TV Rewind: Terriers – “Asunder”


Can I get a slow clap for Terriers, please? Week after week, they keep knocking it out of the park. Last night was definitely a season best. Plus, he knows. Yes, Britt knows. Finally! That bubble burst right in his face and it was enough to break the toughest of hearts. On the other side of things, Hank. Oh, Hank. I was really worried about him at the end of the last episode, and Asunder was no different. He made it though, thankfully, with only minor emotional damage, and one broken nose. And it was all because of the case. What case? The case of the week, of course. Let’s hear about it. Okay. For those who’ve seen last nights amazing episode of Terriers, onwards and downwards. The rest of you . . . SPOILER ALERT!

It’s the day of Gretchen’s wedding, and Hank is trying to keep himself busy. He was uninvited after his little reconnaissance mission to gather info on Jason failed miserably. Recall Gretchen’s harsh words: “You’re the live grenade in my life.” Poor, Hank. After cleaning the gutters, taking out the trash, and having his allotted refill amount achieved and surpassed, Hank reassures Britt that he’s fine and it’s okay to go to Gretchen’s wedding. At his AA meeting, Hank tries to talk through his feelings. The wedding is bringing up bad thoughts for him, but he appears to be holding strong.

Later, he gets a call from Britt who – thanks to an eager wedding guest and a glass of Merlot – is in the need for a new shirt. Britt want’s to steal one from Hank, but Hank has a better idea. “Hey why don’t I run one out to you? Save you some time?” He agrees to run down to the wedding and give Britt the new shirt. And this is the point when I started yelling “bad idea!” at my television screen. This is also the point when I realized that an explosion of admission is about to begin.

Hank drops off the shirt and proceeds to park his car (Bad idea). He enters the hotel and asks the directions to the wedding (Bad idea). Before he could make it, he see’s Gretchen from an adjacent window (Uh, oh). Part of me wished for Hank to stop the wedding. The other part of me wanted him to run in the opposite direction. Thankfully, he did just that. Only, he made a pit stop at the hotel bar and ordered a drink (No!). Terriers has done such a good job making the audience care for the characters and presenting Hank’s alcohol addiction as realistically as possible. The wounds are opening and Hank is at the center of it. So when he didn’t take the drink I cheered whole-heartedly. I love this character. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him.

Bad, like being tangled in Tan Suit Guy’s and Zeitlin’s messed-up affairs. Recall from Manifest Destiny, that TSG and Zetlin threatened Hank and everyone he knew, if he didn’t hand over the land report Lindus was hiding. Splashing some water in his face (Like his sponsor told him) Hank overhears TSG and Zetlin threaten someone. Hank wants to find who it is. He asks Britt to help, but he refuses. Britt thinks that it’s just a ploy to stop Gretchen’s wedding, even though it’s not. I’m kind of mad at Britt for not helping his best friend, when obviously he needed help. For Hank, finding a case was a miracle. If he didn’t have that, his sobriety would be over.

Though absent from the case, Britt had his tech buddies (From previous episodes) help Hank bug Zetlin’s room. They find Zetlin is blackmailing a reporter, Laura Ross. As always, someone knows too much. Zetlin is buying up all the land in Ocean Beach. Laura wants to find out why and Zetlin wants her source, but she won’t budge. Meanwhile, Hank and the tech team try to warn Laura about her soon-to-be dangerous situation. In the end, Hank calls hotel security and they escort her out. Hank meets up with her and helps her escape. In the lobby, Hank tries to blackmail Zetlin with a false recording of his meeting upstairs. He is successful, but comes out with a broken nose from TSG. “I hit you harder.”

Back at the wedding, Britt is suspicious of Katie. He asks if she’s pregnant, but Katie tells him it was a false alarm. Booze is being drunk by both parties, then Katie get’s sick. She lied to him about the pregnancy. Katie whispers the truth in Britt’s ear, then it’s all over. He knows and he is about to know more. Katie tries to explain about her drunken one night stand, but Britt needs another answer. “Why? Tell me why.” Katie: “Because you’re not ready. You’re not ready for any of this . . . You’d marry me and you’d hate me. And you’d hate your life. You’re not ready.” The bomb has been dropped and Britt never wants to see Katie again. Did you grab the tissues during this scene? I did. Michael Raymond-James was perfect and heartbreaking. I love Katie and Britt as a couple. If this is the last of their relationship, all I have to say is . . . I can’t say anything because I’m crying. In the final scene, as Hank leaves the hotel, he sees Britt sitting on the ground crying. Without any words, Hank knows what has happened. Both men broken, they leave together to face the remains of the day and a new case.

What did you think of last nights episode? Will Britt and Katie get back together? Will Hank be alright? Tell me in the comments!

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