A Much Needed Push: Chapter 1

I’ve posted Chapter 1 of A Much Needed Push in The Writer’s Room. You’ll find it under ‘FanFiction.’


     Upon my arrival to the diner, my eyes always frantically search for her, for my Bella. It seems like ages until she spots me at my usual table, though it could hardly be more than a few minutes. She notices me staring at her and I quickly cast my eyes down, my crooked smile appearing easily at her recognition.

     You want her. You need her.

     Her feet make quick work to obtain my order: a cup of coffee and the Special of the Day – a slice of Bella’s signature, freshly baked, homemade pie.

     Today’s special had been Dark Chocolate Fudge Banana Cream, made complete with a large dollop of whipped cream on the side; one of my favorites. Bella knew this, as I may have spoken – in great detail – of my love for this exact pie previously to her. Her deep chocolate eyes light up every time I send my compliments. Her smile, genuine and infectious.

     A small laugh escaped when I asked her about her latest culinary achievement this afternoon. Her excitement and enjoyment seeped through while she explained the different ingredients, the type of crust that must be selected to perfectly accompany the fresh fruit and cream filling. She waited as I softly cut into the dessert, then placed the sweet decadence onto my awaiting taste buds, tasting and savoring her creation. I heard her giggle, as I then proceed to devour the rest in a few short bites.

     “I’m glad you like it.”

Happy Reading! 😀

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  1. setinmotion says:

    YAYYY! You’re such a star!

    1. Haha! A star? I’m not sure about that. A wish-to-be author attempting to write fanfiction? For sure. 🙂

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