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Bad Girls

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Having lost her brother, her humanity and her home, you would expect Elena Gilbert to be a little bat-crap-crazy. However, acting like a robotic Katherine-Clone is not exactly what we had in mind. Elena was ruthless, cruel. She was homicidal, a she-devil! In all seriousness, we have to ask, what the hell, Elena? You are in crucial need of a time out. Go. Go stand in the corner while the rest of us talk about your abhorrent behavior. You heard me. This is a Spoiler Alert!

In a scene that oddly resembled one of Damon’s old pastimes, Elena decided it was time for a little late-night snack – casually faking distress and profiting from the kindness of others. Luckily (and conveniently), Mr. Salvatore was there to stop her before things went too far. “I thought this was supposed to be fun,” Elena dully stated.

Later that morning, the brothers determined Damon would begin the search for Katherine the Not-So-Great, while Stefan would make plans to speak with Sheriff Forbes. Which meant, Caroline would be responsible for Elena’s triumphant return to high school. Elena had not a care, either way. Although, assuredly, found amusement by making everyone uncomfortable (or other things (Damon, Stefan)) with her shameless nudity. Knowing it was in everyone’s best interest, Damon used the sire bond to compel Elena to behave.

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t last long. As Stefan so skillfully figured out, humanity-free Elena was not susceptible to Damon’s sire bond any longer. No feelings, no bond. If Elena had a craving for fresh meat, she’d get it, no matter what Damon said.

It was with this revelation, Elena 2.0 set off to join her former fellow cheerleaders and to pursue another meal-time treat. She stalked her blonde competitor silently, waiting for the opportune moment. Cold-hearted Vampire Elena sank her teeth and drank, adding another victim to her ever-increasing list. Little did we know, Caroline would be next.

Annoyed with Caroline’s blatant displeasure over her antisocial activities, Elena resolved to seek some malicious vengeance, intentionally allowing Caroline to fall from the top of the cheer pyramid. Stefan looked on with mediocre disapproval. He needed to get Elena back under control. Using Elena’s desire to rebel as a guise, Stefan unceremoniously delivered Elena a shot of vervain, causing her to fall into unconsciousness immediately.

At a truck stop on the outskirts of some no named town, Klaus “I’m still insanely good-looking even when I’m covered in blood” Mikaelson came to the rescue of Tyler’s rogue werewolf friend, Haley, who had been trying to avoid a rather persistent vampire nomad. She had called the hybrid in a serious need of assistance – requiring his protection – after she made a deal gone bad with the bitch vampire, Katherine. Of course, Klaus would never enter into a contract without guaranteeing something for himself. Information regarding the location of Katherine Pierce was paramount, and it seemed Haley just might have what Klaus so desperately needed.

Oh, stop it, you pervs. I solely meant, he needed details on Katherine. The kinky, angry sex they had happened a ways after that. At least, I assume it was kinky. After all, she did ask if he liked control in that sultry “Give to me now” tone. Imagining blindfolds and handcuffs was not really a stretch.

Despite the insane amount of flirting and Klaus’ breathtaking charm, Klaus obtained no crucial information; only that Haley is probably from some powerful werewolf pack in Louisiana. Blah. Blah. Blah. The scenes between Haley and Klaus basically boiled down to one prolonged session of foreplay. Not that we’re complaining.

Meanwhile, Damon had also come to the conclusion Haley knew where Katherine was hiding. Unfortunately, Klaus’ loyalty to the she-wolf wouldn’t allow Damon to interrogate the backstabbing fiend. Instead, Klaus offhandedly suggested he search for the nomad whom Haley had been trying to escape. The mysterious stranger, most likely, had been in contact with Damon’s former flame.

With some unwanted help from the erratic Rebekah, Damon started his search for the almost-dead vampire at the local hospital, eventually making a staggering realization. Based on what Stefan had told him about a similar situation in Mystic, someone had been “liberating” the hospital’s blood supply. Logically, the only person – or supernatural being – to need such a substantial amount would be the big, bad Silas (having been without that kind of nourishment for thousands of years). Having no time to waste dealing with that specific conundrum (Seriously?), Damon took fate into his own hands regarding the nomad. Splitting the vein of a local nurse, Damon and Rebekah waited patiently for the ailing outsider to take the bait. Less than a minute later, he struck. “Will? Damon asked with astonishment and familiarity. When Rebekah showed curiosity about the their connection, Damon ripped Will’s heart out with belief he was showing mercy. Rebekah remained skeptical.

Finding a place to party was an easy feat for the teens of Mystic Falls, especially since Elena 2.0 was in charge. Her enthusiasm for freedom and the need to feed her true vampire nature gave everyone the push they needed to simply have fun. Which, astonishingly, included Stefan – regardless of his at attempt to place blame on himself and efforts to pressure Elena to not be such a Katherine wannabe. Yet, as swiftly as it began, it ended just as fast. Sheriff Forbes was quick to put an end to the party, singling out Elena. She had none of it, though – pushing the Sheriff back with force. Caroline was outraged, threatening to teach Elena a lesson or two. As it would happen, Elena was the one to put Caroline in her place. She took off into the night with Caroline hot on her heels. Punches were thrown and words exchanged. Elena 2.0 had a stake aimed at Caroline’s heart. “Don’t you get it? I. Don’t. Care.”

In an instant, Damon had Elena miles away, back at the Salvatore home. They couldn’t give up on Elena, no matter if she had become a raging bitch. It was understandable. Her life sucked. With her humanity turned off, she had become the worst version of herself. All they could do, was try to get the old Elena back. No matter what.

Caroline had kept up hope that someday Tyler would come back to her. It just didn’t seem possible that she would never see him again. Across town, her worst fears came true. Matt had received a note from Tyler, naming him the rightful owner to the Lockwood Mansion. Tyler had also left Caroline a message. He knew Klaus wouldn’t stop until he was six feet under. To protect Caroline and to protect himself, he could never come back to Mystic Falls. It was just too dangerous. He would always love Caroline, but this was the only way they could all be free. Caroline fell into Matt’s arms, crying for the man she lost and the man she loved.

In the end . . . Damon drove off into the night, avoiding Stefan, avoiding responsibilities and ancient beings with diabolical intentions. He was a man on a mission. Holding the picture of Will in his hand, he smiled. New York City was waiting, for him and for Elena.

The Vampire Diaries

Best (Mostly Damon) Lines of the Night

1. Damon: “When being undead gets you down, voilà, vampire prosaic.”

2. Damon: “I know it’s controversial, Stefan, but people actually like to have fun.”

3. Damon: “Fine. I’ll go after the psychotic doppelgänger.”

4. Damon: “I just came up with a list. It’s called ‘Things You Suck At.'”

5. Haley: “Most men get their power kick from torture and intimidation, with you it’s drinks and fine dinning.”

6. Stefan: “It won’t last. They’ll either drink all the booze and get bored. Or Damon will come home and kill everybody.”

7. Elena: “Maybe you should try to turn it all off. Who knows? You might stop whining about how Tyler left you. Added bonus? You won’t have to feel guilty about all those dirty thoughts you have about Klaus.”

8. Elena: “You fight like a girl.”

9. Damon: “Admit it, under any other circumstances, this would be a major turn on.”

10. Damon: “It’s not me, it’s you.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? How did you like Humanity-Free Elena? Do you think the gang could have been more strict with her? Or should they have let her be? Is Tyler really gone for good? What will Caroline do now? Will she go after him? Will Haley? Are we ever going to meet Silas? Where is Katherine hiding? What did you think of Klaus and Haley – together? Surprised? Jealous? How is Will connected to Damon? Does Damon truly like Elena this way? What will happen in New York? Tell me in the comments!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Katherine the Not-So-Great – lol.
    I thought big bad Silas would just kill when he wanted blood, not resort to sissy blood bags. What kind of an ancient evil is he? 😉
    I liked this episode, if nothing else, it was a change from all the dreariness. Stefan picking up Caroline and throwing her over his shoulder was my favourite part. Friends having fun, this is what the show has been lacking lately.

    1. I’m very concerned that they’re not taking this Silas threat seriously. What happened to the universe exploding and the supernatural coming back from the dead? I don’t know about you, but that seems to be a tad more troublesome than Elena’s itty bitty problems. Lol.

      Caroline and Stefan are adorable. I still hope they get together. Especially, since this thing with Klaus and Haley. What the hell was all that about?

      1. Emma says:

        Now that you mention it, the end of the world does sound a smidge more important than vampire cheerleader Elena. 😉
        I didn’t like Klaus and Haley together at all – seemed very wrong somehow, almost icky for some reason.

        1. I agree . . . but maybe that’s the jealousy talking. You know I love me some Klaus. Lol.

          It really came out of left field. Yeah, they were flirting like crazy, but that’s just the way Klaus is. They’re talking about Katherine one minute and the next thing you know, they’re ripping each others clothes off. What the heck? We all can agree, Klaus needed to get laid, but it should have been Caroline! The writers are probably just setting their relationship up for the spinoff, but still, yuck.

        2. Emma says:

          I didn’t think of that, but you’re right, setting it up for the spin off. They don’t work as a couple, not one bit

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