TV Rewind: The Vampire Diaries – “I’m Thinking of You All the While”

Being Alive


SURPRISE! What? You didn’t think you’d see me again? Please! Like you could get rid of me that easy. For three adventurous seasons I reviewed and recapped this vamptastic prime-time soap opera with enough sass and snark to power a small city. You can’t turn that off so easily. When not in use it filters through everything, or stays bottled up. In my case, this monumental season finale came at just the right time. There was about to be an eruption of snark like you’d never seen before or again. Alas, we can all breathe easier, because I’m back, baby!

True, my affection for TVD has dwindled over the past year or so, but I was faithful to it the whole time. I swear! Ever since the beginning, I’ve stayed committed. During the highs and the lows, through the best and the worst. I remember it all. Delena, Stelena, Forwood, Beremy, Klaroline, Steroline, and Carovan(?). I remember the cringe-worthy dialogue, the most ridiculous and improbable plot lines and complications. I remember the hours spent sitting in front of my television watching this world of supernatural fantasy and wanting to throw a chair at my screen or hug my pillow after seeing a particularly harrowing scene. I remember eagerly waiting for the hour when I could analyze and discuss those infamous bursts of ferocious cliffhangers and plot twists with you, in our fun fangirl fashion. That was always my favorite part.

Yes, I do remember it all. And I miss it.

When it was announced that Elena Gilbert and Nina Dobrev were departing the show, I knew I had to do something special. After all, TVD isn’t exactly the type of show to get rid of its characters so easily. *Smirk*

Seriously, after six seasons of countless character death, we should be used to the jittery unease that comes along with losing another beloved friend, or the long-awaited demise of another foe. We should be used to the uncertainty of their exact “death” and their final farewell. It should be easy after all this time to bid adieu, to say one last goodbye to one of Mystic Falls’ finest. Only, before, we only ever had to part with a relative minor player, not a MAIN CHARACTER!!! Although some may differ and adamantly disagree, the show has always centered around Elena Gilbert.

Her send-off was fitting, to say the least. It reminded me of the TVD of seasons past: emotionally draining and with enough sappy, emo love songs that even Stefan Salvatore couldn’t have taken much more. Thanks to the TVD writers – Cough. Sadists. Cough. – season six came to a dramatic and eventful close. You’ve seen it, you know what I mean. With an episode that awesome, how could I stay away?

WARNING! This is a Spoiler Alert!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…(God, how I’ve missed writing that)  

  • Bonnie and Damon were trapped in a 1994 prison world and reluctantly became best friends. Which is weird, and a little bit disturbing. Honestly, I try not to think about it. 
  • 👹 Kai. 👹
  • Luckily, Damon escaped. Bonnie arrived some time later, with the cure for vampirism. (Don’t ask. It’s complicated) 
  • After three months of sad faces and endless diary writing, Elena thought it best to completely erase loving Damon from her mind. Then, managed to fall in love with him again within an hour. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. 
  • Alaric’s alive! Nope, he’s dead. Just kidding, he’s alive! Oh, and he’s human. Also, he’s in love. With a witch. How can this possibly end well? 
  • RIP Sheriff Forbes. 
  • Steroline. Don’t get me started on that mess. 
  • In a strange (although, for TVD I guess it would be considered normal) turn of events, the Salvatore brothers’ thought-to-be-dead mother was found alive, trapped, and in complete vampire mode. Apparently, being a Ripper is genetic. Caring about a bunch of desiccated, super-special vampire-witch hybrids instead of your own children, however, is just bad parenting.
  • Elena, human? Everybody FOR 2 AGAINST. I’m with the vampires. 
  • Damon, human? 1 FOR 1, 987, 817 AGAINST 
  • I told you it wouldn’t end well. #JolaricWedding 

The Mind of Elena Gilbert

I watch him; my eyes memorize every detail of him. A solitary soul stretched out amongst the cold asphalt, neither breathing nor thinking, but just being. He’s waiting for me, where we first met. He’s feeling symbolic, he says, but I know. I know.


Present Day


🎵 There’s a dead guy on my right and a dead girl on my left/Evil all around/But it’s okay/Because I’ve been here before/Give me that vampire blood/Let me drink it down

Fast as lighting/Strong and sound/But it’s okay/Because I’ve been here before/Give me that vampire blood/Let me drink it down

Compel me/Spell me/Make me dream/But it’s okay/Because I’ve been here before/Give me that vampire blood/Let me drink it down

Ain’t no party like a Mystic Falls party/Ain’t no party like this 🎵 

Sing it with me, “Ain’t no party like a Mystic Falls party. Ain’t no party like this.”

Now raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care! “Ain’t no party like a Mystic Falls party. Ain’t no party like…” 

Dude! Stop. Stop singing. We’ve got more pressing matters to deal with. 

Yeah, like what? 

Well, for starters, Elena isn’t waking up and Damon’s blood isn’t working on her. Stefan and Caroline just got knocked out, so they can’t help. Not to mention, Kai just KILLED Jo. Shall I go on, or…?

Um, no, I’ll stop. 

Well, then.

Oh, right. 

Failing to send Kai and his voluminous eyebrows back (for the third time) to the prison world, the Gemini coven stare in disbelief as their venomous nemesis pulls a shard of glass up and into his throat. All the while, he stands sinister, grinning at his sister and her unborn children as they die in Alaric’s arms.

The Mind of Elena Gilbert

“I have nothing left to fight for.”

Present Day

Wall Post: Liv Parker to Tyler Lockwood 
Liv Parker: We’re dying. Man, I can not believe this!
Tyler Lockwood: I know. Don’t look over there, but your coven is dying too.
Liv Parker: What?! NO.
Tyler Lockwood: Yeah, just because Kai died, you all have to die too. Bummer.
Liv Parker: Ugh. This can’t be happening!
Tyler Lockwood: It’s okay. I ❤️ you, Liv.
Liv Parker: You are NOT dying, Tyler. Look! It’s a full moon. If you turn, you’ll heal. 🐾
Tyler Lockwood: No way!
Liv Parker: I ❤️ you too, Tyler. But let me do this for you.

Tyler Lockwood
FB Status: Guys! What should I do? Kill my girl and be a werewolf again? Or 👼 ?
Haley Marshall-Kenner and 2 others like this

Kim the FanGirl: You can not be seriously thinking about this! Are you insane? 
Klaus Mikaelson: It’s nice to know things haven’t changed since I’ve been away 😉
Liv Parker: Do it, Tyler! Don’t waste it.

Tyler Lockwood is now Single 

Kim the FanGirl
Twitter Update: @WerewolfAgain @DeadWitch Idjits! You’re both idjits! #NoLongerFriends

Meanwhile, Stefan is having a mighty tough time convincing his mother that the search for her “family” of vampire-witch hybrids is a bad idea. After all, how nice could they be if they were stuck in a prison world for the past one hundred years? As far as Stefan is concerned, Kai never helped them escape and Lily is worthy and capable of redemption.

If only he knew.

What’s that supposed to mean?


Stefan: “What did you give Kai? Tell me what you gave Kai in return for your family.”

Lily: “I gave him my blood.”


Source: Vampire Diaries Online

Kai Parker

Dear diary,
I became a vampire-witch hybrid today. How cool is that?

Yours truly,

Alaric Saltzman 
May 14, 2015

Dear diary,
I was supposed to be getting married today. Now, I have to bury the woman I love. I just don’t think I can take much more.

It’s all Kai’s fault!  I could have killed him. I should have killed him. At least, Tyler… he got to him. Kai won’t make it to the morning with a werewolf bite.


Kai Parker 

Dear diary,
Never mind. It hurts! It hurts!

Stupid werewolf.

Yours truly,

Damon Salvatore
May 14, 2015

Dear diary,
The doctors say there isn’t anything physically wrong with Elena, but something is wrong. She won’t wake up. What did Kai do to her?


The Mind of Elena Gilbert

We’re friends, Matt and I. Friends that would do anything for each other. I can see how hard this is for him. To let go. He’s a good man. I know he will spend the rest of his life fighting for the people like him, for people like me.

Present Day

Kai Parker
FB Status: Did not appreciate Bonnie Bennett leaving me behind in 1903. Time to make her suffer!

Bonnie Bennett: Looks like you’re the one who’s suffering. Too bad about that werewolf bite 😜

Wall Post: Kai Parker to Damon Salvatore
Kai Parker: What’s happening to me?!
Damon Salvatore: Oh, you didn’t happen to pet a fuzzy, four-legged vampire killing machine, did you?
Kai Parker: How do I fix it?
Damon Salvatore: Easy. There’s a cure in New Orleans. I’ll go get it for you. Just tell me what you did to Elena.
Kai Parker: I can’t do that *Evil laugh*

Klaus Mikaelson: Don’t bring me into this. I’ve got enough on my plate.

But Kai does tell him. And you have to admit, the diagnosis could be worse. You see, Kai – being the sociopath that he is – cursed Elena. Not being all too keen on Bonnie at the moment, he tied her life with Elena’s. So, until Bonnie kicks the bucket, Elena will be beautifully entombed in her preserved human body.

Not so bad, right? Cruel, Of course, but manageable. After all, Damon is still a vampire. He can wait.

He. Can. Wait.

Source: Vampire Diaries Online

Damon Salvatore
FB Status: Ready to start beheading people – with Kai Parker
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Bonnie Bennett: Please don’t be taking about me. Please don’t be talking about me *Fingers crossed*
Matt Donovan: Run, Bonnie. Runnnnnnn!

The Mind of Elena Gilbert 

I was in love with him for so long. In a way, I still am. I thought he was my soulmate. That part of you just doesn’t leave. He is my everything. But Stefan…I will always be grateful for the time we spent together. Now, we have to say goodbye. I thought it would be appropriate, bringing him to the place where I told him I didn’t want to be a vampire. I never really did, even after everything. Stefan always knew. He knows me better than anyone, he always will. He saved my life.

Present Day

Oh, look. Steroline. Seriously, what am I going to do with the two of you? You’re both in love with each other but are too damn stubborn to put the past behind you and move forward. Not back. Forward. Say it with me, forward. Stefan, that whole speech about how you loved Elena, but didn’t really need her as much as you needed Damon was inspired, perfect. She really needed to hear that.

Caroline, Stefan is going be okay, because you’re going to be there for him. Stefan, Caroline is not going to be okay (no matter what she says), because she won’t let you in. I’ve been rooting for this relationship from the beginning, but if you two pin heads don’t remove your heads from your asses and just be together, we’re going to have words.

Ugh! Don’t walk away from him, Caroline. Stupid vampire.

Kai Parker 
Twitter Update: I need blood #vampireproblems

@TheBennettWitch: You need more than blood. Maybe some ointment. Cause #gross
@kai_parker1994: Ha ha. Do your friends think you’re funny? #causeyou’renot
@TheBennettWitch: You’re right. Sadistic humor is your thing #burn
@kai_parker1994: How’s Elena doing? Lol

Bonnie tries, she really does. But a few broken bones and a couple of threats are no match for Kai’s intellect. No, really. The vampire-witch hybrid figures out – without much difficulty – that the werewolf curse and subsequent venom are simply a magic spell, and absorbs (that’s his special power) the magic of the curse. Voila! Problem solved.

Well, except for the fact that Kai whipped Bonnie across the room and she’s dying. But besides that, everything’s good. Did you hear that, Damon? Everything’s good. No need to save her. That’s right, she dies and Elena lives. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Let her go, Damon. Let her go.

Wall Post: Damon Salvatore to Bonnie Bennett
Damon Salvatore: BFFs FOR LIFE 👯
Bonnie Bennett and 5 others like this

Kai Parker has been Beheaded 

The Mind of Elena Gilbert

I’m going to miss them so much. They’re my best friends. It’ll be okay, though. They’ll have each other. Bonnie and Caroline are survivors. It’s my turn to make a sacrifice.

Present Day 

Wall Post: Stefan Salvatore to Caroline Forbes 
Stefan Salvatore: I’ll wait for you. 😘
Caroline Forbes and 64 others like this

Caroline Forbes: 😀
Bonnie Bennett: Awwwww
Klaus Mikaelson: NO! SHE’S MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. 😡
Matt Donovan: That’s sweet. I’m happy for you both.
Tyler Lockwood: Do you guys not realize that Caroline has basically slept with half of our friend circle?
Bonnie Bennett: Shut up, Tyler.
Matt Donovan: Dude!
Stefan Salvatore: Watch your mouth, Wolf.
Damon Salvatore: WTF? I’m in agony over here and this is all you people care about? You’re all dead to me. Just like Elena. 😭
Stefan Salvatore: Sorry.

Source: Vampire Diaries Online

The Mind of Elena Gilbert 

I knew. I knew he’d make the right choice. I knew that the love of my life would stand by his best friend even if it meant having to live without me for a little while. I won’t let him sit around and wait for me, though. He can’t shut down. It won’t work if he does. I need him to live his life, to enjoy himself. I need him to be happy. I love him.

The Future (Date Unknown)

Time passes. It passes much too slowly these days. Without her, it’s all meaningless. The town is…different. The people are different. NOTHING is the same. Sometimes I’m glad she isn’t here, to witness what’s become of me, to the people she loves. I watch them, silent and still. Waiting. Waiting for the right time. Before we all turn to dust.

The Vampire Diaries

What did you think of the season 6 finale of The Vampire DiariesWhat was your favorite scene? Favorite line? How do you think Elena’s departure will affect the show? Will you keep watching? Do you think the episode was a fitting farewell? How will the boys cope without her? What has happened to Mystic Falls? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. hupsutupsu says:

    this was HI-larious. oh my god, i couldn’t stop laughing–you’re such a good writer! i totally binged on tvd, all the way through the debacles that were season 7 and 8, but sometimes that’s what guilty pleasures are. so glad i found your blog, because i’m fangirling it for so many shows lately, and it’s nice to know that your blog is out here on wp. i don’t want to spoil myself for the originals, so i’ll ask here instead of reading your posts…is it binge-worthy?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the post and I’m so glad you like the blog. 😀

      I don’t think The Originals is truly binge-worthy. It’s not like TVD and their crazy plot twists. It’s definitely more of a slow burn. I think the most I could get through is two episodes. I like the show, but I really just stay for all the Klaus and Elijah drama. Lol.

      1. hupsutupsu says:

        thanks for the opinion on the originals! maybe i’ll check it out!

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