TV Rewind: The Originals – “Ne Me Quitte Pas”

A New Man, A Better Man

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Okay, I’m just going to say it. “Ne Me Quitte Pas” was one of the best episodes of The Originals ever. Wouldn’t you agree? The entire episode was exceptional! It was definitely my favorite Elijah episode of the series. It was a complete standout. *Sigh* It was so nice to see Elijah finally get some peace and happiness, even if he had to let his brother go. This is The Originals were talking about, so it probably won’t last too long, but I appreciated the gesture just the same. Although Elijah’s ever-changing story-line has been frustrating at times – and lately it seemed like he was more of a background character than a main player – his arc has definitely been a highlight of the show. From his first introduction on TVD, we knew Elijah was special. The way he managed so easily to switch between his bad-boy and gentleman personas made him a fangirl favorite forever. The dynamic between Klaus and Elijah has been so captivating, it’s one of the main reasons that I keep watching. This episode just solidified how much the show needs Elijah to be front and center.

Warning! This is a SPOILER ALERT!

7 Years Ago

Dear Diary,
I am alone and I’m so confused. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I so hungry? This human food is doing nothing for me. Why does this man smell so tasty? I must have him. I can’t stop myself. This hunger I have is overwhelming. It’s his blood I need.
Oh, god. It tastes so good. I want more. I will kill as many men as I have to. I need more. What is wrong with me?
This is my life now.
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t know what I am.
I can’t stay here.
I need to leave it all behind me. I will find a new home and a new life.
I will be a new man.

New York City

With no clue as to who he is or what he is, or the events that led him here, Elijah Mikaelson does his best to start a new life for himself. Stealing from his victims and drinking their blood is cruel, but necessary. If only there was another way. If only someone could teach him.

FB Status: I met someone today. I thought I recognized him. He seems to be suffering from some type of amnesia. He doesn’t know he’s a vampire. He doesn’t know who he is. I think I’m falling for him. Maybe I’ll show him a few tricks. It’s the least I can do.

Dear Diary,
I met someone today. She was so beautiful. She is just like me! Can you believe it? I met someone who craves blood like I do. I thought I was the only one.
I actually heard her with her prey. She was so sweet and she kept them so calm. We totally have different feeding styles. Maybe she could help me. I need to ask her.

After their initial meeting, Antoinette and E continue their chat somewhere less conspicuous. She briefly fills him in on the basics of being a vampire, but he remains unimpressed. Being a vampire is excruciating. E wonders if there is a cure (TVD shout out!). Antoinette seems puzzled by his question. Why would he want a cure? This second life has many rewards and he has yet to take full advantage of them. Burning in the sun aside, life as a night walker is fantastic! Now, E is the one confused. He’s walked in the sun every day. What is she talking about?

Antoinette tells him she is different from most vampires. Antoinette actually lives like a vampire. She doesn’t pretend to be human. She doesn’t pretend to me something she is not. Antoinette has no daylight ring and she doesn’t feed off of her victim’s fear. She teaches this to E. She teaches him that by taking away the anger and fear of their victims by compelling them, the feed becomes sweeter, intoxicating. It’s a whole new way of life.

Antoinette and E are now friends

FB Status: I learned how to compel today! – with Antoinette
Antoinette likes this

Anonymous: Don’t look back!
E: What do you mean? Who are you?
Anonymous: *Evil Laugh*
E: ?????

Twitter Update: @ConfusedBloodDrinker is taking me dancing tonight! #firstdate 😍

@ConfusedBloodDrinker: Consider it a thank you for all your help 😉
@Antoinette: SWOON

Twitter Update: I don’t think @Antoinette likes my new friends ☹️

@Antoinette: You took me to a murder orgy! #NotCool
@ConfusedBloodDrinker: I thought you’d like it! #Sorry

Despite his good intentions, E’s surprise did not go over well with Antoinette. She explains her strict upbringing with the family who turned her. Telling E that they had rules about how vampires should act. Antoinette eventually rebelled against her sires, but in the end decided to embrace their lifestyle. Pretending to be human didn’t bring her happiness. Accepting who she was, embracing her death, allowed Antoinette to overcome her brutal past and hope for a better future.

FB Status: What if I never remember who I am?

Antoinette: If you want peace of mind, accept who you are now.
E: Thanks, babe.
Antoinette: 😘

Wall Post: Marcel Gerard to Elijah Mikaelson
Marcel Gerard: What the hell are you doing here, Elijah?
E: Who are you?
Marcel Gerard: It doesn’t matter, just get out of New York City.
Antoinette: Get away from him!
Marcel Gerard: This doesn’t concern you, Antoinette. Go, now. Or I’ll kill you both.
E: 🙀

With the knowledge that someone knows who he is, E pleads with Antoinette to help him follow Marcel. She argues with him, reminding E that Marcel will kill him if they meet again. So, following Marcel is not the best idea. E suggests that he put his daylight ring back on and find out whatever he can about Marcel during the day. Then, when it’s dark, Antoinette can assist in his search. Antoinette is adamant that she wants nothing to do with all this drama. The road E is on is dangerous. He has to do this alone. Antoinette can not be a part of that. She leaves him behind.

FB Status: Good luck, Elijah. It was nice meeting you.
Elijah and 6 others like this

Twitter Update: Trying to find some answers #obsessed #rampage #blood

@KingOfVampires: Elijah, even without memories you’re still a pain in my ass. I told you not to go looking for your past.
@ConfusedBloodDrinker: What are you talking about?
@KingOfVampires: You need to keep your family safe. If you keep going down this path, you’re going to get into trouble. #Don’tLookBack
@ConfusedBloodDrinker: I’m confused.
@KingOfVampires: Find a new life for yourself. #Don’tLookBack

Manosque, France

Well, it seems Marcel’s warning was pretty convincing. Elijah immediately jets off to France to reunite with Antoinette. He tells her that obsessing over his past was filled with nothing but torment and misery. So, he’s over it. He only wants to be with her.

Antoinette and Elijah are in a relationship

Present Day

Wall Post: Antoinette to Elijah
Antoinette: I love playing the piano together.
Elijah: Me too. Marry me?
Antoinette: We need champagne!

Kim the FanGirl: You make a cute couple. I’m glad you’re finally happy, Elijah.
Klaus Mikaelson: I beg to differ. 😉

Surprise! Klaus is here and he’s being a real jerk. He wants to bring Elijah back home – Hayley is missing, etc – but Antoinette is in the way. He threatens her life. You know, the usual. Klaus attempts to compel her to refuse Elijah’s proposal and leave him forever, but Antoinette is one step ahead of the game. You see, she knew who Elijah was all along. She knew he was an Original. The night they met she started taking vervain. Antoinette knew it was only a matter of time before Elijah’s past caught up with them. Now, it has.

Wall Post: Klaus Mikaelson to Elijah Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson: I’m your brother and I’m taking you home.
Elijah Mikaelson: You’re not my brother and I’m not going anywhere.
Klaus Mikaelson: Grrr. . .yes, you are.
Elijah Mikaelson: No, I’m not.
Klaus Mikaelson: I wouldn’t be here if the circumstances weren’t dire!
Elijah Mikaelson: Your reasons don’t matter to me. Leave!

Antoinette: Don’t worry about him, Bae. I’ll put a stake through his heart. It won’t kill him, but it will give us some time.
Klaus Mikaelson: Ow. 😦

Klaus desperately tries to remind Elijah about his family, about always and forever, but Elijah will hear none of it. Elijah has a home. He has a family in Antoinette. He has her love. Elijah might not have his memories, but he knows all about Klaus. Thanks to Marcel, Elijah knows how disastrous his life had been before, how it lacked any pleasure or happiness. He knows what a wretched life it was to live. Elijah has left it all behind. He wants nothing to do with his past. He wants nothing to do with Klaus. A thousand years means nothing when it was all filled with pain. The old Elijah is gone. Klaus has to accept that and move on.

Klaus Mikaelson
Twitter Update: Never. I will never let you forget that you’re my brother @ConfusedBloodDrinker

@ConfusedBloodDrinker: Pity

Elijah breaks Klaus’ neck.

Later that night, Elijah calms Antoinette’s fears. Klaus is not going to come looking for them. They do not have to run. By rejecting Klaus, by renouncing the Mikaelson family, Elijah has taken the light from Klaus’ eyes. He has taken away everything that Klaus holds dear. Klaus will never return.

Klaus Mikaelson is heartbroken

With everything that has been going on, Elijah wants to prove is love to Antoinette. He wants to prove that he’s all in. So, he takes off his daylight ring. He’s going to leave his past in the ashes. Elijah open the curtains and steps into the sunshine. He burns. He burns for the one he loves. Elijah has decided. He is going to be a better man.

Elijah and Antoinette are engaged

The Originals

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Originals? Was it your favorite Elijah episode? Did you like Antoinette? Did Elijah make the right decision? How long do you think his departure will last? What will Klaus do now? Can he forgive his brother? Tell me in the comments!

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