It’s Twilight Again

A Conversation With Myself

An Inside Look Into the Mind of Kim the FanGirl


Logical Me: So, we just finished The Chemist. What shall we read next?

FanGirl Me: Well, we have a few books to choose from.

Logical Me: Yes. Yes, we do.

FanGirl Me: We’ve been wanting to read them for quite a while now.

Logical Me: True. Very true.

FanGirl Me: Could you please tell me what my choices are again?

Logical Me:

  • At the Waters Edge by Sara Gruen
  • Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
  • Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
  • Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

FanGirl Me: Ooh! Those are very good choices.

Logical Me: Yes, they are. Let’s pick one.

FanGirl Me: I can’t wait to read them all.

Logical Me: Me too. Let’s pick one.

FanGirl Me: They each sound so appealing.

Logical Me: Sure do. Pick one.

FanGirl Me: Well….

Logical Me: Yes?

FanGirl Me: *Thinks intensely*

Logical Me: *Waits eagerly*

FanGirl Me: This may take a while.

Logical Me: *Audible groan*

Sometime later…

FanGirl Me: Gasp!

Logical Me: *Looks at FanGirl quizzically*

FanGirl Me: I’ve got it!

Logical Me: Oh, thank God.

FanGirl Me: I know what I want to read.

Logical Me: Good. Which one do you want to read?

FanGirl Me: I want to read…

A look of horror slowly settles upon Logic’s face. She can’t believe it. Of all the books to choose from and she picks that book?

Logical Me: NO! You have a whole stack of new books to choose from.

FanGirl Me: But…

Logical Me: Absolutely not.

FanGirl Me: We haven’t read it in forever. It’s been five years, at least!

Logical Me: No.

FanGirl Me: It’s one of our favorite books.

Logical Me: I’m not listening to you.

*Puts fingers in ears*

🎵 La, la, la, la la 🎵

FanGirl Me: It’s the best, Logic. It has everything! An epic story. Unforgettable characters. Drama. Romance. Vampires. Werewolves.

Logical Me: *Shakes head*

FanGirl Me: I want to read this book. I need to read this book.

Logical Me: We’ve already read it, like, a gazillion times!

FanGirl Me: I. Don’t. Care.

Logical Me: No.

FanGirl Me: Please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Logic is defenseless against that kind of pleading.

Logical Me: Ugh. All right.

FanGirl Me: Yay!!! *claps hands*

Logical Me: You’ll regret this.

FanGirl Me: No, I won’t. This is going to be so much fun!

Logical Me: I can’t believe this is happening.

FanGirl Me: Just think, Logic. Think of our favorite scenes, think of the characters we get to fall in love with all over again.

Biology class. The Meadow. The Baseball Game. Edward. Bella. The entire Cullen family!

Logical Me: That might be nice, I guess.

FanGirl Me: Oh, I’m getting tingly all over.

Logical Me: Okay, I’m out of here.

FanGirl Me: But we haven’t discussed what happens next!

Logical Me: What do you mean?

FanGirl Me: Well, after we read Twilight we’re going to have to read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn too.

Logical Me: Of course, that goes without saying.

FanGirl Me: I was also thinking that we could do something else as well.

Logical Me:  Like what?

FanGirl Me: No, it’s too crazy.

Logical Me: What? Tell me.

FanGirl Me: I was thinking that we could, um, watch all the movies, too.

Logic is absolutely floored. She could have never predicted this.

Logical Me: No, anything but that.

FanGirl Me: But…

Logical Me: Absolutely not!

FanGirl Me: We haven’t watched them in so long!

Logical Me: No.

FanGirl Me: We haven’t even seen Breaking Dawn, part one or part two.

Logical Me: I’m leaving.

FanGirl Me: They could be better than we remember.

Logical Me: *Hysterical laughter*

FanGirl Me: Come back here!

Logical Me: We are so not watching those ridiculous movies again.


Logical Me: …

FanGirl Me:

Logical Me: *Cries loudly*

FanGirl Me: I win.

Do you want to reread the Twilight series with me? I’ll be posting updates on Facebook & Twitter throughout my journey. Stop by and tell me your favorite quotes, characters, and chapters using the hashtag #TwilightAgain. See you soon!

What did you think of this inside look into the mind of a FanGirl? Does it sound familiar? Which book in my TBR list would you have picked? Have you read Twilight recently? Have you watched the movies? Do you plan to? Do YOU have a favorite book that you read over and over again? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Lol, Kim.
    I had pretty much the same conversation with myself a couple of weeks ago. So many good books to choose from that I had never gotten around to reading and I chose to go back and re-read The Mortal Instruments series, re-watch the film and binge my way through the TV adaptation…

    1. Yes! I’m not alone. 😀

      I wanted to read The Mortal Instruments, but then I saw the movie and…yep, that didn’t go so well. Lol. I’ve heard the books are pretty good, though. So, maybe someday.

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