Agent Carter

Forgive me, Agent Carter, for I have failed you. Consider this an apology for all the years I’ve avoided you. I am so sorry. It was a mistake on my part. From the beginning, I was fully aware of your existence, I knew of the show’s critical acclaim, but I never felt the need to explore Peggy’s perilous world. It seemed entirely inconsequential. Yes, my dear, I was a fool. I’ve only watched seven episodes of season one, but I’d like to declare, “I’m all in.” It checks every box for me. Badass, feminist hero? Check. Action, comedy, and drama? Check. 1940’s fashion? Check. I’m trying to pace myself, because I know there is a limited amount of episodes, but it’s been difficult to rein myself in. I need to know what happens next. I have a strong suspicion Peggy Carter is the real MVP of the MCU.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I loved Agent Carter. Hayley Atwell was great in this role. The character is epic too.

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