FanGirl Addiction: Twilight

“That was the first night I dreamed of Edward Cullen.”

It’s been almost four years since I fell in love with this vampire-romance novel and its subsequent sequels. Over the years, my obsession has gone from excessive to fanatical, casual to calm, but never waning. There was a time when you could find me on the forums, elbow-deep in discussion, talking about anything and everything that had to do with Twilight. There were posters, shirts, buttons. I spent hours reading, imagining this extraordinary world. I was a Twilight addict.

I am a Twilight addict.

There was never a choice. It was always Edward (Oh, wait. I think that’s supposed to be Bella’s line). The idea of soul mates – true love – the main idea of the novels, has been the foremost component in my mind as to why I love the series. Nothing can keep them apart. It doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire or she’s a human, they belong together; fate transcends the impossible.

Somewhere along the line I forgot that; distancing myself from the pop culture phenomenon, completely avoiding the movies, instead keeping myself busy with hours upon hours of fanfiction; keeping close to the domain I once knew, but straying from the source. Two years had gone by and I still hadn’t picked up the well-used anthology. A title I read two or three times year was abandoned, cast to the side! All of a sudden, that didn’t sit well with me. I needed to know these characters again. I needed to find that attraction, what had kept me coming back again and again.

Last week I sat down and read the entire series from cover to cover. I never knew how much I missed it. I never knew how much I missed everything; from the unrivaled golden-eyed family to the compelling dynamic between Edward and Bella. It was like I was finding part of myself again. Exaggeration? Possibly. But still true.

After concluding my latest foray into Stephenie Meyer’s world, I noticed there were some subtle changes. Some things stayed the same, of course: my everlasting love for Edward Cullen, my utter disinterest in Jacob Black. Some things didn’t. Mainly, Bella. I found her whiny and seriously questioned some of her choices (Cough. Kissing Jacob. Willingly. Cough). I never had any problem with her before. Actually, that’s a lie. The Jacob thing had always (always) bothered me. Now it just bothers me more.

While a few changes in my Twilight thought process occurred, the end result was the same. I still longed to be a part of the Cullen Family. I still cheered and cringed, and was awed at the appropriate moments. I still loved that stupid, shiny Volvo owner.

I will invariably hold a special place in my heart for the Twilight universe. It introduced me to the fangirl life, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Today I’ve compiled ten of my favorite scenes from the novels, hilarious commentary included. For your enjoyment, of course. It’s not like I’m obsessed or anything . . .


1. Blood Typing: After Edward so valiantly saves Bella from the runaway van (Stupid, Tyler), he decides it’s best if they weren’t friends, choosing to ignore her very presence. One day, out of the blue, things begin to change. Edward asks Bella to sit with him at lunch (OMG). She tries to figure him out, asking him question after question. But time’s up. They have to go to class. Edward smoothly declines the invitation, set on skipping Biology. It’s a good thing too. Bella flees the room as soon as possible, smelling the blood dripping from each finger. Once again, Edward saves the day. This is how it all began, you know, with a wink and a crooked smile.

“If I could dream at all, it would be about you.”

2. The Meadow: The infamous Chapter 13. Meet Mr. Sparkles. Edward and Bella finally declare their true feeling for one another and share true love’s first kiss. Bella gets a bit over excited. “Oops.” Perfectly understandable, of course. “That’s an understatement.”

3. The Dazzler: Twilight 101. Edward has some mad dazzling tactics. In fact . . . hey, Edward? Would you mind showing them to me? I would like to see firsthand if they work.

“You’re intoxicated by my very presence.”

New Moon

4. The Breakup: No matter how many times I read it, no matter how much I know he doesn’t mean it, I can not hold back my desire to punch Edward in the face. But I usually end up sobbing instead, then start all over again as I flip through the empty, agony filled pages one by one. As you can see, I’m still a little bitter.

“Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body?”

5. Saving Edward/Edward’s Monologue: The first thing that always comes to mind when we finally see Edward again is, “Oh, sweet relief. He’s safe.” Just like Bella, we try to hold on to the moment as long as we can, afraid he’s going to leave us again – ignoring the ancient red-eyed vampires and whatever else they talk about in this chapter. As long as Edward is safe in our arms again, what else matters? From the bottom of page 505 to page 521 Edward begins to voice his mistakes, his reasons for leaving – reassuring Bella she isn’t dreaming. His love is unyielding, could never be questioned. He asks if he still has a chance . . . ‘What kind of question is that?!” Bella becomes the strong heroine we all want her to be when she realizes Edward won’t relent on her staying human. She is tenacious, assertive. It’s not his decision anymore. She’s putting it to a vote.


6. Leg Hitch/The Talk: Page 186. Edward’s lapse in self-control has sparked this one act to go down as one of the most iconic images from the series. You know why. Chapter 20 from Eclipse, entitled Compromise, has Bella finally ready to be part of the Cullen Family. But there is one more thing she has to do while she is still human – seduce her abstinent vampire boyfriend. Trying as she might, her advances don’t work on poor iron willed Eddie. Instead, they reach a compromise. Bella will give Edward what he wants – marriage – and in return, he will act as promised, strip her of her maidenhood and turn her into a vampire. Good deal, I should think. However, Bella’s reservations about marriage quickly take over – something I never really understood. Edward wants to marry you, Bella! Slip the damn ring on your finger and shut up. Be happy. He wants to keep you. Forever. Suck it up and enjoy it. Eventually, Edward wins. The beautiful bronze haired Adonis gets down on one knee and asks that oh so important question. Reluctantly, she agrees.

“If I had my way, I would spend the majority of my time kissing Edward.”

7. Tent Scene/10 Best Nights: The Space Heater vs Edward. I’m sure this one of everybody’s favorite scenes. Am I right? The night before the crucial newborn fight, Bella is surely freezing to death as a sudden snowstorm covers the mountain the couple and the wolf are occupying. Jacob – being a toasty 108 degrees – takes it upon himself to warm Bella up a little bit. Stop growling, Edward. While the warmth helps the human slowly drift to sleep, Edward and Jacob come to a temporary truce. They reverse roles, Edward letting Jacob into his head for a few brief moments. The rivals start to somewhat understand each other, their motives, and the lengths they’d go to keep Bella for themselves. Though not exceptionally memorable to some, the next chapter gives us a scene that has always stuck with me. Short and romantic, Edward and Bella exchange their ten best nights. Sigh. They’re adorable, aren’t they?

Breaking Dawn

8. Isle Esme: Despite the fade to black, “hearing about” the headboard breaking and the feathers (Feathers!) is enough. Sort of. Not really, but let’s just pretend. Even though we have to use our imaginations, the impression left behind is significant, a fan-favorite. The truth of the matter is, we all want to visit Isle Esme with an Edward of our own – without the result of a weird hybrid baby, of course.

“I bit a pillow. Or two.”

9. Running with Edward: Newborn Bella’s first hunting trip is as exciting for her as it is for us. Finally equals, Bella and Edward run, jump, and chase one another with vampire speed. We experience a new kind of Edward. He’s happier, euphoric, lighter somehow. Everyone, including Bella, is shocked to see how she handles new immortal lifestyle so easily. She’s more graceful than most. She is able to resist the temptation of human blood effortlessly. Bella is one kick-ass vampire.

10. Happily Ever After: The (not really) battle with the Volturi is over and all is right in the Cullen household again. Going back to their cottage, Edward and Bella take it all in, finding much to celebrate. Actually, Edward? Could you wait a moment? Bella would like to try something. She holds her love close, closing her eyes, concentrating on her task. She lowers her shield. Memory by memory, Bella shows Edward just how much she loves him, how much she has always loved him. He is thrilled, stunned that he is finally able to read her mind. It is not so much the end of a timeless romance, but the beginning of one. A.k.a. There is so much more to write about Stephenie Meyer. Get to it!


Are you addicted to Twilight? What are your favorite scenes from the Twilight saga? Favorite book? Favorite character? What’s your favorite quote? How many times have you read through the series? Reading the series again, have you seen any changes in the way that you think about them? What did you think of the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer? Are you excited for the final installment? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I’m a life long Twilight fan too Haven’t read the books since the release of Breaking Dawn last year but might take them out this summer. I’d like to go back to where it all started before watching the concluding film this winter.
    Blood-typing: Why didn’t they include this in the film?
    The breakup scene always brings me to tears and loud sobbing 🙂 I did want to punch Edward. Stupid man thinking he knows more about a woman’s mind than the woman herself.
    The trailer looks awesome!!

    1. I know! I love that scene! There’s a lot of stuff I wish they included in the film. That still bugs me, but I have to let it go. Yes, let it go. Yeah, that’ not going to work. Lol.

      I will admit, the trailer did look good. I’m just scared they’re going to create a battle when there wasn’t one. I swear, if they touch a single hair on Edward’s head . . . 🙂

  2. Indiewritersreview says:

    Bravo! This is awesome:) I too am a Twilight addict! I fell in love with THEIR forever love!

    I love Edward for Bella, there is no other, but my heart belongs to the tried and true Jacob! My favorite scene is from Eclipse when Jacob is having to provide warmth for Bella, and all three of them are in the tent…and the indepth conversation between Jacob and Edward:) I loved ALL of New Moon, oh what angst….

    and of course in Eclipse when Jacob got his kiss! Whoo hoo! Although, it has always struck me a little awkward that its implied that Jacob and Bella would have been soulmates, if Edward had not been in her life, and then Jacob ends up imprinting on her daughter!

    But I got pass it:)

    I will be so sad when this saga ends…I reall,really do not know what will fill that particular romantic void in my heart with then:) ****Big wistful sigh inserted here********

    1. Thank you!!

      Oh, a Jacob fan. I haven’t met one of those in a while. That explains New Moon being your favorite. Lol. I’m a die-hard Team Edward fan, if you hadn’t noticed. Don’t worry, though. ALL Twihard’s are welcome here. 🙂

      Love the tent scene! But I think everyone loves the tent scene.

      I agree, I didn’t like how S Meyer described Jacob and Bella’s alternate relationship. Of course, I never liked their other relationship either, so . . .

      I’m sure we’ll all find something to replace the movies. Maybe another Twilight book? Did you hear that Stephenie Meyer?????

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