Jack’s Mannequin “People And Things”

“We break with speed, That girl can read my racing thoughts.”

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Piano Man, Andrew McMahon and his super awesome posse of musicians, aka Jack’s Mannequin announced yesterday that their long-awaited third studio album, People And Things will be officially released on October 4th, 2011. While this enough to make you break out into your happy dance (Yeah, I did it), they also announced that the first single “My  Racing Thoughts” will be available to purchase at your local online music establishment, August 2nd. Wait. There’s more. I know. Could it get any more awesome? You can preview the single right now. That’s right, people. Drop whatever you are doing, pick up those headphones, and get ready to listen to another stunning anthem from Jack’s Mannequin.

For more information check out the official website for Jack’s Mannequin HERE

What did you think of “My Racing Thoughts?Are you excited for the new album? What is your favorite Jack’s Mannequin song? Favorite album? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I always get a little nervous about listening to something new from an artist that I absolutely love, probably because I’m afraid that I will be disappointed by the new material, and I, of course, want to love it. Thankfully, I don’t think that will be a problem with Jack’s Mannequin (even if this is the only new song I’ve heard yet). I’m so happy to see that Andrew’s songwriting still has that magic in its imagery, and the instrumentation makes the song quite catchy. I’m sure that, in a few days, I will become completely obsessed with this song and will not be able to wait until October 4th.

    …….Is it October now?

    1. Hey, Cindy! We miss you around here 🙂

      I understand exactly what you’re saying. You never want to be in the position where you dislike the new material from a favorite artist. It’s so disappointing. Usually, that just makes me listen to the album more. Weird. I know. Lol

      I know! I doubt I could ever be disappointed by new Jack’s Mannequin music. Of course, I think Andrew is a musical genius. He just has a way with melody and lyrics. I don’t know … Darn. Now, I’m getting all mushy 🙂 I wasn’t so sure at first, but after I listened to the song a few more times I started to really love it. It’s more reminiscent of songs from ‘Everything in Transit,’ I think. I have no doubt that I will love the whole album as well.

      It isn’t October yet (Damn), but I’m counting the days 😉

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