Nerd News: Fall Season Scoop!

Here’s just a couple of interesting blurbs about the upcoming seasons of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

Via Ask Ausiello

Question: I’m still not clear on how exactly Castiel fits into Supernatural‘s new monster-heavy theme this season.

Ausiello: I’ll let EP Sera Gamble take this one. “Castiel is a full-powered angel,” she explains. “He was restored at the end of last season. He went back up to Heaven, and Heaven is kind of a mess. Dark angels are locked in the basement. It’s kind of chaotic. He has what he feels is a mission to clean things up. That’s where we start him off. He also has a very personal relationship with the boys. That also continues. That’s where we start him this season. He’s in a very interesting position. He’s sort of caught between the problems of Heaven and the problems of Sam and Dean on Earth.”

Question: I just bought the first season of Vampire Diaries and watched every episode back-to-back. Can you help out a new (sleep-deprived) fan with any Season 2 spoilers that may have popped up since Comic-Con?

Ausiello: At Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, Katerina Graham told us that Bonnie will become “even less tolerant” of the vampires this season. “She is going to become quite the power player among the supernatural [set]. I think she is going to be noticed by some of the big baddies this season. She is gaining powers rapidly this season so I encourage all the villains and the bad boyfriends to stay clear of the Bennett witch!”

Is it September yet?

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