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Did you hear that? It’s the sound of millions of TVD viewers cringing, crying, and clapping (I love alliteration) after last nights brand spanking new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Who didn’t shed a tear after seeing Bonnie try to sacrifice herself for Elena; or after seeing Alaric’s/Klaus’ (?) cheesy, yet entertaining dance moves? And how could you not clap your little hearts out after those few fleeting (flirty?) moments between Elena and Damon? I don’t think you could. The Last Dance was one rollercoaster of an episode, filled with danger, excitement, and a cheesy center (And that’s why we love Vampire Diaries). Now keep your arms, fangs, and legs inside the vehicle, because we’re about to take a long days journey into Mystic Falls. For those of you who have seen last nights episode, onwards and downwards. The rest of you, Klaus would like to dedicate this to you: SPOILER ALERT!

Hey, Alaric! Oh. Wait. I forgot. You’re Klaus, aren’t you? That whole vampire possessing a human thing (I know. It doesn’t make sense). Well, this is going to be confusing. So, I’ll just call you Klauric. Okay? As we return to Mystic Falls, Klauric is choosing his outfit for his first day of school, while getting up to speed with Katherine. Klauric makes it clear that he really doesn’t want Elijah back from his semi-non-weird death (“That guys such a buzz kill”), so he’s just going to leave that one alone. He also decides that he needs to find out more about this Bonnie situation. Powers or no powers? I have to say, this Klauric is kind of sexy. If he wasn’t evil, I think I might get to like him. Anyhoo, Katherine begs Klauric to kill her (She just wants it over with), but he just wants to have some fun. Klauric compels Katherine to stab her self in the leg repeatedly until he comes home. If she gets bored, she can switch to the other leg.

At the Salvatore Mansion, Elena is signing the final documents to make the home her own (Let the fun begin!). I wonder how that conversation with Aunt Jenna went. “Hey, Aunty J. I’m going to be staying at my boyfriends super expensive and cozy mansion for a undertermined amount of time. You’re okay with that, right?” Knowing Aunt Jenna, her side of the conversation went something like this: ‘Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” End scene.

Before Damon can enter the house – Stefan and his leather jacket and trying-to-hard bouffant were let right in – Elena has one rule. He must follow her orders – no lies, no secrets. Let’s see how long that will hold for. Elena then decides it’s time for school. Though, seeing as how she hasn’t been there in weeks (?), I don’t think one more day will hurt, and neither does Stefan or Damon. Unfortunately, Elena stomps her little foot and gets her way (My way or the highway).

Matt pays a visit to Sheriff Forbes before school to voice his concerns. He doesn’t think he can lie to Caroline after everything that has happened, but The Sheriff has another idea. She needs him to put on his best oblivious happy face for a little while longer until she can figure things out (a.k.a Until she figures out a plan to kill all the vampires). Well, looks like Matt’s way of being normal is to kiss Caroline like he means it. Matt is a better actor than I thought.

Oh, look. Mystic Falls High is holding another dance/function/place for bad things to happen (Do they actually learn things here or just have happy time all day?). Jeremy is still super worried that if Bonnie uses all her powers to kill Klaus, she will die. Unfortunately, Bonnie is still hell-bent on doing anything it takes to save Elena. Trying to calm her BF down, she lies and tells him there is only a 50/50% chance of her being killed. Poor, naive Jeremy.

Enter random extra #3, she tells Elena and her buddy Bonnie that this totally hot guy wants to meet her at the dance. His name? Klaus. Dun. Dun. Dun! Later, the gang (Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, and Klauric!) meet up to discuss their game plan for the dance. As their secret weapon, Bonnie feels – or rather, is super sure – that she can fight big-bad Klaus all by herself. Klauric isn’t so sure Bonnie can handle the vamp (Ha!), so Bonnie catapults Damon across the room to prove her point. “Well, I’m impressed.” 

At Alaric’s humble abode, Klauric (Yes. This is confusing), begins to formulate his plan of attack. It’s simple, really. Kill. Bonnie. At first, he wants his man-witch Maddox (He has a name!) to do it, but the man-witch tells the human/vamp that Bonnie would be able to see him coming a mile a way. They need the element of surprise. It’s all set. Maddox will cast a spell on Klauric giving him some kind of super-shield. Klauric will then torment/provoke Bonnie until her power kills her. Done!

Damn. Mystic Falls High has to be the best high school ever. They throw parties all the time, they let the vampire students and their humans skip school, and have hot history teachers. That’s it. I’m moving (and falsifying my age). Oh, Klauric. You’re using those dance moves, really? I think I have to deduct you 15 sexiness points. Hopefully, you can get them back before the dance is over. However, you did dedicate that song to Elena. Okay, I’ll add 5 points to your creep factor. Are you happy now?

Awww . . . Damon and Elena are dancing. Despite Damon’s cheesy moves (Sorry), he tries to make Elena feel better about the whole situation. You know, the one where Klaus is trying to kill her. Our favorite vampire reminds Elena that the last time they were at a dance (and someone was trying to kill her) their team won. She shouldn’t expect anything different. Awww . . . former enemy’s Damon and Bonnie are dancing now. Uh. Oh. Did I sense some chemistry there? Yep. I think I did.

Just when Bonnie thinks Damon is on her side and everything is as good as it can be, Jeremy let’s it slip to Stefan Bonnie’s plan to sacrifice herself for Elena. Of course, Stefan tells Elena and she confronts Bonnie. In her Bella-esque fashion, Elena won’t let Bonnie die for her. But Bonnie asks Elena, what if the situation was reversed? Huh?

Our friend Jeremy, who is having a really bad day (Either his sister or his girlfriend are going to die. Anyone would be a little touchy in his situation), comes across a few fellow students who seem to have made an appointment for him to receive a face punch, courtesy of Klauric (No!). Just in the nick of time, Stefan and Damon come to his rescue. The little punks pull out some of Alaric’s weapons, but are unsuccessful in their attempt to wound the vampires (Take that!).

Meanwhile, Klauric manages to get Elena and Bonnie alone. Not. Good. As any good evil vampire would do before he goes in for the kill, Klauric starts monologueing. Something isn’t right, is it Elena? That’s not Alaric. He doesn’t monologue. It’s Klaus. Hit him with what you got Bonnie! She throws our former favorite history teacher, now turned bad guy against a few walls, but it’s no use. He is protected by the spell his man-witch cast on him. Nice try. The pair run and find Damon. The vampire orders Elena to find Stefan, while he has a little talk with Bonnie. “No. Klaus will not win tonight … Are you still willing to do whatever it takes to kill him?”

Witch on a mission Bonnie, finds Klauric and twists his wrist (literally). Yet, he just bounces right back. An arm break here, a leg break there; the witch uses more and more of her powers (as evident by the lights flashing and wind blowing), but it’s not enough. Klauric is in unaffected. Using everything she has, Bonnie attempts to take down Klauric, but it didn’t work. Bonnie collapses to the ground. Klauric flees. Running to her side, Elena and Stefan find no pulse. She’s gone . . .

Well, not really. After some harsh words and a slap from Elena, Damon tells her the real story. Bonnie and Damon knew that there was no way Klauric would stop until Bonnie was dead. So, he had to believe it. She cast a spell. Bonnie is okay! Yay!

Later, Stefan confronts Damon about his actions. Stefan is upset that Damon didn’t consider Elena’s feelings when he set up the plan with Bonnie. Damon doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if Elena hates him, or about the things he keeps secret. In the end, Damon is the one who is going to save Elena. Unlike Stefan, Elena actually understands why Damon kept their plan a secret. But, she will not let Bonnie die for her. They’re going to have to find another way. Damon tells the human that if he had to choose between Bonnie’s life and her’s, he’d choose her every time. That’s right, people! You heard him correctly. Let’s cue our collective sigh’s in 3, 2, 1 . . . Awwww! Team Delena!

After that little piece of awesome, Elena decides to go to the basement. Why? Oh, because she wants to remove the dagger from Elijah. Don’t do it, Elena. Don’t do it. Damn. You did. I guess this means he’ll be up and around in no time. Stupid human.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of last night’s episode? What happened to Klauric? Will Alaric be okay? What did you think of Damon’s dance moves? What will happen now that Klaus thinks Bonnie is dead? Why did Elena pull out the dagger? Will Elijah be on Team Gilbert or Team Klaus? Tell me in the comments!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. setinmotion says:

    first off, may I just mention that you make me, quite literally, lol. Klauric? Genius. That’s going to be the new rennesme of its day. hahaha. but seriously, i think you have a bit of a bad boy complex, don’t you?

    Id like to add that its nice that Matt Davis is actually allowed an opportunity to act for a change. Its always nice when the good guys turn bad. Was anyone else having flashbacks of Angel turning nasty on Buffy? I know that it was wrong and he was an arse…but he was a sexy arse, wasn’t he?

    I’m getting off track…REALLY good episode. Not a great deal happened, but what did happen was necessary. Is it wrong that I felt a bit sorry for Katherine? Surely her role in the show isn’t done. For some reason I like her. Probably because she looks like Elena. I’d say that’s it…

    I like that Elena took the dagger out of Elijah. Interested as to how he’s going to react. “thanks for resurrecting me, but then again you WERE the one who killed me in the first place…ALSO, my skin looks really shit. Excuse me while I go exfoliate…” I’m interested about the whole development with Bonnie though. It seemed important that Damon asked why she can’t just use her super-enhanced witchy powers to make herself invincible. Duh.

    Also, I assume that Klaus is an original but he’s also the number one baddest bad vampire in town so, if everything goes to plan (but its vampire diaries so that never happens) could he be killed with the dagger?

    And I’m still confused as to where the actual Klaus is. Is he just hanging out in some room comatose-y a la Pru when she Astral Projected in Charmed (sorry about the 90s references…)? If so could they track him down and kill him there? That would be cool…

    Last off (but probably most important) I think there are two things that we need to point out concerning our favourite love triangle. First off. Definite flirtage going on with Elena and Damon right at the end. How she got that bit closer, looked at him with her big brown eyes and then…as she walked out, paused by his bed and gave it a second look. hmmm…I see what you’re doing there Elena. Secondly. Remember when she said to Stefan that she loved him and he said to tell her that at the end of the night. Well. She didn’t. Interesting. Or am I just reading way too much into this?

    1. Thank you. It only made sense, since that whole “Is it Alaric? Or is it Klaus” thing can get quite confusing. Haha! Renesmee better watch herself. A new weird hybrid name is coming after her. lol Bad boy complex? Hmmm … maybe 🙂

      Yes! Alaric (and Matt) finally have more than two lines! Finally! There did seem to be a bit of an Angel vibe with him – he was wearing all black. And he was sexy. I have said this … repeatedly. lol

      Hahaha! “Excuse me while I go exfoliate.” Classic! I do like that Elena brought Elijah back, but you know that he’s going to make a mess of things. There’s no way he’s taking sides (except his own), so someone is going to get burned, preferably Klaus. I’m not sure if the dagger could take down Klaus (he seems resilient).

      Please don’t apologize for 90’s references. I do it all time. If you can not see by how many posts I have about missing the 90’s 🙂

      Yes, definite flirtage (especially when they were dancing). How could she not fall in love with him the instant he said he’d choose her?? I would have! Stupid human. She didn’t say I love you afterward to Stefan, but did you notice when she first said it, he didn’t say it back? What’s that about?

  2. miseryofmidnight says:

    It kinda amazes me how excited I am when this show is on but seriously, this episode was amazing. I should probably watch i t again considering I have no idea what you guys are talking about the Stefan/Elena “I love you’s” being/not being said.

    I thought Damion & Alaric’s dancing was hilarious and really liked the moments between Delena (when Stefan handed her off to him on the dance floor and the convo @ the end). For a second there I thought it was Katherine who pulled knife out of Elijah but I guess she wasn’t invited and was compelled to keep stabbing herself so…

    I thought the theatrics with Bonnie blowing out lights all over the place was kinda lame (like most times I see Bonnie use her powers (windstorm last week was kinda meh) but the way she fell when she died was awesome.

    Next week’s episode will actually show Klaus and Elijah and looks awesome as usual. Man i really do like Elijah…

  3. setinmotion says:

    hahaha thank goodness were all on the same page with the Delena scenes. Misery you’ll have to check out the episode again because for some reason i’m getting spidey-tingly feeling that the love you/not love you scenes were important.

    Kim you’re right it was weird that Stefan didnt reply. The way he said “tell me that at the end of the night” gave the impression that he was going to do something shit to piss her off.

    also think its important that even though Damon APPEARS to be a bad-boy (admit it, we love them) hes the one who’s most prepared to save Elena.

    This sounds weird…but Id kinda like to see a Caroline/Stefan relationship down the track. Cause the whole Matt thing clearly won’t work out…

    I agree. I dont really like Bonnie when she uses her powers. It all seems melodramatic doesnt it? And not in a good way.

    AHA! so we do get to see Klaus? iinnnnerrreesstting. You really do like Elijah dont you? if he plays his cards right (aka doesnt turn on our beloved gang) then he could stick around. Which would be interesting in a whole bunch of ways.

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