Florence + The Machine “Hunger”

“Tell me what you need. Oh, you look so free.”

Source: Florence Updates

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Florence + The Machine have officially announced their return with the upcoming release of their fourth album, High As Hope. Set to debut June 29th, the album will feature ten tracks including Sky Full of Song and Hunger, the lead single off the record. Hunger is an impressive start to the new era. It’s a song that continues to grow and evolve every time you hear it. As you deconstruct each lyric you recall a memory or a feeling you once had. You can empathize with every single word Florence says. You understand the desperation she’s felt. You know the hunger she sings about.

By: Kim the FanGirl (High As Hope – Album Cover & Track-list)

Florence has said that the track is about looking for love where there is no love. It’s about recognizing your faults and learning from them. To love yourself is to find happiness.

The video for Hunger creatively illustrates how we must find beauty in the broken. It illustrates how we are all connected. We have all felt this emptiness inside ourselves, a loneliness we want to defeat. We are all the same. The video emphasizes how people from different walks of life, from the past to the present, all share a yearning for more, to be complete. In order to find peace we have to fix ourselves. We can’t expect some thing or someone to change us. Growth comes from within. It fills the empty spaces.

Source: Florence Updates

Hunger is one of my favorite videos, simply because Florence dances with such freedom. Her movements are so organic and so Florence (look at those pirouettes!), watching her instantly puts a smile on my face. Also, I love that little shoulder shimmy she does when she sings,“The way you use your body, baby.” I have to do it with her every time. This song is a dance-track, for sure.

I don’t know why I’m always surprised by how amazing Florence’s songs are. I know I shouldn’t be. They exceed every expectation. They build a home in my heart and make it beat. For me, Hunger is truly irresistible. It’s another in a long line of songs that I can’t live without. It’s so good that even though it’s only been three days, I’ve already listened to it thirty-plus times. It’s so good that it’s making me a very impatient person. We have to wait 54 more days for High As Hope. I hope I can make it.

✨ 🌸 Hunger is available to download on iTunes HERE 🌸✨

High As Hope is available for Pre-Order on iTunes and on FATM’s Website

What do you think of Hunger? What did you think of the video? Which lyric was your favorite? How excited are you for High As Hope? Tell me in the comments!

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