Trailer Talk: Fassbender Edition

Seeing Double

If there’s one thing I like more than sparkly vampires and fanfiction, it’s hunky actors with adorable accents, but I guess you already knew that about me. So, really, this edition of Trailer Talk shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, why wouldn’t I dedicate an entire post to our favorite Irish-German import, Michael Fassbender? He is pretty dreamy. Plus, he’s also a phenomenal actor. I just couldn’t help myself when two (TWO!) all-new, fantastically Fassbender trailers appeared only days apart. No matter how hard I tried to fight it, resistance was futile. I was completely compelled to share my findings with all of you. I must grant some reassurance, though. I am seeking help for my movie trailer addiction. It’s seriously getting out of control!

The Counselor

As the first original screenplay penned by famed author, Cormac McCarthy, this contemporary thriller is sure to be action-packed and marked by a brilliantly twisted plot. Mr. Fassbender is, once again, teamed-up with Prometheus director, Ridley Scott, starring as a promised lawyer drawn into a life of crime, having been swayed by the usual nefarious suspects. The cast list is absolutely killer and the trailer promises a sexy, theatrical mind-bend. The Counselor arrives October 25th, 2013.

12 Years a Slave

Based on a true story, 12 Years a Slave tells the unimaginable tale of Solomon Northup, a man deceived, kidnapped, and sold into slavery. Amongst another all-star cast, our featured actor plays the abusive, radical slave owner in this emotional feature about survival and freedom. Set during pre-Civil War America, the film’s gritty realism is enough for this intense storyline to settle itself somewhat apart from its historical companions. Even the preview feels angry and immensely powerful. 12 Years a Slave opens with a limited release on October 18th.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Alright. Okay. I’ll be honest. There’s no actual “official” trailer for the latest X-Men film (Due to arrive in theatres May of next year). There’s not even a half-minute preview with supersonic flashes of indescribable scenes. However, I believe, this particular tasty tease that I’ve picked is enough to make you start bouncing in your seat and laughing in a maniacal fashion. You just have to use your imagination. Think about it. What would happen if Wolverine sang songs to a young Mystique? Would she blush? What if the ever-so distinguished Magneto exchanged flirty smiles and witty one-liners with his younger Fassbender-looking self? The world may not explode from so much awesomeness, but it would make for a wonderfully fun Comic Con panel.

What did you think of these trailers and sneak peeks? Will you seen any of these movies? Are you a fan of Michael Fassbender’s? Are you fan of the X-Men franchise? Are there any other films you’re looking forward to seeing? Which hunky actor with an adorable accent is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Emma says:

    I love Michael. I hadn’t heard of either of these films, will be going to see them for sure.

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