Florence + The Machine “Light of Love”

“I want to close my eyes, because I fear my heart will break”

Source: Florence Welch

I’m so glad I’ve stopped curbing my overwhelming desire to write about Florence + The Machine every other day. It really has made me so much happier. Not only has it reaffirmed my undying devotion to my delicate songbird, but it has also intensified my admiration tenfold. Florence is my lifeline, an inspiration to me and to a host of others. Whether in my ear or on the page, Florence’s sings to me and says, “You are not alone. You have so much more to give.” Her music is a gateway, a portal into another realm where demons are fought, fear is conquered, and love is an ever-changing, ever-flowing river of hope and misery. Her songs are embedded with so much emotion, passion bleeds from every sigh, every syllable. The rhythm strikes you down, an arrow to the heart. Florence is a collector of sonnets and souls.

In Light of Love, Florence’s sings with such fierce vulnerability that it feels as if she has completed her transformation from timid caterpillar to courageous butterfly. The song is Florence’s most personal work to date. In a world currently shrouded in fear, Light of Love shines boldly and brightly, acting as an immovable beacon. It is a promise, a reminder that beyond the villainous shadows there is good, there is joy. The song is a warm hug, a kiss on the cheek in a time of uncertainty and distance. The lyrics will be permanently etched into your memory.

Initially recorded for the High as Hope era, Florence has released Light of Love today as a token of gratitude and love. All proceeds from the single will go to the Intensive Care Society Covid-19 Fund which provides support for the utterly amazing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on the front-lines during this crisis. If you’re able to do so, please donate.

 💖 Light of Love is available to download on iTunes HERE 💖

See you tomorrow!

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