Midnight In London?

I Wish I Were British

On Sunday night, as I was watching the second season opener of Upstairs Downstairs, I began to have a miraculous moment of clarity. While I dissected the stylish dialogue, gazed upon the elegant satin gowns, and admired the outstanding archetypal set design, I realized I had a tenacious attachment to all things British. It’s no secret, my love for the English cinema, and consecutive television mini-series and half hour comedies. I’ve stated numerous times my devotion to such things. However, it wasn’t until that moment, I decided I was living the wrong life. I belonged among the hustle and bustle of London Town. I was supposed to be wearing the latest fashion, drinking tea at Harrods, and listening to Glen Miller on the gramophone. Yes, I was having a Midnight In Paris moment. After all, how many times had I watched the first thirty minutes of Atonement? Enjoyed the memorable mysteries of Gosford Park?

Countless evenings watching Masterpiece Theatre and my loyalty to British cinema had finally made me believe I was supposed to be living in the 1930’s. The perfected illusion of grace and grandeur has left its mark upon me. Nevermind how disastrous the time was, the fantasy was too hard to resist. The fictional narratives of unrequited love have made it so. The music. The classic couture. The always suited gentlemen. The accents! It’s all very appealing. That is . . . if life were an element of fiction.

I had come to my ultimate conclusion long before Gil had discovered his. These fictional lives we want so much to live are only of value if they stay fiction. We will always dream. We will always imagine another place, another time, no matter where we are. Life is not perfect. Even in fantasy, I’m sure Cinderella finds herself cleaning the bathroom every once in a while. We wouldn’t want our illusions fulfilled if they did not come with the all-inclusive happy ending. Would we?

I will always fantasize about a life I can’t have. I will always have one fictional boyfriend too many. That’s just how it works. Our fanciful desires may never be granted, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still dream. We need these illustrious daydreams to get us through reality. It might be a place, a time. A person, even. Everyone has a preferred destination to escape to. Mine just happens to be in 1930’s London.

Source: Google Images

By the way, I still wish I were British.

Have you ever had a Midnight In Paris moment? Are you addicted to British cinema and television? What’s your favorite Brit Drama? Favorite Brit Comedy? Have you watched Upstairs Downstairs? Are you in love with a fictional character? Tell me in the comments!

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17 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    I have a Midnight in Paris moment every time I read a good book set somewhere other than where I live 🙂 It’s good to dream.

    1. I have that disease too! I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I lived in Forks. 😀

      1. Emma says:

        I’d love to visit Forks. You know they actually do Twilight tours now and Charlie has his own car parking space at the Forks police station 🙂

        1. That’s awesome. Forks is awesome. I wished I lived there with my vampire soulmate. Sigh. 😉

  2. setinmotion says:

    Ha. It’s still my goal to move to London, literally, sometime in the next two years. Join me and you can marry Andrew Garfield?

    1. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES. An overly enthusiastic reaction? Maybe. I’ve always wanted to move to London. Or California. Either one. Though I’m curious as to why I can’t marry RPattz. He’s still British, isn’t he? After all, I thought you wanted Andy all to yourself. Or should I find James Franco’s number for you? Lol. 😀

      1. setinmotion says:

        Hahaha definitely London, sorry I have no need for California (I’m not blonde).

        Haha ok ok you can have RPattz! Haha there’s actually a guy I dated in London currently, so it’d be more realistic for me to get with him.

        Saying that, both Andy Murray and Andy Garfield are British…

        1. London it shall be! I’m not blonde, either. I guess this means I’d better start learning the metric system. I’m glad we got all this relationship stuff out of the way, so there won’t be any confusion when the time comes. (*Giggles*). 😀

        2. setinmotion says:

          Phew! Dodged that bullet for sure 🙂

          Also managed to dodge the metric system, as in Australia no one has a clue about pounds or miles!

        3. We have got our work cut out for us. I seriously had to google this. The Brits use both kilometers and miles (which we use over here) when driving. So, I’m good there. The rest is shillings and centigrade, and all the stuff they don’t teach us in America. Very confusing. You’ll have to teach me centimeters and kilograms, and all that fun stuff. Lol. 😉

        4. setinmotion says:

          What the frack are centrigrades??

        5. Haha! Celsius! 🙂

        6. setinmotion says:

          Oh man, we’re screwed!

        7. Maybe we can take a class. 😀

        8. setinmotion says:

          With English boys? OK

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