Supernatural Rewind: “Family Matters”

Please, Mister! Can I Have My Soul Back?

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Gah! Answers! Answers, answers, answers. We wanted them, and boy, did we get them. We got an explosion of truths and facts that was enough to singe our eyebrows and leave us stunned in bewilderment.

I sat slack-jawed the last half hour of the episode, trying to put all the pieces together. What just happened? Sam’s soul belongs to who? Christian is what? Grandpa Campbell is working for who? *ro***y is searching for, where?

Gah! Answers! I am more than pleased with the new direction of the season, but I’m still so baffled. I think the only way I’m going to get through this, is if we break this sucker down. For those who’ve seen Friday’s episode, onwards and downwards. The rest of you – you know the drill – SPOILER ALERT!

After that severe brother beat down last week, we find Sam bleary-eyed, appropriately tied to a hotel chair, and our favorite angel inspecting our broken boy. An eye-check, here. A fever check, there. Doctor Cas Medicine Man asks Sam how much he’s been sleeping since he got back. “I don’t.” Dean say’s what we were all thinking, “It didn’t occur to you, that there might be something off about that?” It seems our little Sammy-boys soul problem doesn’t come with an “ask questions” button, when it comes to self-preservation. Immediately, Cas knows what’s wrong (Can you clue us in?). Cas does his shove-hand-in-body angel cavity search and finds nothing. “It’s his soul. It’s gone” (Well, that’s not good!). Cue the synchronized head turns towards Sam.

While Dean seemed utterly mystified at the diagnosis, Cas gave up his theory as to where Sam’s soul was being kept. His theory: trapped in Lucifer’s cage. Whatever brought Sam up didn’t feel the need to take it with him. Dean thinks it will be as simple as having Cas take the express train to Hell (As he did with Dean) and retrieving the missing soul. Cas shuts down the idea, as it actually took several angel’s for Dean to be freed of his Hell vacation. Sam needs his soul back (Like, now), but it’s not going to be easy.

Meanwhile, Sam want’s free from his constraints. Dean is less than apt to grant his wish. “How am I even supposed to let you out of this room” (Yeah, Sam. Listen to the guy). Trying to plead with Dean, he brings up his betrayal, – you know, the ultimate betrayal – arguing that he was only trying stop the vamps. Of course, Dean doesn’t buy it. In Dean’s world, Sam would be in Bobby’s panic room, until he was back to his old soul-enhanced self. In a very short time and casual manner, Sam releases himself. “I didn’t want it to come to this . . . You’re stuck with the soulless guy, so you might as well work with me.” It’s safe to say, that Dean was more than suspicious and heedful of soulless Sam. He threatened his brother with a watchful eye. He’s going to watching him (He’d better!). Cas fixed that pretty face of Sam’s, and they rode off to their one lead. It’s off to Grandpa’s house (Or armory) they go!

The boy’s were less than psyched to see what was going on at the Campbell House of Unidentified Hunters. They were preparing for a fight, a big one. And Sam and Dean were left off the guest list. With Cas in tow, Dean once again asked Samuel about who brought him back, but he had no more answers than before. Grandpa aced his soul-check, then Cas was gone. I don’t know about you, but I miss that angel. He’s been mostly M.I.A this season, and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

Later, Gramp’s let us in on the game plan. The Campbell Clan were going for a hunt . . . for the Alpha Vamp. Sam was upset as to why he’d been left out of the game, but Dean let him in on the real reason. “It’s because of me.” There is no circle of trust with this group. Samuel doesn’t trust Dean, and Dean doesn’t trust Samuel. More than that, Samuel likes to be in charge, and with Dean in the mix, that isn’t going to happen. So Dean bargained with him. If he was able to go on the hunt, Samuel would have all the control. “I trust you” (I don’t).

Outside, Dean became his old do-not-trust-anyone-except-ourself self. He doesn’t trust Samuel, but they have to stay. He’s their only lead. “If you weren’t Robo-Sam, you’d feel it too.” Dean tried to get more information on Samuel by breaking in to his locked office. Only, Christian was there to stop him (I hate that guy!). Insult after insult the two went at it. “You walk around like you’re playing pro-tennis. The only action you’ve seen lately is between your slut girlfriend’s legs.” That was all it took for Dean to slam Christian into a wall. Unfortunately, he stopped there. I think we were all hoping for at least a nice punch and a nose bleed, but Christian got away clean.

On the hunt, Dean and Gwen were left to be in the reject zone (Never call Dean a reject!) to catch any vamps that tried to get away. Grandpa Samuel’s thoughts about Dean were correct. After Gwen saved his tushy from once again being bitten by a vampire, he headed to the house to see what was going on – like gunfire and screaming. Not only did Dean find a massive amount of vampire carnage, but he saw something we knew from the very beginning of the season. Grandpa Samuel and others were kidnapping the Alpha – not killing him.

Dean later (In the Impala) questioned Sam about the incident and worked his anger after he lied about the Alpha’s. Sam confessed to being the mastermind behind the Alpha kidnappings and using the torture treatment on them. His reason for not telling Dean? Dean shoot’s first, and asks questions later. That doesn’t fly with New Sam. In the end, Dean gives Sam an invitation to leave. “No one’s forcing you to work with me” (Yes. We are). “Or, you know what? Go with Samuel. See how that goes. It’s up to you” (Don’t do it, Sam!).

He did it. In Grandpa’s office, Sam recalls his spat with Dean and his yearning to be in on the Alpha cross-examination. Samuel is reluctant, since Sam doesn’t have a soul, and all. He rejects the offer. Sam leaves and meets an old friend. Hey, Dean! I knew you wouldn’t leave your soulless brother. Sam lured Grandpa to let him in on the Alpha interrogation, but when that failed, Sam used Plan B – swipe Gramp’s cell phone and use the GPS to lead them to the Alpha’s containment facility (Good plan).

Their plan is successful. Inside the warehouse, Sam and Dean watch Samuel using some torture treatment (Electricity) on the Alpha vamp. Grandpa Samuel leaves, after receiving no information on what he has been looking for. Before the boy’s can go any further, the creepy Alpha vamp demands for them to come out from where they had been hiding. While boasting on what he is going to do when he escapes (Kill Sam and Dean, no biggie), he also volunteers some information. Why did Samuel bring the Alpha there? To confess the location of Purgatory (Um . . . really?). Hey, Samuel. How long have you been standing there?

While Dean and Grandpa Samuel have a little showdown, the Alpha vamp escapes and kills Random Hunter #1. Looking for the Vamp, our old pal Christian gets his neck snapped. Sam is almost vamp meat too, but Christian save’s the day (Whaaat?). Okay, something’s not right here. Look at his eyes. Are they black? Yep, they are. Christian’s a demon. A demon! He’s not alone either. Just in time, a group of demon’s show up and take the Alpha vamp away (Whaaat?). Then Crowley appears (Whaaat?).

Alright, take a deep breath – because bombs are going to drop. Take cover. Crowley, being the King of Hell took it upon himself to bring Sam up from Hell and bring Samuel down from Heaven (1). Crowley brought Grandpa down to take care of the Alpha’s, so Sam and Dean have been working for him since the beginning of the season (2). It’s Crowley who’s interested in land development in Purgatory (3). If Sam and Dean don’t continue to help Crowley capture some monsters, Crowley will send Sam right back down to Hell (4). If they do help, Sam will be granted his soul back (5).

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, “Never trust a demon.” It’s a simple as that. Samuel hasn’t learned that lesson, but Sam want’s him to – by putting a bullet in his head. Dean stops him. Family is family. Grandpa leaves. Now it’s time for Sam and Dean to weigh their options. They either have to work for Crowley or kill him. Only, killing doesn’t get Sam his soul back. I thought I’d never say this, but our boy’s are going to work for a demon. Hell has officially frozen over. I hope Adam is wearing his sweater.


Best lines of the night:

1. Castiel: (To Sam) “Are you speaking in tongues?”

(To Dean) “Is he speaking in tongues?”

2. Dean: “What do you think, there’s a clinic out there, for people who pop out of Hell wrong?”

3. Dean: “Is he even still Sam?”

Castiel: “You pose an interesting philosophical question.”

4. Dean: (To Christian) “Hello, Newman.”

Mark that as number 1, 467, on the “Why I love Dean” list.

5. Dean: (Asking Samuel about his return) “Well, recap it for our wingman.”

6. Samuel: (To Cas) “You’re scrawnier than I pictured.”

Castiel: “This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building.”

Dean: “All right, all right. Quit bragging.”

7. Dean: “If the old man’s Kermit, whose hand’s up his ass?”

8. Crowley: “I don’t keep Captain Chromedome around for his wit now, do I?”

9. Dean: (To Samuel) “What’s so important that you’re the King of Hell’s cabana boy, huh? What did he offer you? Girls? Money? Hair?”

What did you think of this week’s episode? How do you think Sam and Dean are going to handle working for Crowley? What do you think Crowley promised Grandpa Samuel for his insider skills? Did you love all the answers? Will the boys be making a trip to Purgatory soon? Tell me in the comments!

See you next week for an all new recap!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Missy says:

    I have the sneaking suspicion that Crowley is holding something over Grandpa Samuel. I’m thinking that ‘something’ is has to do with Mary.

    Remember the scene right before Dean and Sam burst in. He was holding a picture of someone. If Crowley can bring Grandpa Samuel down from heaven whats stopping him from getting Mary too?

    =p Food for thought

    1. Yeah, we definitely know Crowley has something in his back pocket. I thought it had something to do with Mary too. Even Gwen said something about Samuel and Mary in this episode, but I don’t remember Grandpa Samuel holding a picture. I’m going to have to watch it again. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

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