Press Play Friday: Lily & The Parlour Tricks

“They say it so much better than I possibly ever can.”

It was accidental, my discovery, entirely serendipitous. I had no clue what I was walking into and I certainly had no idea where my initial infatuation would lead. Little did I know our chance meeting would cause us to become more than just accidental acquaintances. Within a week, I had succeeded in listening to their evolving playlist an embarrassing amount of times. Shortly after, I had achieved almost total lyric memorization. They were on my mind constantly and kept me awake nights with their suave serenades. They were an addiction I had no control over and still have not tamed. It surprised me, to fall so hard and so fast, to find myself utterly bewitched by Lily & The Parlour Tricks.

Sprouting affectionate lyrics and passionate three-part harmonies, the New York City based sextet own a distinctive flair, a sound style that aggressively and brilliantly fuses vintage-pop and indie-rock. Led by Lily Claire’s unique and flirtatious timbre, the girl-powered triad of this electric ensemble are a feisty combination of harmonic voice and unforgettable style. Their coordinating costuming and timeless choreography add another layer, advancing the group to an entirely different level. The men, the musician magicians, on the other hand, bring a fun intensity to the collective. Strong, but never overpowering, the band turns a simple setup into an unrelenting and visceral performance. Each trio could easily function on their own, but these two powerful forces, these two notable cliques, work seamlessly together to create an unparalleled partnership.

Having only just finished recording their debut album, Lily & The Parlour Tricks are still gliding under the radar, but don’t expect it to stay that way for long. The troop have been crossing off a laundry list of tour dates from their calendar and their latest single, Love Songs, was released earlier this month. The minimalistic and ethereal studio recording of the track is in relatively close contrast to its concert counterpart, which is surely delicate, yet irrevocably vibrant. The band’s entire repertoire is vivacious and truly wondrous. From the swagger of Requiem to the fierceness of Gone, these are songs which are best when played on your volume’s highest setting, that sweet spot on the dial that transforms a solitary song into an epic experience.

When the incredibly difficult decision came to decide which tender tunes to offer you today, I chose to keep it simple. I knew a five track playlist from Audiotree was all it would take. I knew how effortless it would be for you to give in to their charms if I just showed you this unequivocally exceptional performance. Fight it all you want, but Lily & The Parlour Tricks are simply irresistible.

What did you think of this week’s Press Play artist? Which Lily & The Parlour Tricks song is your favorite? Do you have any music recommendations for me? Which songs and artists have you been listening to recently? Tell me in the comments!

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