Are You Reading FanFiction?

Am I a certified fangirl now?

Alright. I’m going to say something, or rather, admit to something I’ve never told another living person. Are you ready? Sit down. Breathe in. Breathe out. Here it comes – Wait. I’m not sure about this – I read fanfiction. Yes. That’s right. Save your giggles for later. I. Read. Fanfiction. Actually, I’m just starting to read fanfiction. I guess, I figured it was about time. I’ve been delaying it for quite a while now. Plus, now I can truly say I’m a fangirl. Reading fanfiction is like getting your certificate of authenticity. It’s required.

I never had an inclination to read fanfiction before. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t see the point. More than that, I was a skeptic. Now, I’m an addict. Two months ago, for whatever reason, I decided it was time. I let the world of fanfiction take my hand and guide me into the inner sanctum. I didn’t know what to expect. Then as I settled in and read that first chapter, things changed. My fanfic cherry had been popped. Nights that I reserved for sleeping, became nights sitting up until one in the morning, reading until I passed out from exhaustion.

Fanfiction is an absolute guilty pleasure. Admittedly, I’ve only read 2.5 stories so far, and all have been Twilight themed. Yet, the stories I’ve read are great. There’s mystery, romance, conflict, and drama. Everything you want out of a good book. Only, it’s fanfiction. I do need to say that fanfic is an acquired taste. It’s not for everybody. You need to accept that most stories don’t deal with normal everyday circumstances. Most are a bit out there (And smutty). Think of fanfiction like any other story or book. Find what you like and enjoy. There are Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries fanfiction stories. Supernatural fanfiction (I’m looking forward to reading some of those). You can basically find fanfic on anything that you love. There is something for everybody. With that, I give you this recommendation: read fanfiction. Yep, that’s it. Read fanfiction. You can thank me later.

For those who are still FanFic virgins, I send you off into the world with this: No other words needed. Explore. Enjoy. Then tell me what you think. The rest of you FanFic readers, tell me what your favorite stories are. Are you a fanfiction addict?

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  1. setinmotion says:

    i blame you.
    i took your advice and checked out some fan fiction and got ADDICTED to this one story (which stopped loading about halfway through…yay!) and didnt get to bed until very late…except I had to work the next day.
    haha thanks for the link!

    1. Oh, fanfiction. I’ve lost many nights sleep because of it. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad you took my recommendation! And you liked it, didn’t you? It’s addicting. When you read a couple more, you have to give me your fanfic suggestions (Clue: Mine are all Twilight themed)

      P:S: I told you, you’d thank me πŸ˜‰ Lol.

  2. setinmotion says:

    hmm im not sure if Im totally addicted yet…but considering its the holidays over here it may very well become one…
    I checked out the twilight ones but I didnt see any good ones. Got any recommendations?
    Did you check out the link on my website? Definitely up your alley (I assume…)

    PS Do you think work would understand if I were rude to a customer because I stayed up all night reading about vampires…

    1. Yes, I did check out the link and immediately put it in my FanFiction queue. You had me at Damon and Elena. That was it. I was in. Now I have something to read tonight. πŸ˜‰

      Of course I have Twilight FanFic rec’s! But like you were saying on your blog, these ones (especially the one’s I picked) are very out of character. However, the writers and writing are AMAZING!

      I have three stories that I’m absolutely obsessed with right now. All the characters are human and the content is very (very) mature – rated S for large amounts of smut. You have been warned! πŸ™‚ These are only for readers 18 and over.
      (If you want something more tame, then I suggest checking out They categorize all their stories and have a huge collection of all types of Twilight FanFic)

      1. Master of the Universe:

      My favorite, by far. This one deals with a rather . . . um, unique theme. I won’t get into specifics because no one told me what it was about (Sorry) and it’s best to go into it (any) fanfic story with an open mind. All I heard was this was the best FanFiction story of all time and I really think they were right. (Trust me).

      2. Million Dollar Baby:

      Second favorite (Obviously). This one I love, because Bella is very opinionated and strong and Edward is the same way. This one’s a smut fest, but it’s worth it. It’s still a work in progress (Just caught up on the latest chapter . . . and almost died. So good!).

      3. Wide Awake:

      Another one I heard, that I had to read, and again “they”were right. Bella and Edward are still in High School, and each have huge emotional issues to deal with. Lot’s of drama, and only semi-smutty. Fantastic writing! And this one is finished.

      Wow. This is a long comment.

      P:S: Isn’t there a “You can’t fire me because I stayed up all night reading vampire fanfiction and was rude to a customer” law? πŸ˜‰

    2. I have another new recommendation! This one’s a quick read and it’s finished. Plus, this stays more in the Twilight universe, unlike my other rec’s. This story takes place the time right after Eclipse and into the beginning of Breaking Dawn. There is a significant plot twist (Deviating from the books), but nothing unreasonable. Rated S for smut (Again).

      The List:

  3. setinmotion says:

    atm I’m reading Master of the Universe and LOVING it-although I have a fair way to go still. I’m glad you didn’t tell me what it was about though, I don’t think I could have gone in with an open-mind which would have sucked coz I’m really enjoying it. I’ll let you know when its finished!

    1. I’m glad you like it! Yeah, I don’t think I would have read it either if someone told me what it was about. Now, the best part of my week is getting that Master of the Universe update πŸ˜‰

  4. setinmotion says:

    oh no! that means that the story hasnt been finished….but theres about 100 chapters! damn. I can see how frustrated that is going to make me…

  5. setinmotion says:

    just finished master of the universe, but havent started on the second half yet-need a break i think! I liked it, and I liked the characters, almost as much as the originals in Twilight but it DID get a bit old after all. I’m all for smuttiness but towards the end I was a bit like, here we go again…do you agree? you did say it was your favourite so I’m interested to read the others next πŸ™‚

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I loved the characters too. Fifty. Oh, Fifty. He seriously has some issues but how can you not love him? Especially his emails. Emails from Edward are the best. πŸ˜‰ lol As far as the end and the smut, I don’t know how I feel. I kind of got used to their pattern. They fight, they make up, then smut. It is my favorite, because I think it’s probably one the best written fanfic stories I’ve read. There’s that balance of character drama and story that I think make a great story . . . even with all the smut. πŸ˜‰

  6. setinmotion says:

    haha yeah I agree. Aside from the excessive smut (which, for the most I very much enjoyed) I like how developed the story was. HUGE twist (what with him being into BDSM and what not), good character development and an actual villian.
    Not to mention all those fun toys he gets to play with; helicopter, plane, boat…
    What I find a bit weird is that she used characters from Twilight at all. I know it’s a way to get people to read, and is pretty much the entire point of fanfiction, but the characters were so different and so was the storyline that I kinda felt that it was a waste of a good story. Instead of being able to publish it’ll always be fanfiction, if that makes sense?

  7. One more fanfic recommendation? Yes. Of course! πŸ™‚ I literally just finished this story and I immediately had to tell you how amazing it is.

    It’s called Emancipation Proclamation
    I really don’t know what to say about this story. Except, there’s tons and tons of drama, a few WTF? moments, a bunch of sweet moments, a lot of tears (especially the last few chapters), a few moments that are going to make you want to throw your computer across the room, but you wont because the story is is darn good, and a fair amount of smut to keep you satisfied. I absolutely loved it! In the first few chapters though, there is a lot of over-lapping points of view between Edward and Bella – that got kind of annoying, but it was totally worth it. I highly recommend this story. It’s finished and super long, so plan on long nights dedicated to reading fanfiction πŸ˜‰

  8. setinmotion says:

    alright! ill get started tomorrow πŸ™‚ haha. you’ve started me on an addiction, i spent all last thursday reading fanfiction and now this thursday will be the same…oh well.
    when you say sad, if edward dies im not reading it, kapeesh? hahaha.

    1. Hahahaha! Me, read a story where Edward dies? That would be a Hell No! πŸ™‚

  9. setinmotion says:

    tehehe. im reading the latest one atm
    “You look like that guy. Cedric.” hehehehe. good call.

    1. Haha! And he’s like “Really?” Oh, Edward. Speaking of Edward and FanFic recommendations (That’s what we were talking about right? Lol), my newest rec is called Edward Wallbanger

      It’s a quick read and really funny. Out of character as usual, smutty as usual, but the Edward and Bella in this one are very entertaining. A lot of interesting things happen when E & B are neighbors πŸ˜‰

  10. setinmotion says:

    ooohh sounds good. im still reading the slave girl one, its soo long! but when im done its on the list πŸ™‚ i like the idea of them being neighbours and i like how out of character they are!

    1. It took me over a week to read EP, and it quickly became on of my favorites. Loved it’ Yeah, Edward and Bella as neighbors is truly hilarious, especially when Edward is a very ‘interesting’ neighbor in the beginning. You’ll just have to find out how interesting he is for yourself πŸ˜‰

      FYI: I’m sitting on a healthy stack of fanfiction, waiting for me to recommend them to you. I seriously need to start a separate page for my Fanfic rec addiction.

  11. setinmotion says:

    haha definitely! although i like your website so its fine with me πŸ™‚ and im greedy muhahaha.
    loving EP but what is with Bella crying all the time? thats a bit old.
    i just read about how bella is basically the reason why elisabeth died…eep!

  12. setinmotion says:

    hahahahahaha. i just read edward wallbanger and i loved it! my favourite by far πŸ™‚ its not too long, so you can read it quite quickly (saying that, i was up until 4.30 reading last night and my internet died quite literally the chapter before they finally did it! arrrrggghhh!!) and its hilarious
    thanks for the rec!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you liked it! Now, I think the only way to proceed from here is to read:
      His Personal Assistant

      This is another of my absolute favorites. It’s a quick read, like Eddie Wallbabnger. Plus, it’s funny and smutty, and has just the right amount of angst. Bella Swan needs help . . . seducing her boss Edward Cullen (How can you not love this already? πŸ˜‰ ) Have fun!

      P:S: There’s finally a place to find all my fanfic recommendations! All presented in a nice little list, so you can cross them off when you’re done. lol πŸ™‚

  13. setinmotion says:

    hoorayy! you’re the BEST!

  14. zireael07 says:

    The art of reading fanfiction is the art of finding the good stories among all the horrendously bad ones. I mean, I’m not a native speaker of English, but even I see the errors in the bad ones…

    But then, you can have huge lists of your favorites from various fandoms… and some are so good that you re-read them many times!

    1. I know. To get to all the good fanfiction out there, you find yourself having to read double the ones that are less than perfection. I think it’s worth it in the end, when you find that great story you can’t put down.

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