TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “The Killer”

Dear Diary . . . I Effed Up

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Psst! Hey. Over here.

Hi. I hope you enjoyed last week’s Story Time with Kim. As you can see, I’m not there to talk with you about the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries. I’ve been, um, detained, as it were.

There’s a lot to talk about too: Vampire Elena finally showing her fangs. Jeremy’s new occupation. Hunters and hallucinations. Deaths and explosions. Stefan being Stefan.

{Yoo-hoo! FanGirl? Come here, FanGirl.}

Oops! Shhhhh. Be still or they’ll see me.

Luckily, I’ve managed to swipe some of their journal entries for you to read. Just don’t tell them. They probably won’t be very happy with me if they knew . . .


{I got her, Stefan.}

{Good. Bring her in.}

Uh oh. Don’t worry. I’ll be okay. I should warn you, though. This is a SPOILER ALERT!

Connor Jordan
November 8, 2012

Dear Diary,
This morning, I came home to find my trailer had been ransacked. I mean, what the [Expletive]?

I wasn’t surprised, of course. Not only is Damon Salvatore (VAMPIRE!) quite easy on the eyes, but he (VAMPIRE!) is also quite the blabbermouth. I am a hunter. I would have figured it out even if he hadn’t left all my stuff surprisingly organized. Maybe. Luckily, for me, I keep an extra set of guns and other [Expletive] hidden for safe keeping. Didn’t think to look at that rather obvious spot, did you Damon (VAMPIRE!)?

I tell ya, Diary, this job ain’t easy. Carrying around a random hybrid’s (HYBRID!) head in a bloodied sheet is creepy, even for me. Ha! I kid. I am Mr. Creepy.

Before I extracted the hybrid’s (HYBRID!) werewolf (WEREWOLF!) venom, I went to see Professor Shane. He’s an all right guy, I suppose. A little weird, if you ask me. He was all happy and [Expletive] when I told him about being capture by Klaus. Crazy, right? I still don’t know about this deal, though. My vampire (VAMPIRE!) killing expertise, in exchange for information about my hunter’s mark? I think I’m getting shortchanged somehow. It’s cool, though. I’ve got plans for Mystic Falls. Evil plans. And nothing or no one is going to stop me.

Yours truly,
Connor Jordan: The Coolest Bad-Ass [Expletive] on the Planet.

With its opening only a mere hour away, Jeremy is busy making sure everything is in place before the Grill welcomes its first patrons. Matt is working hard in the dinning room – flipping chairs and whatnot – when April Young requests his attention. She wonders if he’s seen Rebekah recently, as she has been unable to contact the blonde vampire. Matt is unaware of her location, the anger and resentment he still feels for Rebekah making its way to the surface. I wouldn’t worry about her too much though, Matt. You have more important things to deal with at the moment. For example, Crazy Connor holding you, April, and Jeremy hostage. Yes, it’s just another day in Mystic Falls; another day when someone’s trying to kill you. Stay cool humans, the team is on their way.

Stefan Salvatore
8 November 2012
7:00 am, Thursday
Location: My Room.
Journal #135 Entry #6,632

Dear Diary,
Vampire Elena isn’t doing too well. Sigh. I’ve tried everything. Forcing my beliefs on her; making her eat bunny rabbits and cute little squirrels. It didn’t work. The blood-bag was a bust, as well. I even tried to seduce her, but Damon kept interrupting us. Stupid, Damon. He shared blood with her too. I’m still unhappy with him about that. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

7:30 am, Thursday
Location: My Room
Journal #135 Entry #6,635

Dear Diary,
Elena tried feeding from the vein last night. She didn’t tell me. Damon took her to a frat party, can you believe it? All those warm bodies so close to one another, drinking, having fun, dancing? Yuck. I’m glad it didn’t work. When she got home last night there was so much regret. I held her and stroked her hair, telling her it would be all right.

I’m such a good boyfriend.

7:45 am, Thursday
Location: My Room
Journal #135 Entry #6,650

Dear Diary,
Klaus told me there’s a cure. For vampirism. SQUEE! I’m so excited. I can be human again. Oh. And Elena too. All I have to do is obey Klaus while he’s busy digging up a dead hunter and keep this under wraps, and everything will be golden. Keeping Connor alive might be a bit more difficult, what with Damon about, but I’m sure it’ll be okay. Right?

Thanks for listening,
Stefan 😀

As the supernatural’s assemble, Stefan begins to take control of the situation, much to Damon’s dismay. With a few of Klaus’ hybrids in tow, plus Tyler and Caroline, Elena and Damon believe they can take out the single hunter with ease. Stefan, however, puts a stop to that plan rather quickly. He pleads with the group to give him an hour, an hour to do a bit of recon work. In actuality, he plans to maneuver the whole operation by himself. Idiot. 

Later, Damon and Elena scour Alaric’s apartment for a map detailing the location of several underground tunnels – much like the ones that run under the Lockwood Estate. When Stefan tells Elena exactly who is being kept hostage, she goes into survivor mode, hell-bent on retrieving Jeremy herself. Elena believes with Alaric and Stefan’s training she can handle whatever the hunter throws at her. Unfortunately for Elena, Damon feels quite differently. With his vampire speed, Damon aims the weapon at a surprised Elena. In turn, she bolts, straddling him on the bed, pushing the tip of a wooden stake into his heart. Gotcha! Damon reassures Elena, they will get Jeremy out. When Stefan returns, marking out a plan, Damon’s suspicions pile up. What is he hiding? Why is Klaus involved? Damon resolves to carry out Connor’s death by himself, but before he can do that, Stefan stabs him with a vervain dart. Our vampire is knocked out for the time being; Stefan attempting to dictate Damon’s possible future motions, knowing that if Elena were to go with him, kill Connor, everything they have been trying to prevent would unravel right before their eyes.

Elena Gilbert
November 8, 2012

Dear Diary,
It’s been a while, a long while, since we’ve spoken. A lot’s happened in the past few episodes and I’m not sure if you knew what’s been going on.

I’m a vampire.

Awesome, right? No. Not at all. I hate it. Seriously. I really HATE it. I’m so emotional; angry one minute, sad the next. Plus, I have such a craving for chocolate. What’s that about?

Anyway, this vampire thing really sucks. I’ll try to make the most of it, but if someone had a cure . . . Well, that’d be pretty awesome.

P.S. I think I’m still in love with Damon


Back at Hostage Central, Jeremy wonders why he can’t remember his last encounter with Connor, who – at the moment – is busy making a werwolf venom bomb. He’s determined to make a hunter out of Jeremy yet, hoping through this process the potential can pick up some tips; Connor spilling some secrets of his own. When Stefan calls to arrange the release of the three humans, Connor makes his stance known. He will not give up until every supernatural creature in the town is six feet under, even if Stefan can tell him more about The Five. There is no backing down. April freaks out. Matt, rather rudely, ties to calm her down. Connor orders them back. Someone’s coming.

Following Klaus’ orders, Hybrid Dean makes his way to the Grill. He opens the door, easily spotting the trip-wire that would cause the bomb’s detonation. Dean lifts his foot, carefully avoiding any danger, stepping on the mat below his feet. A red light glows underneath. Oops. In mere seconds, the bomb explodes, venom spreading, a hundred soaked nails embedded into Dean’s flesh. Connor smiles, pulling the trigger, a large hole spotted where Dean’s heart should be. Hunter: 1 Vampires: 0

Using Dean’s distraction, Stefan makes his way into the back room of the Grill, showing April and Matt the way to safety. He moves out, but Connor is quickly on his tail. He takes Jeremy, using him as a shield, creating several bullet holes in the surrounding structure. Connor reloads, pushing Jeremy out of his way. Stefan? Another red light glows, only this time beneath the feet of one Jeremy Gilbert.

Hearing the explosion across the street, Elena panics. Damon opens his eyes, finding his ring missing. Realizing Stefan’s betrayal, Damon and Elena make a plan of their own. Knowing Connor has no idea about Vampire Elena, they use this fact their advantage. The quiet girl opens the door, pleading with the armed madman to release Jeremy. Stefan tires to compromise with Connor, stepping out from behind the shadows, but Elena makes her move first. She tackles Connor to the ground – a bullet sounding in the distance – gripping on to his neck tightly. Stefan pushes a wounded Jeremy out the way, going for cover as another bomb detonates. Connor uses Elena’s distraction to his advantage, as does Stefan.

He marches Connor through the underground tunnels. Surprise, Brother. Damon waits, catching them off guard. He doesn’t care about what Klaus has over Stefan, he’ll do anything to get to the hunter. One step at a time, Damon menacingly comes closer. Knowing he has to keep Connor alive at all costs, Stefan releases him, attacking his brother instead. Soon Damon gets the upper hand, forcing his long fingers into Stefan’s chest cavity, ordering him to spill. Stefan tells him about the cure, believing it to be Elena’s only hope. Damon’s speechless.

In the meantime, Elena finds her brother broken and bloodied, instantly feeding him her blood. He tells her about the hunter’s tattoo and his lack of knowledge on the subject, voicing his concerns over his missing memories. Elena goes to confront the individual, stumbling into Connor on the way. Vampire Elena strikes, her anger forcing her to do things she wouldn’t ever do. She takes a bite out of the hunter, forcing him down on his knees. You’re the monster, he says. He swipes a stake from his side, swiftly placing it into Elena’s heart. “You missed.” She snaps his neck. The hunter is dead. Finally.

Damon Salvatore
November 8, 2012

Dear Diary,
Oh, {Expletive}.

Damon 😉

Elena Gilbert
November 8, 2012

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Stefan Salvatore
8 November 2012
1:00 pm, Thursday
Location: Mystic Fall’s Underground Caves
Journal #135 Entry #6,700

I told you so.

Stefan 😦

It finally happened, what they’ve tried so hard to prevent. Tears stream down Elena’s face as she digs up the dirt to bury the body. Stefan tries to comfort her, but all the secrets, all the lies come floating back. Elena confronts him on his deal with Klaus. I thought I could trust you. Why did you do it, Stefan? He doesn’t confess, instead bowing his head and standing silent. Damon looks on, hesitant to step in. Oh so soon, the reality of what Elena has done begins to seep in. She breaks down. “I killed him. I killed him.”

At the Lockwood Mansion, Haley (Tyler’s “buddy”) finally introduces herself to Caroline. Big mistake. Caroline’s suspicions about their relationship are confirmed when she overhears Klaus mention his theories about Tyler’s time in Appalachia – trying to break his sire bond. Haley’s no-nonsense attitude doesn’t seem to do her very good even when she denies having any romantic links to Tyler, who also denies an affair. Caroline doesn’t believe him. He continues to deny, voicing his appreciation for Haley’s help during his time away. He’d rather Klaus think that he were a philanderer than know the real truth. And what’s that? Good question, Caroline. There are other hybrids out there, which means there are more sire bonds to break. With Haley’s help, Tyler hopes they can set them all free. If Klaus ever found out, nothing could ever save them from his wrath. All right. So let me get this straight. He lied to protect Caroline? Correct. Oh, how very Edward of you. I still don’t believe it. I don’t either, but let’s give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt.

Bonnie Bennett
8 November 2012

Dear Diary,
I went to talk to Professor Shane today. I’m not sure, but I think I have a crush on him. He seems to know so much about this life, about witches, about magic. He said he could help me. I didn’t believe him at first, but he soon proved himself. He hypnotized me and it wasn’t long before I could light candles with my mind again. I trust him. He’s a good guy. He’s not hiding any secrets from me at all. Oh, sorry. I’m boring you, aren’t I?

Yeah, I get that a lot.

Boring Bonnie

Jeremy basks in the sunshine, thinking about the previous events of the day. He tugs on his vervain bracelet, wondering if it does him any good. He removes it, slipping it off his wrist, giving it to a freshly compelled April Young. It will help her more than it ever helped him. Rather well-adjusted to these types of things, Matt ask Jeremy to walk home with him. Reluctantly, Jeremy agrees, noticing something rather strange on his milky complexion. The tattoo. It’s the tattoo! Well, good luck with that.

At the Salvatore Mansion, Damon voices his disbelief over “The Cure” with Stefan. He remains a skeptic, but Stefan is another story. He truly believes there’s a way out for Elena and he will do anything to find it. The Brotherhood of the Five. Come rain, come snow, come wind, come sleet; Stefan will find a way. Elena will be human again, he’s sure of it. He wants it. She needs it. Damon, on the other hand, loves Elena just the way she is, human or not. But he will help Stefan in this quest, though he knows it will all end badly.

Elena Gilbert
November 8, 2012

Dear Diary,
I lost control. I . . . I killed someone. I knew that it was a definite possibility in this life, but now that it’s happened, I don’t know if I can handle it. I KNOW I can’t handle it. It’s too much. I never wanted this. I never wanted this life, a vampire life. I just wish I could be me again. I don’t like what I’ve become. I’ve lost myself.


The blood. It’s everywhere; covering my hands, the wall, the floor.

KILLER. It’s written on the mirror. Is that what I am? Is that what I’ve become?

Oh, God.

What is happening to me?

The Vampire Diaries

Best Damon Lines of the Night:

1. “Is that where you’ve been all morning? Out buying bossy pants?”

2.  “Where in the hell is the Wicked Witch of the West?” (Referring to Bonnie)

3.  “Since when do we team up with Klaus and the Lollipop Guild?”

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? Did you think Elena would be the one to kill Connor? Now that Jeremy has the hunter’s tattoo, will he become like Connor? Why is Elena hallucinating? What will Klaus say now that his orders have been disobeyed? Will Stefan and Elena break up? Will they find “The Cure?” Tell me in the comments!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Good episode, fast paced. I hope Elena’s over the top grief was down to her being a new vampire and having heightened emotions, because a normal person wouldn’t spill so much tears over a guy who stabbed an innocent girl (April), shot her brother and planned to kill every vampire in town. She didn’t kill an innocent person. I am so anti-Stefan right now. Conor’s death is his fault. If he hadn’t been keeping secrets, Elena would have known how valuable Conor was.
    Is Katherine really back next week or just a hallucination? I’m looking forward to finding out.

    1. Between all that Stefan and Elena craziness, this episode really didn’t do it for me. Why can’t Elena just embrace her vampire self? I understand the whole out of control emotions thing, but all her whining and complaining? I don’t like it. At all. Elena needing a therapist after killing Connor, I can see that. She lost control. The intense grief, I agree with you, doesn’t make sense. Now these hallucinations? I’m sorry, TVD. I love you, but some of these plot points are just incredibly ridiculous; reproductions for killing a hunter and a vampire cure are examples of these types of things. Katherine coming back – hallucination or not – and meeting Vampire Elena for the first time? That I can get behind.

      Yes! Oh my goodness. I don’t even want to look at Stefan anymore. Gah! He’s becoming more and more annoying. Now Elena’s mad at him, so that’s good for Damon (and us), I guess. Hopefully. Then maybe we can get more Elena straddling Damon scenes. Lol. 😉

      1. Emma says:

        Lol, that’s a passionate response. Bring on Delena. I’m finally on board 100% with that!

        1. Haha! Yes. I am nothing if not passionate. 😉

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