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It’s Good to Be the King

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Confused. Even after hours of contemplation and reexamination, I still feel confused. Truthfully, I had been thrilled and optimistic about a weekly hour-long drama dedicated to Joseph Morgan and his signature smirk. Not to mention, Elijah “Suit Up” Mikaelson. I’m sure we all were and still are. At this point in time, though, I’m not sure what to make of The Originals. I wanted to be awed. I wanted to immediately drop all my allegiances to TVD and pledge my undying devotion to Klaus and the Mikaelson family. As you can imagine, that didn’t happen. It’s not that I didn’t like it. I did. The dialogue was spot on. The direction was fantastic. Elijah was badass. Except, at some point during the episode they lost me. I don’t know if it was horrendous demon b**y plot line, or the fact that Klaus wasn’t up to his usual standards. I just felt and feel. . . confused. I’m not sure how this all will play into a series. I actually have a few questions. One question, actually. What does Klaus think of the name Renesmee?

WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Part 1

Jane-Anne Deveraux poured the strange girl another drink, pretending to be interested in the girl’s desperate search. Haley’s narcissistic drone had been giving her severe headaches ever since the girl arrived weeks before. The truth was, the werewolf clan had been swept out of the French Quarter years ago. However, she did not share this information. Instead, leading the girl into a well-prepared trap. As night fell, Jane-Anne began the complicated spell, decorating the illuminated makeshift alter with criss-crosses and zigzags of course salt. She raised the volume of the exotic tribal music on the iPod next to her – her favorite background music for such occasions – knowing that the fierce pounding of the drums would make the scene that much more intense. Jane-Anne’s minions surrounded Haley. The girl-wolf was powerless. She fainted the instant the spell was complete, in the hands of her enemies.

“Welcome to the dark side of New Orleans; a supernatural playground, where the living are easily lost, and the dead stick around to play.”

Klaus laughed at the guide’s strangely accurate salutation. It wasn’t odd to find an enlightened soul on Bourbon Street, of course. The city was a strange mix of innocence and sin, living side by side, unaware of one another. He loved this city, he truly did. The memories he had, it made him want to sing. Yet, he would never participate in any kind of ridiculous karaoke free-for-all like Marcel. His protégé was more confident than him in that respect, but unfortunately lacked the people skills Klaus had perfected some years ago.

Marcel willingly took Klaus to Jane-Anne, but seemed to have lost his sanity at some point along the way. The vampires in his care were all too devious and their subtlety seemed to be nonexistent. Klaus was definitely not amused. Marcel killed Jane-Anne for her disobedience without a second thought. He had the witches wrapped around his finger and this troubled Klaus. He frowned, wondering how it seemed so simple for Marcel to follow through. If only he could do such things. The others were starting to realize, most of his threats were empty. That isn’t a plus point for ruling over the dregs of Mystic Falls. Marcel had effortlessly accomplished what Klaus had been trying to do for over a thousand years. It was time he showed some initiative. Soon it would all be his. He’d have it all. Invincibility. Fear. Power. Loyalty. Family.

However and somewhat unfortunately, Marcel’s lackeys were sniffing far too close for his liking. Klaus would need to have a talk with his former apprentice to immediately settle the topic.

He could hear the moans and screams before he even entered the club. Their vulgarity was all well and fine, but Klaus was a traditionalist. He didn’t think their seductive deeds should be for all to see. There was a line and Marcel should never have crossed it.

Elijah was unsure of what to make of his brother’s spontaneous trip to New Orleans and the incoming threat to Klaus’ survival. Depending on his mood, he’d either stop them or help him. He didn’t know which. Rebekah, on the other hand, was more than eager to see her elder brother go up in flames; curious as to why Elijah would even try to contact the treacherous leech. She made no apology for her trust issues, but still thought of Elijah’s trek as foolish.

“I’ll stop searching for his redemption when I believe there is none left to be found,” he replied.

When Elijah approached Klaus later that evening, it was with a heavy heart and a large armoire full of unusual – and just plain crazy – answers. If you would ask him, Elijah’s pursuit of Sophie Deveraux had given him enough insight and power plays to last twelve life times. This was some serious, messed up s**t.

Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with Klaus personally, but rather the defeat of The Mad King, Marcel. Klaus smirked, excitedly. This was a cause he could get behind. In his short time back, Klaus had realized his one true dream. He would reclaim the iron throne and rule over the bayou as his predecessor had done, but with such grace and charm, they’d be bowing at his feet. Predictably, he could not tell the witch this. He had his own plans – plans that he did not and would not share with the others. Klaus would lie, tell them it was all madness. They’d never know the difference.

Sadly, his liquor-fulled one night stand – No offense, sweetheart – had come back to bite him in the ass. Figuratively, at least. Fate was about to play a very, very cruel trick on Klaus; one in which he never ever saw coming.

“I know it’s impossible . . . , ” Haley began as Klaus paled.

“Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child.”


Back in Mystic Falls . . .

Elena wheezed loudly, as if she felt it unnecessary to concern herself with proper vampire laws. She did not need to breathe, but found it immensely more dramatic if she at least pretended like she was dying. Of course, it felt that way to her. Three days without a single drop of blood had severely weakened the stubborn-as-nails vampire into an escalating state of petrification. Stefan was certain she would not give up swiftly or easily. Elena was still flying in the no-humanity zone, quite calmly, making the brothers extremely anxious to right their wrongs.

“How hungry does she have to be before we can torture some feelings back into her?” Damon had asked.

“A lot hungrier than she is now, apparently.” Stefan replied.

“Maybe I can provide a little excitement.”

The brothers jumped back, shocked and somewhat annoyed. Here she was. Again. Walking back into their lives at the least appropriate moment. Katherine was never good at perfecting her timing, and right now, she was the fly in their ointment. Or a heavenly messenger. Although, they couldn’t be sure. The possibility that Klaus was finally out of their lives seemed like a thought too good to be true. However, they had more important matters to deal with.

Damon entered the small cell-like room to observe a semi-coherent Elena. She was beyond thirsty, but still refused his help. He did not care, she fought. But in truth, he did. He cared. He would starve her and torture her before he would ever let her remain emotionless and care free. He loved her that much. Damon’s torment would be her salvation, but Elena wasn’t as sure. She would play their games, yet should would not break. She would cry and burn, yet she would not break. They would fall long before her.

Stefan closed the door, a triumphant smirk upon his face. The fun was just about to begin.

Part 2

The extreme likelihood that Klaus was a father seem to be outright ridiculous to him and to the FanGirl writing this review. Although, time and time again proved just how unpredictable and curious magic could be. Still, it seemed too absurd. Where was the truth to this nonsensical loophole?

Klaus laughed maniacally. He was in disbelief. How strange it all seemed to be, especially Sophie’s intent to lord Haley and her condition over him – in order to take down Marcel. Where was the hidden camera? Why was he being punked? Even Elijah’s forceful proposal to dispose of Marcel himself had gone unnoticed. Sophie Deveraux was on a mission; a one track mind hellbent on destruction. Things would not end well. Elijah begged Klaus to listen.

It was just a low hum at first, but soon he heard the soft fluttering of a heartbeat. A small, inconceivable heartbeat that would either save him or destroy him. It was still at toss-up at this point. But he couldn’t let them see, how with one little word his entire universe was falling apart around him. Pregnant? Haley was pregnant, with his child? Somewhere deep within his mind, past the blood and the death, and the insanity, there was a remarkable vision of hope – of love and family. Yet, it faded all too soon. Elijah saw the child as a way to regain what they had lost, what had been taken from them, they family that had been taken away from them. He begged Klaus to save Haley and the child, but it was no use. His mind was set.

Sort of.

Klaus had taken one look at Camille – the brave bartender – and decided that she would be sufficient company for his forseeable future in New Orleans. Plus, her resemblance to his lovely Caroline made him feel more secure in his actions. She didn’t mouth off to him. She was intelligent; beautiful. Somehow, he felt she understood him in a way. He indeed was the scared, lost little boy who only wanted redemption. But could he ever be saved? Did he want to be? He knew he wanted to be King, but what would happen after?

“Every king needs an heir.”

The Originals

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite scene? Favorite line? What do you think of The Originals? Are you excited for their spin-off? Which new character was your favorite? How much to do you love Elijah? Were you disappointed, angry, optimistic about the demon baby? Did you think Elijah would tell Katherine “bros before hoes?” Are you surprised by Damon and Stefan’s treatment of Vampire Elena? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Emma says:

    Haley’s narcissistic drone – thank you for mentioning this. Maybe this will teach people to use a condom.
    Taken one look at Camille – the brave bartender – and decided that she would be sufficient company for his forseeable future in New Orleans. – Lol.
    You write really well, Kim. Best recaps around.

    It was the usual average episode I’ve come to expect from The Vampire Diaries, although I didn’t see the twist coming.

    1. Thank you, Emma! I’m glad you like them. 🙂

      I never did like Haley. Liked her even less after her hit and run with Klaus. Kind of despise her now. Actually, I hope this will teach writers not to write impossible hybrid baby plots. It wasn’t a good idea when S Meyer did it, and it isn’t one now.

      I never saw it coming either. It was nice to get one of those WTF? twists, but too bad it was so crappy. I’m still going to watch the show, though. The Originals were my favorite part of TVD. It’s kind of sad to see them go. I really don’t think TVD is going to be the same after this. Will that be good or bad? We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. akoresko says:

    Hi! I love your post and even shared some of your same opinions. Here’s a link to my post about the episode. I’d love for you to read it.

    1. Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

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