OUTLANDER: Season 5 Trailer

Whenever I watch a new trailer for Outlander, the first words out of my mouth are either, “I forgot about that!” or “Was that in the book?” My first viewing is always reserved for that hostile part of my brain that likes to dissect and nitpick. My second viewing is the time when my heart softens and cracks. It’s a time to reminisce about the journey we’ve taken together. Upon my third examination, my anxiety spikes. That nervous feeling I get, anticipating all the shenanigans Jamie and Claire are about to get up to, fills me with unease. I should know what is going to happen, but an Outlander trailer always has the ability to shock and surprise me. Finally, as I gaze upon it one last time, I’m accompanied by a keen sense of awe. Blend a bit of melodramatic music and a few choice lines of dialogue together, and I turn to mush.

Today, as I watched the season five trailer, every phase was present and accounted for. It was glorious. It was stunning. It was the perfect preamble for the season to come.

Outlander returns February 16th

See you tomorrow!

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