TV Rewind: Terriers – “Quid Pro Quo” & “Hail Mary”

There is a fork in the road

Hello, my dear friends. I’m back. Miss me? Of course you did. It’s been one long (too long) Thanksgiving break. I hope you enjoyed your over-sized turkey dinners, the company of friends and family, and sleepless nights reading fan-fiction, but now it’s back to business. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. What better way to start, than by recapping not 1, but 2 episodes of Terriers.

Last week’s semi-spectacular episode (Quid Pro Quo) was the prelude to this weeks window-shattering finale. In fact, the whole season, beginning to end, was leading up to last night’s Hail Mary. I have to say, at a few points during the night, it seemed as if they were saying goodbye (No!). However, that last scene proved to be one hell of a cliff hanger. How could I not jump out of my seat in frustration and excitement? It was a perfect ending to a near-perfect season. While the fate of my new favorite TV show still hangs in the balance (I know what to ask Santa for this Christmas: a season 2 of Terriers), these past two episodes (Quid Pro Quo is my favorite episode of the season) kept proving what we knew all along. Terriers is one of the best shows on TV. Okay, enough of my gushing, let’s start this mega recap!

Quid Pro Quo – Episode 12

After Hank revealed to Britt, that in fact he did know about Katie’s one night stand with her professor, and after Britt harshly (That’s a bit of an understatement) yelled at Hank and told him he never wanted to see him again, Hank and his new journalist friend Laura Ross begin to break down Zeitlin’s scam. There is a land grab going on in Ocean Beach and the team is trying to find out the reason for the big haul. Laura has a source in Zeitlin’s office, but Hank is a bit skeptical about the situation, until she fills Hank in on the next piece of land. Turns out, that this piece of prime real estate has a familiar architect; Jason Adler. Once again, Hank is thrown back into Gretchen’s life, while Jason is now being thrown into the case.

In the meantime, Britt was still stewing in jail from his confrontation with Gavin (Britt believed he was the one whom Katie had an affair with). Called in to have a little chat with his lawyer, Britt was actually in-store for one big surprise. It wasn’t his lawyer who wanted to have a talk, it was Zeitlin. He was there to make a deal. In an exchange for Britt’s bail money, Zeitliin wanted five minutes of our hero’s time and his help.

Going to fetch Britt from jail, Hank found him set to go on his not-so-merry way. Frankly, he was pissed. Hank let him down. Katie let him down. And now he’s in-for 3 years of prison for his boxing match. He was in one heck of a mood, and who could really blame him? Later, he went to meet Zeitlin (No!). Britt goes against everything we know him to be, and agrees to help Zeitlin. The job? Zeitlin wanted Britt to sniff out Laura’s source in his office. So Britt goes about and charmingly seduces the suspect to find out she wasn’t the source after all. And in all of Terriers fashion, we learn that Britt was actually working both sides of the case. He was the one to warn the girl about the immediate danger of Zeitlin and his lackeys. She might not have totally believed him, but he did the right thing anyway.

Eventually, the team learn – with a little help from Ocean Beach Councilman Albrecht – that Zeitlin is using the corrupt land deals to pave over Ocean Beach, and to make way for a new airport. Using blueprints, a map, and the help of Jason, the team finally have a way to take down Zeitlin. Trusting Councilman Albrecht, Hank gives the blueprints to him, hoping he can help in the take down (Bad idea). Later, Laura and Jason team up to meet her source at a liquor store. Hank and Britt follow the two there, but something is wrong. The pair are nowhere to be seen, until . . . Britt and Hank find Jason has been killed and Laura is gone (I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING! WTF?). Now it’s up to Hank to pick up the pieces. He is the one to comfort Gretchen.

Afterward, Hank and Britt take a trip to Councilman Albrecht’s office for some help, only he pretends not to know our hero’s. He was also playing both sides of case. It seems there is little hope for our favorite team, and even Hank knows it. In the final scene, Hank buys some help, in the form of a gun (What?).

Hail Mary – Episode 13

We pick up a day or two after Quid Pro Quo. Hank is busy doing some target practice, tailing Zeitlin, and we can assume, planing to kill him. Gretchen is still mourning Jason. Laura Ross is still missing. And Britt is now facing at least 2 years in prison. Trying to get any clue as to how Zeitlin knew how Laura and Jason would be at the liquor store, Britt get’s those tech nerds we see once in a while to take a look at Hank’s place. There is more than enough taps in the home for Zeitlin to know their every move.

Hank has an idea to flee to Mexico. He knows that he and Britt aren’t safe. It’s the only solution to him that makes sense. What also makes sense, is for Hank to ask Gustafson for help. Hank tells Gustafson everything that happened. He asks Gustafson to help him find Laura Ross. After following Hank to Zeitlin’s boat, Gustafson tells him that he found Laura after she posted an article online detailing Zeitlin’s airport and land scam. While reading the article, Hank recognizes a clue as to Laura’s whereabouts. Hank finds Laura hiding out with Stephanie (Hank’s sister, who is currently residing at a metal hospital). Laura tells Hank everything she has found out while they were separated. Her source left her a pamphlet for a Mexican children’s hospital, but none of them know what it means.

In the meantime, Britt went to have a talk with Katie. He forgave her and admitted he wanted to get back together. We finally get to let out a sigh for our favorite couple and cheer on their new start. Only, not so fast. Katie reveals that she met Gavin (Whom Britt beat up) and tells him she could never be with a man who was capable of such an act (Damn!). After that, Britt goes to visit his source in Zeitlin’s office. She recalls a meeting with Zetlin, Robert Lindus (Remember him?), and his assistant, Eleanor. Eleanor? Yes, the same Eleanor from episode 1.

Before they can catch up with their new witness, Hank get’s arrested for Jason’s murder (Say, what?). In a great twist, Zeitlin uses a couple illegal aliens to take the fall for the murders, but to also point out Hank as their ring-leader. It isn’t a tough case to crack, seeing as a lot of the evidence points to Hank. He’d been following Jason, using his credit cards, and accusing him of sexual-abuse. No worries, though (Like I did?). Gustafson comes to the rescue of his former partner, with an inside man of his own. Suddenly, I’m starting to like the guy.

Hank is free, so the team (Hank, Britt, and Laura) make their way to talk to Eleanor. She doesn’t have much information for them, but she identifies the significance of the children’s hospital pamphlet. Her father (Who was murdered in episode 1) was drinking buddies with a man in the pamphlet. He also had some rather damaging information on the man – that happens to be kept in an army jacket in Hank’s home.

Unfortunately, the house is being watched by some cops. Hank has an idea. Britt takes the truck and attempts to get pulled over. While the cops are busy with Britt, Hank breaks into his home and retrieves the information. Only, he’s not alone. Tan Suit Guy (Remember him?) is waiting for our friend. A fight breaks out. The two fight, Hank stabs TSG with knife and chokes the man to death. I really didn’t think Hank would kill anybody. He’s capable, but I never thought of him as someone who would. It’s just another layer to this amazing character.

The next day, Britt and Hank pay Zeitlin a little visit on his boat. Hank threatens Zeitlin with his gun and some muscle, Britt’s fists. Zeitlin eventually admits that he was part of the Ocean Beach take-over, but not the boss. Cue the man in the hospital pamphlet, Cutshaw. I didn’t like that all this time, the whole Ocean Beach airport and land grab situation was pinned on someone we’ve never seen before. However, it didn’t take me out of the story as much as I would have thought. It was just a small fluke in an otherwise great storyline. Hank, Britt, and Zeitlin visit Cutshaw, but the man evades most of the questions. He neither admits nor denies his participation, so Hank sets out on another plan. He knows Cutshaw had a hand in his friend Mickey’s murder, so he strikes a deal. Either Cutshaw stops the airport developement, or the damaging information will be out in the open.

We wrap up the season finale as Gustafson is awarded his job back and the success of the newly wrapped case; Britt telling Katie that he wants to take care of the baby no matter who the father is; Hank apologizing to Gretchen by selling the house; and Hank setting up for a new case. He takes down the map from his wall, and in its place replaces it with a picture of Cutshaw (A nice nod to a season 2. Hear me FX? SEASON 2!).

In the final scene, Hank is taking Britt to his future prison cell. The two seem to be in a better place since the big case is finally wrapped. While I don’t think they’re in the same place – concerning their relationship – as in the beginning of the season, they’re back together and that’s what matters. Hank once again offers Britt a ticket to Mexico. It’s either that, or prison.

Hank: “You do realize, you don’t have to go? Just take a left up here, jump on the freeway, down to Mexico . . . I go straight, you go to prison. I take a left, it’s Hola Mexico. The answer to all our problems. ”

“What do ya say, partner? Which way will it be?”


So what did you think, fellow Terriers fans? What will they choose? Can you see Hank and Britt taking cases in Mexico? Are you waiting and hoping for Season 2? What did you think of these two episodes? Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    I was dying the whole time I was watching this show! Every episode always had some sort of twist, and these last two were no exception. The cliffhanger really killed me, but I just get the feeling that Britt won’t go to Mexico; I mean, why would he promise Katie that he would be the father to the baby only to up and leave for another country, unless they somehow bring her with them.

    Urgh, I need season 2, now!

    1. I know! I’m so hoping for a second season. This show is so amazing, yet so underrated. And that cliffhanger! It was such a surprise. I agree, I think Britt has to go to jail if he ever hopes to get Katie back. Maybe it will be just Hank going to Mexico. If there is a season two, maybe it will pick up one year later. There are so many great places that this show could go. They just have to give a second season the green-light. I’m crossing my fingers. 🙂

      1. Cindy says:

        I just saw the news yesterday: Terriers was cancelled. I am so mad, it don’t even know how I would channel my anger. This always happens; all of the terrible reality shows and whatnot stay on air for so long, while the shows that have incredible writing and acting get lost in the shuffle. At this point, I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, another network would be super awesome and nab the show. It’s a longshot, though :_(

        1. I know. This continually happens. I can’t even count how many times I’ve lost a show I loved. Pushing Daisies, Dollhouse, FlashForward, etc. Those money hungry studios never give these great shows time to gain the audience they deserve. Plus, they usually put the show on a bad night, with a lot of competition. Terriers had a good night, but I don’t think they publicized it enough. That would be great if another network picked it up. The critics loved it. It should get a second chance. At least we’ll always have Hank and Britt on our DVR’s. Forever they will live in our hearts. 😉

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