Flo & Joan

Musical comedy is, to me, extremely underrated. I don’t understand how you can dislike it. Hello! It combines two of the very best things on this planet earth: music and hilarious, long-form humor. They’re musical jokes. It’s sensational! Recently, as I was scrolling through the endless depths of a certain streaming service, I discovered the smooth, comedic stylings of Flo & Joan. These real-life sisters from Britain mix observational humor and catchy piano tunes with ease and excellence. I’ve already watched their special ten times and I can’t get enough. You’ll be unable to get songs like “Drank Too Much” or “Cracker Packer” out of your head. When life seems like it’s just too much and you’re craving a thorough laugh, watch Flo & Joan. Available now on Amazon Prime. 😉

See you tomorrow!

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