Press Play Friday: Blind Pilot

It’s that time, again. It’s time for another Press Play Friday artist!

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to highlight this group as one of our featured Press Play artists. I’ve been listening to them since early 2009; their mix of Alternative-Folk making them one of my go-to artists for those unexpected midnight writing sessions. Blind Pilot has brought a distinctive style to the music world; creating melodies centered around whole-hearted descriptive lyrics and inventive twists on reality, preciously entwining them with tireless metaphors. The band’s first introduction came to us with 3 Rounds and a Sound. Dedicated to rich harmonies and mellow refrains, the record was an Indie lover’s dream. In 2011, the band debuted their sophomore album, We Are the Tide. The record was a solid fusion of old and new, reintroducing us to the group’s unique vision. Its sound was more developed, exuding fresh energy, quickly earning a secure place in our hearts.

Go On, Say it had been the first song released from the band’s premiere album. As the story usually goes, I first heard the track when it was just another one of those lovely free songs on iTunes, which I frequently talk about. Unrequited love. The promise of more. The song’s theme speaks of need and want; knowing you are not perfect, dreaming of the day when you’ll be enough. The guitar strain is simple. The relentless drum beat: the main attraction of the piece. All the while, unwavering stings accompany the chorus as the rugged, layered vocals sing out. “Come on, say it right.”

A lone guitar seamlessly transforms into a driving force, hard and punishing, slowly transitioning into a melody, soft and slow. The percussion, unbreakable, sets the stage for our next feature, One Red Thread. Learning to let go of lost love is a universal theme, but Blind Pilot makes this life-lesson into an anthem; staying true to one’s self, doing what you want. The song is selfish and misunderstood. The narrator curing himself of a poison love, holding onto the only person he can rely on. I think this has to be one of my favorites on 3 Rounds and a Sound. It’s direct and open, but is genuine with its vulnerability.

We Are the Tide is the title track off of the band’s second album. This song might sound familiar to some, as it has been featured on several TV shows recently. Cough. The Vampire Diaries. Cough. This fun dance-track will easily induce hand clapping, and it might even get a few of you to sing along, as well. It reminds me, somehow, of a classic California song. Tribal drums and subtle horns. It’s sway-worth, to say the least. A definite favorite of mine, We Are the Tide will sure to be a new favorite of yours.

“And everybody on the street is singing like it’s Sunday, but we keep inside and our looks stay at bay. And we don’t know what’s left, but we feel it’s coming back soon.”

See you next week! – Kim

Buy Blind Pilot’s 3 Rounds and a Sound, on iTunes HERE | Buy We Are the Tide on iTunes HERE

For more Blind Pilot visit their Official Website

What did you think of this week’s Press Play artist? Love Blind Pilot? What’s your favorite song? Favorite record? Do you have any music recommendations for me? What songs and artists have you been listening to recently? Tell me in the comments!

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