The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

There’s something I’ve been hiding from you, something I’ve kept secret for too long. You probably already know what it is. You probably know it better than I do. I’ve wanted to say something for some time now, but I couldn’t seem to find the words until today. . .

Yes, I am a fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (Gosh, it feels good to get that off my chest).

Ever since its debut two years ago, legions have flocked to embrace this ultra-modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice. The web-series is so popular, in fact, it has been awarded several prestigious accolades and a host of famous admirers. Not to mention, the show has recently sprouted two similarly styled series, Emma Approved and Frankenstein, MD.

What really makes LBD standout, however, is the way it creatively and cleverly redesigns Pride & Prejudice with comedic, modern-day storytelling. Lizzie’s spirited confessions and romantic entanglements are endlessly entertaining, as is the revolving door of friends and siblings that constantly weave in and out of her life. Her fast paced narrative is heartening and relatable, like her sarcastic criticisms and infinite mommy issues.

Unlike other contemporary adaptations, LBD stays true to its demure companion, yet is successfully able to keep you on the edge of your seat. You know Lizzie is going to end up with Mr. Darcy, but you still find yourself gnawing at your fingernails wondering, “Will they or won’t they?”

I find it’s perfectly appropriate to say that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a fan tribute gone terribly, terribly right.

Have you seen The Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Which episode was your favorite? How do you think it compares to Pride & Prejudice? Did the series do the novel justice? Which character interpretation did you like best? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Elle says:

    It’s weird how you just crossed my mind yesterday and here you are in my inbox. Good to know we still like the same things.

    I watched the entire web series last year and loved it soo much that I started watching Emma Approved. I watched quite a bit of it but opted not to watch the end. It lost its appeal. Why? *shrugs* Unlike the Lizzie Bennet Diaries whose ending I watched multiple times amidst school girl squealing- I’m kind of ashamed but it was that good. Good to know u appreciated it as well!!

    1. What’s even crazier is that I was thinking about you too! I haven’t heard from you in a while and I miss our nerdy Facebook conversations. 😀

      I watched it around the same time you did (after your recommendation!), so this post was way over due. I haven’t watched Emma yet, but I’ve started Frankenstein, MD. It’s a little too science-y for me, but it is only on its seventh episode. Hopefully, it’ll pick up soon. Although, we did have to wait ninety-seven episodes for Lizzie and Darcy to get together so…ugh.

      1. Elle says:

        Oh was I the one with exceptionally good taste? Well well (haha). I think I’m off of the web series watching for now but feel free to throw some recommendations my way. Also, I decided to leave Facebook, not sure when or if I’ll be back but meh. I also just started reading Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. Blah blah romance blah blah tortured soul but it has me in me feels…HARD! So check that out. Also, I’m kinda waiting on TVD to come back…not really sure why?

        1. I think a lot of people are fed up with Facebook, including myself. This is why you need to get Twitter! It’s only partially irritating. 😉

          Haha! The best books are always the ones that punch you in the feels.

          YES! HIATUS IS ALMOST OVER. Which is definitely necessary to say in large, shout-y capitals. I can’t wait to see how the TVD writers get out of that Damon and Bonnie snafu. I’m guessing it includes some kind of Indiana Jones type quest with multiple human sacrifices and complex witch rituals that make absolutely no sense. No to mention, the blood of a forest fairy that lives in outer Mongolia, three chickens, one goat, and a handful of magic beans. Elena sure has her work cut out for her. Lol.

        2. Elle says:

          To be honest, it’s like you’re speaking a different language that is strangely causing me déjà vu cuz I do not remember what happened last season (I’m getting old I guess). I’m pretty sure you just listed the age oldTVD Snafu Solution Recipe (TSSR) so it’ll probably happen.

          If I get twitter I’ll probably either vent way too much or just say “ugh” everyday.

          Also, guess who’s seeing Sara B Sept 29th? Ha! This chick!

  2. setinmotion says:

    Interesting…So, does she just sit in her room and talk to the camera or is it kinda like an actual TV show? Do we meet all the characters? Now I’m curious (and have nothing planned for tonight). Watch more you say?

    1. Yes! Definitely watch more. You should be warned, though. It’s a slow burn. It’s sort of set up like a confessional, but they further the story along by bringing in the other characters and their subplots. We actually only meet a handful of them. The rest are either talked about or their conversations – especially those with Lizzie’s parents – are mimicked by Lizzie and someone else. It sounds strange, but it’s pretty funny.

      1. setinmotion says:

        I got through the first twenty episodes last night hahaha

        1. Elle says:

          With all the books you’ve been plowing through, however did u have time for 20 episodes?

        2. setinmotion says:

          Well they only go for three minutes! Plus, the last book I read was quite ‘information heavy’ so of course, I needed a treat in the form of mindless videoblogs.

  3. Emma says:

    How have I not heard of this? Thanks Kim.

    1. You’re welcome! 😀

  4. Rochelle! You don’t remember the entirely ridiculous and tedious plot line where the Other Side is disappearing, Stefan dies and the gang try to bring him back, but Damon and Bonnie end up stuck there, and now Alaric’s alive again and so are a bunch of other supernatural teenagers? For shame!

    Seriously, though, it was kind of a big cliffhanger.

    Isn’t that what social media was made for? Connecting with new people and discovering new things is totally overrated.

    You lucky girl!

    1. Elle says:

      Ahhh, until you said it, I literally had no recollection and I actually ONLY remember what you said. Ugh that plotline indeed sounds ridiculous. Why was I looking forward to it again?

      1. Elle says:

        umm….no facebook…no email…umm sorry to hijack this post but Bamon* and Outlander….we need to talk!!!

        1. Yes. We definitely need to talk.

          1. Bamon: What the heck is going on? Where are they? Why are they there? Who’s that guy? Why won’t they give us answers?! Why is Boring Bonnie still so boring?

          Yet, even more disturbing than Boring Bonnie, but not at all surprising, is Elena’s inherent stupidness. Erasing Damon from her mind? SERIOUSLY?! She doesn’t deserve Damon if she is so eager to get rid of him.

          Just like Caroline. She was very eager to get rid of Damon. And Klaus. And Tyler. And Matt. The fans must have willed that into fruition, because I never thought the writers would allow a Stefoline connection. She has FEELINGS for him. Um, what?

          2. Outlander: IS IT APRIL YET?! Each episode was getting better and better, and now they tell us we have to wait over six months to finish out the season?! Will the injustice never end?

  5. Elle says:

    1.I am loving Bamon. The writing is getting better for Bonnie . Hopefully this storyline will make her more kickass now that she has her powers back. Also I admit that lovin ian and kat’s real life relationship is making it hard not to ship them together. Who am i kidding? I ship it! Also yes, who is this dude? What 13 times is he referring to? In the history of the show? I’m confused.

    Also the new girl with Jeremy… will no one ask her who her stupid dad is? I read some opinions on who she might be (no spoilers) but it’s stupid nobody (Matt/Jeremy) ask to help her find her parents.

    On Elena…Kim we know she’s an idiot but also a druggie with a bad case of withdrawals. Girl cant be using people like capri suns. She did what she had to do.

    On Steroline…I saw it coming from a mile away. They were cute together. U know it almost always turns out like this. Poor Caroline.

    Lastly… Liv Tyler. Ew. Tyler needs to go back to (originals *never a fan). Those new witches are annoying.

    2. Outlander…I need me a Scot. Find me one? lol. I started reading the books and I’m on the 4th…characters are doing dumber things as I go on so i may stop but we’ll see. The show is beautiful tho. Bloody beautiful

    1. Wow. I don’t think we’ve ever had such varying opinions about Bonnie before. What is happening to us?!

      1. I’ve never been a big fan of Bonnie, so it’s going to take a lot for me to get on the Bonnie bandwagon. I really don’t like how easily she got her powers back.

      *Side Note: That’s why I have a problem loving “Sleepy Hollow.” I like it, it’s great, but every answer comes way too easily, without much difficulty. It’s like the resolution just falls out of the sky and right into Ichabod’s lap. They don’t have to fight for it.

      Yeah, the guy said we’ve done “this” 13 times. I have absolutely no clue who he is or what he means. Somehow I think HE is the puppet master. Could he be controlling everything? We shall see.

      New Girl’s dad? They wouldn’t have mentioned it, I don’t think, unless it was someone we know. My money is on the new vampire hunter guy.

      Hmmm…I guess I just don’t agree with Elena’s choice. True, she was having withdrawals, but you would think that would prompt Alaric and friends to vehemently remind her that she wasn’t thinking clearly, that she was out of her damn crazy mind.

      Steroline. Stefoline. Doesn’t matter how you spell it, I ship it, either way. I never saw it coming, though. Hopefully, Stefan will pull his head out of his butt (sometime soon) and realize his feelings for her.

      Hahaha! Liv Tyler. Love the combo name, hate the couple.

      2. I’ll find you one, if you find ME one. I was at the store and I literally had the book in my hand, but I didn’t get it. Stupid me! I’ll have to rectify that soon. I need more Jamie in my life. 😀

      1. Elle says:

        Yes! What is happening to us? Either way, I’m loving this season.
        Oooh When u get ur hands on the book is love to hear ur thoughts on it.

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