Press Play Friday: Fresh Music (12/10/10)

Yay! I love new music!

Get those headphones ready. Turn up the volume. It’s time for some new music! Once again, I found myself browsing the iTunes library and came upon these three random acts of ear-goodness. These songs are sure to give you a couple earworms for the next week or so. I know. I know. You’re welcome. Today, we come across three very different musical talents. There’s a little something for everybody. First up, we have Adele. It seems not that very long ago, when she was crooning out Chasing Pavements for her debut album. Now she has a new single out and an upcoming album (Available February 22) that is sure to make your “Music I need to buy right now” list. Let’s take a listen at one of my new favorite songs, Rolling in the Deep.

Up next, it’s one of my favorite artists and sure to be one of yours, Iron & Wine. The laid back acoustic folk feel is gone, and now replaced with a more uptempo electronic sound. But, I’m not complaining. Walking Far From Home reminds me of the most gorgeous songs ever written, Flightless Bird, American Mouth. The new albums drops January 25th. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Last, but not least, it’s Spoon with Written in Reverse. With its hip swaying melody and rock angst this song very different from the previous two artists. Yes, it is almost a year old, but does it matter? It’s still makes you wanna put those old headphones on and dance. We all need to dance once in a while.

Bonus: Get featured Press Play artist Bobby Long‘s new single, A Passing Tale, FREE for a limited time on his official website HERE

The new album will be available February 1st!

Did you like any of the songs above? What albums are you anticipating in the new year? Have any music recommendations for me? Tell me in the comments!

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