Press Play Friday: Charlotte Sometimes

Sophomore artist Charlotte Sometimes is in the spotlight for this Press Play Friday

“I want to make sure that whole emotional connection is in each and every word and in each and every note of my songs, because if that’s not there, then what’s the point in music? Music is supposed to transport you somewhere. It’s supposed to make you feel connected to something.” – Charlotte Sometimes Source

Do you remember a time when music channels still played music videos? I know it’s hard to think back that long, but channels like MTV and VH1 were actually dedicated to music (Weird, I know), not cheaply made reality dating shows with questionable characters. I remember one very exciting year (2001) where John Mayer‘s No Such Thing and Jason Mraz‘s The Remedy came out around the same time. That was a very good year (Sigh).

Up to 2008 music still played on these channels. And one of the last videos I remember watching on an actual TV (Not my computer) was Charlotte Sometimes‘ How I Could Just Kill A Man.

With her brutally honest, broody, and beautiful sound and lyrics, Charlotte Sometimes is one of my favorite artists. She distinguishes herself from the rest of the alternative-female group (Fiona Apple and Kate Nash) while still paying homage to their creative sound.

Her debut album Waves And The Both Of Us arrived in 2008. One of the standouts on the album is the heartbreaking song Build The Moon, which combines nothing but an acoustic guitar, a few stings, and the sound of Charlotte’s unique voice.

The fun, honest, and catchy song Ex Girlfriend Syndrome is also a standout. While, the title track is my favorite on the album.

Currently, Charlotte’s new EP Sideways is available for free on her MySpace page. The first single, Ooh Love, is more of a gentle and romantic sound than her previous work. Still, it has that specific Charlotte Sometimes sound.

My favorite off the album is the title track, Sideways. The song explores the idea that everything is not always as it seems in the world.

In Your Apartment is off her first album, and is a dramatic feast of dark melodies and lyrics, while being an amazing story song. It’s one of my all time favorites.

Charlotte’s first single How I Could Just Kill A Man is more main-stream than the other songs on the album. Yet, the lyrics are metaphorical and the song is entirely catchy.

About Charlotte Sometimes

New Jersey native Charlotte Sometimes may not have started as a singer/songwriter, but she has always been a performer. Involved in both dance and musical theater throughout her childhood, Charlotte eventually picked up the guitar when she was 14 and began writing and performing her own compositions. Before graduating from high school and moving on to the New School in New York City’s Greenwich Village, she had already released several homemade EPs and a live CD. It was during college that Charlotte Sometimes was born as a stage persona. The moniker was taken from a book written by Penelope Farmer — the same book, incidentally, that inspired the Cure to write a song of the same name. After signing with Geffen/Interscope Records, Charlotte Sometimes released her debut album, Waves & the Both of Us, in 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton, Rovi

Source: AOL Music

Buy Waves And The Both Of Us HERE Download Sideways for free HERE

Do you like Charlotte Sometimes? What is your favorite song? Have any music recommendations for me? Tell me in the comments!

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