We’ve all been trying to find different ways to distract ourselves during this incredibly stressful time. I think we’re all reaching the point where we might permanently transform into that red square of pure impatience and fury from Inside Out if we watch anymore news or read anymore sad stories. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could pull that look off. We just need to keep calm and carry on, as the saying goes. Whether you’ve been playing games, venturing outside, or recreating your favorite amusement park rides for TikTok, inventing ways to deflect fatigue has now become the norm. Personally, I find that avoiding any and all responsibility makes the time fly by. It keeps me unbelievably busy. I am in no rush to complete those projects I’ve been postponing, nor do I have the need to finish any chores I’ve been avoiding around the house. My to-do list is overwhelming. I’m perfectly happy consuming Match Game marathons and quirky, independent films. I’ve been watching YouTube videos for hours at a time. Checking Twitter every two minutes? Perfectly fine. Fanfiction spirals? I’m reading as much as I can. My day just slips away when I fall down these particular rabbit holes. Doing nothing has become the ultimate, indispensable distraction.

See you tomorrow!

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