Book Review: Looking For Alaska

For my first book review, we’re starting with an semi-oldie but a goody.

Looking For Alaska is the 2005 Printz Award winning debut of author John Green (Remember him?). And I must say, that out of all of his novels, this has to be my favorite.

The story is centered around Miles “Pudge” Halter who is fascinated by famous last words. He finds himself sick of his non-eventful life in Florida. So, he seeks out what poet Francois Rabelais called the “Great Perhaps.” He want’s to experience life by getting into a little trouble and having a lot of fun. To seek out his “great perhaps,” Miles leaves for boarding school in an attempt to ditch his former boring life and friends.

At Culver Creek, he meets several odd-ball characters like the Colonel, his roommate and consequently his best friend, who never seems to have money to supplement his cigarette habit. Takumi, a wannabe rapper. Lara, who becomes Miles’ girlfriend for all but one eventful day. And Alaska Young; a moody, beautiful girl whom Miles can’t help but love.

Alaska is his catapult into the “great perhaps.” In a year filled with pranks, moments of great insights, cigarettes, and too many bottles of cheap strawberry wine, Alaska Young changes Miles’ life in more ways than one.

John Green’s characters are realistic, smart-alecky, funny, and have just the right amount of sentiment to them. He brings you on an emotional roller-coaster, that has you laughing on one page, then crying on the other. He constructs a beautiful labyrinth of emotion and heart that will have you questioning life after you read it.

When I read this, I find myself caught up in the characters lives and stories so much, that it’s hard to put the book down and go to sleep. I think that as an author, that is something you always want to achieve. You don’t want your audience to put the book down. You want them staying up until one o’clock in the morning reading until they can’t read anymore and pass out from sleep deprivation. All of John Green’s books have that effect.

I’m not going to lie to you. You’re going to tear up. You’re going to laugh. You’re going have a great time reading this book. Looking For Alaska is a witty joy-ride that might leave you in a ditch crying in the end, but getting there is so much fun.

Book Rating: A+

Have you read Looking For Alaska? Or any of John Green‘s books, for that matter? Will you read them? Tell me in the comments!

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