack-jawed.

     And cue evil smirk.

     “You’re going to get it, little girl.”

     Oh, I’m counting on it.

     Me too.


     One brief but spirited make-out session later – What? I didn’t think you’d want to hear about that – and a minor interruption from Rosalie and Emmett . . .

     “Whoa. Way to go, Bells.”


     “Leave them alone, you idiot.”

      Edward and I were steadily on our way out of the restaurant

     “Are you ready for our date?”

     I contemplated how to answer him honestly, though it was an easy answer to give.

     “No, I’m not.”

     Edward stopped. The poor guy looked so dumbfounded and crestfallen, like a little lost puppy.


     Though I loved to tease him, I had to put him out of his misery.

     “I’m ready for much, much more.”

     You see, I always knew Edward was the only one for me. It didn’t take me seven months to figure that out. He was like a beacon, pulling me closer and closer into his field of sight. Somehow, I can’t be sure, but I think it was the smile that did it.

     Of course, I wasn’t a fool to think that we didn’t have a lot more talking to do. I would’ve liked to know the man a little more first, before I met his family or anything; maybe know the exact softness of his sheets after a night of headboard breaking, vampire sex. It didn’t matter, though. I knew what I wanted.

     Edward’s reaction was priceless. He scooped me up, holding my body as close to his as possible, my arms and legs easily securing themselves around him, allowing me to snuggle into the crook of his neck.

     He kissed me softly, effectively making me into a pile of goo.

     “Good. Me too.”

     That’s right, ladies. Edward Cullen was all mine. He was the Richard Gere to my Debra Winger; the Leonard to my Penny; the Wesley to my Buttercup.

     We were Made for Each Other and Meant to Be. From that moment on, nothing could ever keep me away from him.

     Faintly, I heard the bell over our soon-to-be exit signaling a new arrival. I was a little too busy trapped in my own little paradise – to think much about the three bodies behind me. That is, until Edward gasped, successfully resulting in him dropping me to the ground.


     “Ow. What the hell?”


     I looked up.

     Oh, balls.

     “Hi, Charlie.”


     “Alice. Jasper. What are you two doing here?”

The Beginning


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