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Last night on the all new episode of “Damon: The Vampire Gigolo” . . . oh, wait. Never-mind. This week the residents of Mystic Falls took some time to sit back and relax. Well, not really. While we could consider it to be a ‘sleeper’ episode, the night still held a few surprises. Elijah found himself struggling with his principles. Elena, as always, found herself in another sticky situation. And Damon took the road most traveled; from hero to villain, the vampire easily saved and destroyed everything which stood in his path. It was a night of revenge, of master plans, and crumbling relationships. Once again, we explored the world of The Vampire Diaries, only to find out everything we assumed was wrong . . . except for Crazy Dr. Fell. We all knew that was coming. Now gather ’round, my friends. Let’s pop some popcorn and cuddle with our Damon pillows. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Poor, Elena. Having trouble deciding between the sexy, brooding vampire, or the other sexy, brooding vampire? Yeah. It’s a hard decision, I know. Elena rings each of her favorite boys, speaking those four dreaded words: “We need to talk.” Stefan takes the slightly higher road, by ignoring her call completely. Damon, on the other hand, snaps at his human. Jerk. The distraught vamp, still recovering from his steamy one-night-stand with Original Rebecca, shields his true feelings and ignores Elena’s constant apologies. That is, until she shows up on his doorstep, very surprised to see Rebecca doing the walk of shame. Surprise! Elena’s confusion over the situation is overshadowed by the knowledge that tonight is the night that Esther will murder all her children. The guilt over Elijah’s potential death is the reason why an extra broody Stefan warns Elena not to screw with the plan. Even Elijah is overly suspicious of his mothers plans, but Rebecca warns him not to challenge the Original Witch. It will only lead to trouble.

Knock. Knock. Speaking of Elijah, the Original Vampire makes a pit stop at Casa de Gilbert, in hopes to talk with Elena. He takes the human to a familiar spot (the Mystic Caverns), reminiscing about his hometown; the sights of his youth. The conversation abruptly leads to Elena’s deceit. My, what? You lied, Elena. Elijah knows it. You know it. It doesn’t’ take much for Elena to spill the beans. She apologizes for keeping Mommy Dearest’s secret plan from him, yet the vampire makes his disappointment clear. CRACK. Elijah breaks the ground beneath them, propelling himself downward, virtually trapping Elena. Oh, damn. The human carefully searches the caves, trying to find a way out, but instead finds something rather unexpected. Rebecca. The vengeful Original (Elena stabbed her in the back, after all) seeks retribution by pouring gasoline around the unsuspecting human, threatening her further by setting it aflame. Elena pleads her case to Rebecca. She knows that the Original is out for revenge (e.g. murder attempts and sleeping with Damon). Elena knows that revenge is all Rebecca has. She won’t kill her, because there is a chance she will still be alive tomorrow – despite her mothers plans.

Always one step ahead of the game, Elijah makes his stance known to the Brothers Salvatore. In exchange for Elena’s safety (Rebecca can get a bit bitey), the must put a stop to Esther’s plan. Okay. That’s all fine and dandy, but how do you expect them to do that? Simple. They must kill the Bennett Line. All right. I’m game. Or they could just use the less diabolical plan. Fine. Whatever. Since all the Originals are linked, all it takes is one stake (in this case a special dagger) and one Original for the system to fail. Easy enough. First, they will need a distraction . . .

At the Grill, Caroline sets her sights on a protective Klaus. His flirtatious charm gets him nowhere, making him follow the departing blonde willingly. The hybrid will do anything to get back into Caroline’s good graces, showing his new sweet-side. And we’re loving it! He wants them to get to know each other. Awww. Meanwhile, Alaric has the opportunity he needs to stab Kol with the dagger. When the Original falls, the rest fall with him. Only seconds pass until Klaus (who was barely affected) finds his brother and removes the dagger. Elijah arrives soon after. He orders the Brothers to tell him where the Bennett Witches are, or else, Elena dies.

As Esther’s plan quickly comes together, she calls upon the Bennett Witches for help. As mentioned last week, Esther is using the past and present Bennett Line to extract her power. She needs Boring Bonnie and her mom, to successfully conduct the spell that will kill not only Klaus, but her whole family as well. Since Mommy Dearest is the one who created the spell that turned her children into vampires, she can also reverse it. When they are human again, Finn will sacrifice himself, forcing the others to die with him.

Stefan and Damon need to decide who will be the one to kill Bonnie and/or Abby. In a short game of “Heads or Tails” – not Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock? – the winner is decided. So who is it? I don’t know. Why not? They didn’t tell me. Darn.

Elijah, Kol, and Klaus decide it is time to confront their mother. Esther’s words of hate; for what they are, for what they have done, are only a precursor as to what comes next. The Bennett Witches are separated in an attempt to hide. Oof! Stefan you scared me. Stefan asks for Bonnie’s help stopping Esther, but she refuses. It’s the only way to kill Klaus, she can’t stop it. “Then I have to find another way.” What are you going to do? A voice screams in pain. Damon grips Abby tightly, forcing her to drink his blood, breaking her neck instantaneously; a vampire in the making. She is no longer a witch and Esther can no longer feed off her power. It’s over. Finn and Esther vanish. Where’d they go?

At the end of the day, Elena is safe. Abby is in transition mode. Esther and Finn are gone, as is Kol. Elijah’s regrets are eating him alive. Poor guy. The only ones left standing are Rebecca and Klaus, and Rebecca has some news. She shows her brother the images on the cavern walls. Something isn’t right. The Great White Oak is still standing, years after their family burned it. There is another; another tree with the ability to end the Originals. “It’s not over, Nik.”

Hey, Alaric. What have you been up to, besides trying to heal after the numerous assassination attempts made on your life? Oh. Unfortunately, Alaric is still trying to win the heart of Crazy Dr. Fell. Why? The two get quite cozy having a late-night drink at the Grill. She tells him that it’s impossible to identify the killer who stabbed him, thinking that it possibly could be a vampire. The evidence is inconclusive. No. It’s not. What do you mean? When Alaric finds himself at Crazy Dr. Fell’s home, he takes the time to snoop. Like he should. He glances through her cabinets, her files, finding nothing of use. Oy, what’s this? A knife. A knife that looks familiar. Sure does. Ahem! Oh, Dr. Fell. “You weren’t supposed to see that.”  BANG!

The Vampire Diaries

New episodes of The Vampire Diaries return March 15th. See you then!

What did you think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Will Damon finally get his act together? Will Stefan step in and ask for Elena’s forgiveness? Will Caroline and Klaus ever get together? What did you think of the Originals story line? What will happen next? Is Elijah gone for good? Will Rebecca try to steal Damon away from Elena? Were you surprised by Dr. Fell? Not so much? Tell me in the comments!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I love any scene between Elijah and Elena. Maybe she should leave her teenage romances with the Salvatore brothers behind and move on to someone older and better?

    1. Me too! I totally agree. I’ve been hoping for a romance between those two since last season. I love how he’s always flirtatious and charming with her; and always such a gentleman. Plus, there’s so much chemistry there. Come on, let’s make it happen, TVD writers! Do we have a combined name for them yet? Lol.

  2. setinmotion says:

    Ok. So I FINALLY catch up with all the episodes, only to find out that…um, I have to wait three weeks before the next one?! Ah DARN!

    First off, Emma, Kim…AGREED. Elijah is sexy, particularly since he seems to be going for the juzzed up hair look this season. Death agrees with him. Grrr. Plus, I’m getting a bit over Stefan and Damon. I love them both but I feel like we’re going in circles. And that sucks.

    Secondly, when the feck is Tyler going to come back? Although saying that, as much as a sexy wolfie he is, I am feeling this softer side of Klaus. Thoughts anyone?

    1. I know! The hiatus thing sucks, and this entire Stefan/Elena/Damon (supposed) love triangle is getting so old. Stefan is doing the typical Edward move again, saying Elena is better off without him. Been there, done that. Get over it, Stefan! Damon is being an idiot. Really? Sleeping with Rebecca, because Elena hurt your feelings, Damon? Idiot. Elena can’t decided between the two, still. You’re right. We’re going in circles. Time for a change, TVD writers.

      Tyler, who? The sire bond, crazy hybrid thing is so old (Sorry, Hannah. Lol). In the beginning, I was so looking forward to some Forwood time, but that lasted two seconds. Now we have Klaus. While a convenient, unexpected change (like Emma said), I’m liking his new soft side. The charming, flirtatious Klaus is a winner in my book. 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    “feck?” ha ha. I didn’t know anyone but us Irish used that word 🙂 I know waiting weeks is absolute torture!! How did Klaus suddenly develop feelings though? hmm, seems a little convenient to have him suddenly more human.

    1. Love. It was love that gave Klaus some humanity . . . Hahaha! Not really.

      It was a bit convenient for my taste too, but I’m not complaining. I love me some Klaroline. They are adorable together.

  4. setinmotion says:

    Haha Klaroline! I love it! I do have to admit that I have warmed up to Klaus a lot lately. I feel bad watching it though, because I want Caroline to go there, but then I remember how he is essentially evil.

    And then he draws her a picture, or wants to get to know her, and I forget he’s evil all over again.

    Are you Irish Emma? I’m not, but I was overseas last year with a few Irish people; perhaps they have rubbed off on me?

  5. Emma says:

    Yep I’m Irish and we say ‘feck’ a lot!!

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