Now Playing: Esmé Patterson – “Never Chase a Man”

There’s a delicate sweetness to Esmé Patterson’s gritty vocals, a fusion of undisguised emotion and lively inflections. She’s one of those artists who’s ingenuity goes largely unnoticed, but steadily accumulates a well-deserved cult following. Patterson’s 2014 record, Woman to Woman, is a unique triumph. Highlighting hymns told from the perspective of some of the most famous women in music – from Eleanor Rigby to Billie Jean – Patterson ingeniously integrates lyrical inspiration from her predecessors, while subtlety incorporating their renowned melodies into her own distinctive creations. The similarities between the original artists’ recording and Patterson’s spin are incredibly faint, but will appear clear to devotees. It’s as if there are hidden Easter eggs embedded within the tune. It gives you that fuzzy feeling of familiarity, like you’re the only one who knows about it. Never Chase a Man is told from the perspective of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. This swinging throwback track is a vibrant response to Parton’s pleas. Look closely and you’ll discover the upbeat melody functioning as a thin camouflage for the song’s rugged, feisty persona. Never Chase a Man decidedly deserves your love, care, and attention.

See you tomorrow!

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