Discovery Monday: TableTop

Game. On.

From the start of Kim the FanGirl, it has been my mission to introduce you to new things. Nerdy things. With Discovery Monday I’d set out to do just that. True, it’s been a while since we met at this particular forum, but now I’m back with something I think you’ll all enjoy very much. At one time or another, we all have participated in that age-old tradition of game night. Card games. Board games. Dice games. Games of skill. Games of pure entertainment. Our affinity for these games never falters, though the types of games change continually throughout childhood and into adulthood. As time goes on and we fall deeper into real-life responsibility, the time we dedicate to playing grows less and less. Soon we forget just how much fun and excitement was had on those dedicated nights. That’s why TableTop is so remarkable. It’s bringing back table top game play to the masses in the essential nerdy way. With Wil Wheaton (Yes, that Wil Wheaton) as our guide, we are introduced to new and different games built on strategy and stocked with amusement. Although the games featured can be somewhat intimidating and complicated, they are presented in a way that, I find, exceptionally fascinating. Wil Wheaton is an avid player with immense passion for the game, and every episode makes that abundantly clear. After watching, you’ll immediately want to scour Amazon, call up your friends, and start a weekly game night. From Geek & Sundry (The place where geek queen, Felicia Day, hangs out), this is TableTop.

For more TableTop visit Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel HERE

Have you watched TableTop? Will you? Did the show inspire you to start a game night? Tell me in the comments!

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