TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Brave New World”

If I didn’t say it before . . . SPOILER ALERT!

Source: The Vampire Diaries Blood Falls

Welcome! How are you today? Did you watch last nights episode? Of course, you did. Wasn’t it . . .  “Oh. My. Damon. Caroline is a vampire!” kind of watch on the edge of your seat night? Yes. I know! I swear, this show is getting better and better. And it was nice to see one of the “minor” characters get her own episode right away. It really was Caroline’s night, despite the ever-increasing Damon drama. “We’re not saying the D word.” But, who cares! You want the awesome play-by-play recap. So for all of those who watched last nights fangtabulous episode, on-wards and downwards!

Caroline, Caroline, Caroline. Wait! You’re alive? Oh, no. You’re just undead. After the whole Katherine smothered her with a pillow debacle (Boring. Not!), Caroline awoke feeling hungry . . . for blood (Dun. Dun. Dun.). “But, I’m hungry. What is that smell?” It’s blood Caroline. You know you want it. BTW, that nurse was kind of a witch (Not like Bonnie, if you know what I mean). Her desperate need for blood can mean only one thing, she’s in transition.

Transition to the highschool carnival where Bonnie and Elena are discussing the Damon issue and the Katherine want’s to kill me thing. Elena is sick of it all (Who wouldn’t be?) and just wants to avoid the issue, at least for one night (Don’t get too comfortable with that idea, Elena). “I’m human. And I have to do human stuff, otherwise I’m going to go crazy.” At this point I really don’t see Elena becoming or wanting to become a vampire. I really hope she changes her mind. Everyone has freaky supernatural powers, why can’t she?

Oh, a not creepy Stefan/Jeremy moment. Well, not as creepy. Stefan is teaching Jeremy all the ways to kill a vampire. Can someone say foreshadowing?

Close up on Stefan and Elena who is still in her “I want to be normal” frame of mind (Seriously? Who wants to be normal?). “You’re gonna take me on the Ferris wheel, we’re gonna ride to the very top, and then you’re gonna kiss me, and my heart will flutter like a normal high school girl.”

Speaking of Damon (Wait. Weren’t we speaking about Damon?) and his charming ways, the mayor’s widow and himself are discussing who is going to lead the council to find the mayor’s vampire killer. Any guesses? If you said Damon you’d be wrong. No, right. Well, I guessed it would be both, wouldn’t it? “I’d be honored to keep this town safe from vampires.” Isn’t good to know the real story?

The real story? They wouldn’t spell it out for you and repeat it several, several times until you got it, would they? No. Never. (Tyler is a werewolf) Wait! What? (I didn’t say anything) I swear you said Tyler is a werewolf. (No. No, I didn’t) Oh, okay. I believe you. (Are you sure? Because I think that Uncle Mason has something to say) “Do you have episodes? What happens exactly? Do you black out? Is there a pattern? Once a month? Only a night?” All I have to say is, seriously? And I so called it!

Anywho, back to Caroline who is experimenting with the sunlight (Is that a burning sensation you feel?). Cut to touching bro moment between Stefan and Damon. And now back to Caroline who is going to flee the coop with her silver necklace, oh sorry, no silver (It burns! It burns!). I have to say, this Caroline becoming a vampire thing is so awesome. And she seems to be handling it somewhat well. I am proud of you Caroline. Are those fangs? Yes. Are you feeding on that nurse? Yes. Okay, I’m cool with it. I didn’t like her very much, anyway (I love Caroline as vampire. She’s so much more not annoying. What do you think?).

I’m a little uneducated in Vampire Diaries lore, but when is the transition process complete? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Meanwhile, the carnival seems to be going on without a hitch.“You mean I can do more than just wreak vampire havoc?” Now, let’s just stop for a minute. This is also the scene where Bonnie meets the hot young handy man named Carter. It seems they really like each other. But, in a series of unfortunate events that we’ll discuss later, they can’t be together. I found this so sad. Can’t Bonnie be happy? When is Bonnie going to bet a little lovin’? Not cool. Not cool.

Now here is a short little scene where Uncle Mason is looking for something called a moon stone. What he could possibly need that for, I have no idea. (Werewolf) What?

Another short scene where Jeremy threatens Damon then Damon threatens Jeremy. It’s just another day in Mystic Falls.

Even another short scene (This episode had a lot of them) where Caroline discovers her new glamouring (Wrong show! Seriously, what do we call it here?) powers. Laugh out loud moment of the night: The reason for the nurses neck bite, given by Caroline, “My husband likes to get kinky.” Now, that’s the Caroline we all know and love.

Another (Tyler is a werewolf) scene between Uncle Mason and Tyler. What was that again? I don’t think I got it.

Damon is super curious about what Tyler is. “Oh, maybe their ninja turtles” (I love less depressed Stefan). He also has another guess. Werewolf. Seriously, like that’s true. Sheesh. So he “glamours” Carter the handy man to pick a fight with Tyler to see what will happen.

“Oh hey, Blondie.” Bad-ass vampire Caroline shows up right at the precise moment Damon is alone, and she remembers. She remembers everything that Damon did to her and she is pissed. “That’s impossible. Unless you’re becoming . . .” You got it, Damon!

Best line of the night goes to Caroline for her stunning portrayal as the vengeful new vampire. To Damon: “You suck.”

Now, we get back to Tyler who has just been shoved by handy man Carter. His “anger” issues aren’t helping. The two start to brawl it out, until Uncle Mason steps in. Oh, and Stefan is stalker looking as the scene unfolds (Classy, Stefan). Uncle Mason is seriously rough on the guy. But, Carter throws him against a truck and Tyler is next. Uncle Mason jumps, like really high, in a crouched position, almost like he were some kind of man-animal. Huh. That’s weird. “You’re eyes.” His eyes were all golden and shiny like Tyler’s were when he crashed the car, after Emily’s vampire killing machine went off. Coincidence? I think not.

Caroline is all better and hanging out with Matt at the carnival The two get all huggy when the need for blood arises. And end scene (What?). Damon tells Elena and Stefan all about Caroline and Katherine’s message: “Game on.” Damon decides the best thing to do is to kill Caroline. Elena and Stefan say hell no to the idea, even though Stefan thinks he is right.

Back to Caroline and her blood requirement (This back and forth thing is irritating). She see’s handy man Carter taking care of the bloody nose Uncle Mason gave him. Guess what happens next. Yep. Biting. Blood. And an awesome scene for Caroline. “I’m so sorry.”

She won’t be sorry when Damon tries to stake her. Luckily, Stefan is there to stop him. As Stefan leads Caroline off to help her, Damon tries to stake her again, but Elena stands in the way. Of course he doesn’t kill her because Damon loves Elena. He would do anything for her. Because it wouldn’t be a show without a love triangle. Or a love square with that scene between Caroline and Stefan. I saw some sparks fly there. How about you? I see Stefan being Yoda master to Caroline sometime in the near future. She will learn the ways of the vampire.

Cue the best scene of the night: Fire. Damon. Damon and fire. Damon on fire. And Bonnie causing all the trouble. Now tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought that Bonnie was going to actually kill Damon. You know you thought it. You know you did. And you know that Elena has feelings for Damon, even if she won’t admit it. You know it. I know you do.

So much drama tonight. And that’s not all. Elena still wants to be normal. At this point she should just give that whole idea up. “My best friend is a witch. My boyfriend is a vampire. And I have a doppelgänger who is hell-bent on destroying all of us.” I love that all that Stefan could say was, “I’m sorry.” Really? I think he needed to bring out the hug on that one. Fail, Stefan. Fail.

Tyler steals moon stone, Jeremy almost tries to kill Damon, Damon and Jeremy share a moment. “My father hated vampires, too. Same reason your Dad did. Only it was 1864. People knew how to whittle.” All of this happens before the Ah moments of the night. Matt sneaks into Caroline’s room. Why they left a newborn vampire alone is very questionable. He tells her he loves her (Ahhh). She controls her vamp ways (Ahhh). Elena wants to be normal. So Stefan is going to give her normal. He fly’s or jumps (Not really sure. I can get series mixed up) up to the top of the Ferris wheel with Elena in his arms (Ahhh). They kiss (Ahhh).

“It’s not going to get any easier, is it?”

“No. It’s not.”

The Vampire Diaries

Now dear boys and girls, what did you think of last nights episode? What do you think will happen next? Tell me in the comments!

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