Press Play Friday: iPod Shuffle

So, We Meet Again

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all had this happen to us: you’re tired after a long, exhausting day at work, attempting to relax by slipping on those comfy headphones and getting lost in that vast world of music, trying to let go of anything and everything you don’t need in that moment. You place your music player on Shuffle, allowing the iPod God’s to take over, putting all your faith in them, hoping they’ll play something good for you. Eventually, that distinct and powerful urge to skip each and every song goes away, allowing you to finally calm and unwind. Five songs; ten songs go by. Suddenly, you notice something strange – a song you don’t recall hearing lately, one you don’t remember downloading. Huh. Isn’t that strange? As the song continues, a quiet excitement begins to grow. You decide you really like this song. In fact, you realize that it’s one of your favorites. Not long after, you begin conduct a bit of research. This song has been on your iPod for a while. Time passes and ultimately you remember that fateful day when that song wasn’t amongst the ones who strayed, but one newly unearthed. This Press Play is dedicated to those forgotten gems; the misplaced tunes we don’t even recall we had; the songs that have been lost amongst the many, left behind for ones more modern, more cutting-edge.

Today I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tracks, ones that I’ve been neglecting, only to have rediscovered recently. They are the result of an iPod Shuffle . . .

Blitzen Trapper. Not a name many of you have heard of, is it? Don’t worry, that’s all about to change. Though they’ve been around for quite some time, word has yet to spread about this Alternative group who add a Country Rock twist to almost all of their songs. It’s quite intriguing, really. Sleepytime In the Western World is the introductory track off their 2009 album, Furr. With a heavy emphasis on harmonies, the song is a fast-moving vintage-styled Rock song; the lead singer’s scratchy sound almost reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s. You’ll easily find the track lie’s on that familiar line between catchy and I-have-to-listen-to-that-song-again-immediately, only not for the reason you think. The melody is the front-runner here, striking in the way it keeps finding its way back to you even weeks after listening.

Back when music videos were still a thing, I happened to discover this adorable musical prize by Locksley. Able to blend in nearly perfectly with the great Brit Pop bands of the 1960’s, the melodious sounds of Darling, It’s True will undoubtedly see you dancing in the aisles – clapping your hands with the jovial shouts and ooh’s of the song’s chorus. The tune is just downright fun; a love song in its most lighthearted form.

One of the most one-of-a-kind voices in most recent years has come from Neko Case. A style that is definitely unlike any other female Alternative singer/songwriters, Neko Case brings a delicate resonance to her sharp, demanding songs. That’s why when I came across People Got a Lotta Nerve when I was looking through my long list of artists and songs for this week’s music feature, I gasped and shrieked, “Oh. My. God. I forgot I had that song!” I seriously forgot how much I loved the track and it hurt when I found out I didn’t have any full albums of this amazing artist. Just so you know, I will certainly be remedying that now, like right now. Be right back!

The year was 2004, a year that introduced us to a new take on Alternative music. The Killers. Franz Ferdinand. Keane. Hidden behind the now more famed names of the genre was Modest Mouse. The group shocked us with their unique style, quickly earning them a top spot on the music charts. Float On was a cornerstone for the band, featured constantly on radio and music TV. It was kind of a big deal, at the time. Since then, the song has spun several remakes from some famous faces, a testament to its originality and distinct voice. Various sound styles of guitars and a persistent drum beat keep the track on target, connecting with the slightly unusual lyrics. It’s the creation of a different time in music, a method that’s still evolving today.

What did you think of this week’s Press Play Friday? Are there any songs or artists on your iPod that you forgot you had? Are they newer songs or older? What music have you been listening to recently? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anastasia says:

    I never heard of any of the above songs. Thank you for posting them or they would have forever remained unknown. (Maybe not forever, but a long enough time)

    Girl with one eye is my forgotten gem. I have the Florence and the Machine version.

    1. Oh, you’re very welcome. I love introducing people to new music. I definitely can’t say I’ve ever forgotten about “Girl With One Eye,” because (as I say on a regular basis) I’m obsessed with Florence + The Machine and that song is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorites. 🙂

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