TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “Know Thy Enemy”


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It’s baaaacckk! After those endless weeks, sleepless nights, and vivid Damon dreams, our beloved Vampire Diaries returned to us last night in full force. It was a long wait, to be sure. In fact, it’s difficult to remember what happened last time on our favorite vampire drama. So before we delve into the craziness that happened this week in Mystic Falls, let’s take a little refresher course with The House Guest. Did that help? Good. This week, new allegiances were formed and old ones were broken, we said goodbye to a not-so-beloved character, and in the last-minute of the episode, our jaws dropped and our minds were f****d. Yes. What a night it was . . .  *sigh.* Okay. Let’s fully recap this bad boy, shall we? You know you want it. For those of you who have seen last nights all new fangtastic episode, you know the drill, proceed onwards and downwards. The rest of you, there are no excuses, SPOILER ALERT!

Here we go! I’m so excited! Okay. We pick-up immediately where we left off with the Gilbert door opening to a sad-faced Isobel. Hi. Who are you? I’m Elena’s mother. This can’t be good. Oh hey, you’re the woman that’s dating my husband. Um . . . Isobel, what are you doing here? I just wanna talk. Yeah, no deal. SLAM! It seems that for poor Aunt Jenna, nothing can come easy after finding out Ric and Elena were both lying to her about Isobel’s whereabouts . . . and the fact that she’s still alive (sort of).

At the Salvatore home, the boys are on their way to investigate the current Isobel situation when the vampire bitch with a push-up bra proceeds to explain that she knew nothing about mommy-dearest’ reappearance and would not like her appearance known either (Uncle John can be a little bit touchy). After all, she is on Team Damon and Stefan. What? Yes, Katherine wants to kill Klaus and she figures the best way to do so is to stick with the brothers for this part of the adventure. Yeah, right.

Oh, Alaric. I’ve missed you. Though it would have been nice to see you not under these particular circumstances. Your dead vampire wife showing up at your oblivious-to-any-supernatural-activity human girlfriends doorstep? You’re in deep, my friend. How are you going to handle it? So, you’re just going to let her walk out, without even explaining anything? Okay. I understand that telling your human girlfriend about your vampire wife may be a little bit tricky, but man-up! You can do this. Jeez! Uncle John, can you give a person a warning when you are gonna sneak up like that? I think Alaric should punch you. Oh, look. He did. Ha! Take that!

Okay. Really, Uncle John? You just let Isobel march her vampire self right in here? Not. Cool. While you two make promises that you are only trying to help Elena, we’re going to ignore you. Well, that didn’t work. Isobel tells Elena and Stefan that while she couldn’t find Klaus, she did hear rumors. Rumors? Yeah, like a make-shift vampire army might come and take Elena away just so they can get in good with Klaus. No problem. Right? Despite this new nugget of information, Elena rejects Isobel’s help and verbally bitch-slaps her.

Later, as Isobel settles in to her new residence, she finds an unwelcome guest. Katherine. Well, by the way they were fighting she seemed unwelcome, but now that their hugging, we might have to rethink that. Mommy-dearest tells Katherine that she made a deal with Klaus to save her life. Just deliver the moonstone & the doppelgänger, and the vampire bitch will be free. What? Good thing Katherine is giving her allegiance to Isobel and betraying the Salvatore brothers. Like we didn’t see that one coming. Isobel also tells Katherine that she’s been playing Uncle John (telling him that she is going to help Elena) just to get some insider information.

Damn. While searching Damon’s (awesome) room, Katherine finds the moonstone. Damn. Isobel blindsided Ric with her apologies and declaration of love, then her witch friend mind-melted him. Today is not going to be a good day. Meanwhile, at the Lockwood Mansion Elena is undertaking her obligatory Gilbert duties. Creepy Uncle John is watching from afar when Isobel (Uh. Oh) makes a surprise attack. I think he’s going to need that blood. He comes crashing down the stairs after his newly acquired neck bite (Don’t worry. He’s fine. You know, the ring), allowing enough time for Stefan to freak out and Katherine to switch places with Elena.

Thought you could trick Stefan, Katherine? Yeah, right. Oh, don’t drug him. We need him to save Elena. Seriously, can’t a human and her vampire boyfriend live happily in peace?

As Katherine arrives back to her bestie’s place, she is ultimately faced with the same fate as Alaric. Yes, Isobel is doing what she was told. Klaus wanted the moonstone and Katherine, not the doppelgänger. Now, Elena may be free, but that doesn’t stop mommy-dearest from giving her estranged daughter a good talking to. Isobel tells Elena that there was a part of her that wanted to know about her daughter, but the misleading bitchy vampire part was more dominant. She apologizes for being a disappointment to her. RING! RING! With all this mushy feelings talk, Isobel get’s a call from Klaus’ man-witch telling her she is done. She accomplished what Klaus compelled her to do. Huh? Taking off her necklace, Isobel is baked to a crisp. And so ends her story . . .

With her renewed powers, Bonnie – with the help of Jeremy and Damon – searches through (rather easily) the hundreds of spell books left by the dead warlock’s Martin for a way to increase her power. Just find the location of a witch slaughter (previously mentioned in another episode), whisper a few magic words, and there ya go. But don’t use all that power, or you’ll die. The Salvatore brothers have a new secret weapon.

Finally, it’s time for our favorite couple Matt and Caroline. All day she has been freaking out about Matt being M.I.A after her not-so-subtle confession that she is a vampire. With good reason too. He’s been conversing with the Sheriff (and Caroline’s mother) about what exactly has been going on. Matt is disgusted with Caroline after she retells the whole bloody story, starting with Vicki’s (Do you remember her?) death. He wants to forget. He wants Caroline to make him forget. Although, taking vervain and being in cahoots with Sheriff Forbes isn’t really the way to do that. Now, they both know the truth. This obviously is not going to end well.

When everything is said and done, the Salvatore brothers still need to keep Elena safe. So, how do you do that? Well, you give her the deed to your home so she can stay with her two vampire loves (Please, someone write a fanfiction story about this) without worrying about unwanted vampire intruders. Seems like a good idea to me.

It seems it’s a day for heart-to-hearts. Uncle John tells Elena that the only reason he put his trust in Isobel was because he saw how heartbroken she was after she gave up Elena. Isobel was John’s first love, and when she told him that she would keep his daughter safe, he believed her. “At this point, I will do whatever you want me to do.” Do you believe him? Since UJ is the only parent Elena has left, she makes a point to tell him she maybe can learn not to hate him.

Final scene: Katherine wakes up in a strange place. She hears someone chanting the same words over and over again. The vampire looks up to see Klaus’s man-witch injecting blood into someone familiar. Alaric. What the hell? As the chanting stops, Alaric rises and confronts a fleeing Katerina. What? He smiles at the vampire. “I’ve missed you.” Klaus?

The Vampire Diaries

Oh. My. Alaric. What a cliffy! What did you think of the episode? How much did you miss Vampire Diaries? What will happen now that Matt and the Sheriff know about Caroline? Will you miss Isobel? Why did Klaus let Elena go? Do we need more shirtless Damon scenes? What is going on with Alaric? Tell me in the comments!

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. miseryofmidnight says:

    Finally! My Thursday nights are back to how they should be. Whoa, the ending really threw me. I mean, Alaric is now Klaus. The accent, the eyes, Katherine’s shock it was all too priceless. I wonder what will happen with Alaric now that everyone will be trying to kill him through Klaus (considering the show has a penchant for killing characters…we shall see).

    Also, Jenna’s reaction to Isobel’s and Elena’s bombshell was priceless. It was really good to see her finally know something about the mix up she is in…next step somebody please tell her that vampires & werewolves exist…anybody?

    Really Damon, you hide the moonstone in a bowl of soap? Obviously he thought Katherine was not big on hygiene. Sighs.

    Matt’s expression and confrontation with the Sherriff = Intense. Wow. I thought his head was gonna explode. BTW what is up with them being in cahoots? Where will this lead I wonder?

    So Bonnie is gonna die. Someone give Jeremy a break. Really? How much trauma does he & Matt have to go through. Not sure I was feeling Beremy this episode. I was kinda annoyed with them & Jeremy & his over-protectiveness. Understandable but still…

    Sad that Isobel was pretty much compelled or supm this whole time but seriously i was so confused in this episode. Between her & Katherine lying through their teeth at every turn, I had no idea what was gonna happen.

    Anybody notice the witch helping Isobel wasn’t black. Weird.

    Finally, did it seem kinda sinister when Damon & Stefan were talking about using Bonnie? It somehow made it sound more like they were going to manipulate Bonnie & less about tricking Katherine. I’m probably wrong but I got that vibe. Again. Weird.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Misery. You all made excellent points 🙂

    Im really mind-fucked over the whole Alaric/Klaus thing. Does this mean that Klaus is hanging out in some dungeon and he is just controlling Alaric with his mind to do his every whim? Does that mean that Alaric has the same supernatural powers that Klaus does? GAH! i need ANSWERS!

    To be honest…it’s a big pain in the arse that Bonnie might have to die. I mean really, for ONCE can’t the good guys just catch a break? But saying that, supposedly doc martin’s daughter Greta is supposed to pop up sometime soon so maybe that could share the dead witches powers? But then would that mean they’d have to kill Alaric. WHA,,,?!?! see what i mean about the mind-fuckery?

    I found the whole Katherine/Isobel/Elena thing very confusing also. Basically Isobel was compelled to pretend that Klaus wanted Elena to ACTUALLY get Katherine…right? But if he wanted Elena too (which is what I’m assuming considering that’s pretty much been the story arch of this entire season) why wouldnt he have conveniently had her delivered too? Or did the writers just need some kind of loop hole?

    I wasn’t feeling Matt this episode. This is going to sound hopefully cruel, so in advance don’t hate me, but I don’t think the actor is that great so when he was doing hurt and angry I couldn’t find the energy to care. I am curious about what is going to happen between Caroline/Matt/Sheriff Forbes. Gonna get interesting…

    hahaha I REALLY hope that something awesome happens now that Elena’s gonna be bunking at chez Salvatores. I’ve really been missing romance between those three…sometimes it’s half the reason why I watch it!

    Also. Liking the random shirtless Damon scene. And did anyone else notice that they were making Stefan distinctly James Dean-y in this episode? Definitely approve.

  3. setinmotion says:

    *not hopefully! very

  4. setinmotion says:

    *not hopefully! very
    *isnt not is…

  5. This whole Alaric/Klaus thing is seriously confusing. I’m all for changing up the rules regarding vampire lore and everything (I love vampires who sparkle. Duh), but Klaus in Alaric’s body because of a blood transfusion? I don’t know about that. Plus, I really really don’t want Alaric to die (Team Alaric!). By the look of next weeks preview, it did look like Alaric had Klaus’ powers. And it looked like Klaus was even more powerful than imagined – but if that were the case, wouldn’t it be really simple to just grab Elena and run, instead of playing all these games (Isobel/Katherine)? There has to be more to this puzzle. What do you think?

    Yes! Having Elena and the brothers in one home is going to be interesting . . . and awesome. Hopefully, Damon will consider this the right time to make a move.

  6. setinmotion says:

    hmmm. first off. we dont get previews here 😦 so everything you say is just all that more addictive! But yes it will be interesting. Im not sure about all these games that are going on but I’m sure it will lead to something that makes sense…perhaps a way to get all the different vampys in town so klaus can revoke revenge on the lot of them? oh i dunno. im not the writer!

    yes. damon. elena. damon. elena. delena. we need something to happen between the two. considering he confessed his love to her not that long ago. sure she doesnt remember but still…

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