TBR (February 2020)

I’ve started reorganizing my bookshelves. I’ve accumulated so many books recently, they’ve become scattered, piled high and haphazardly. They’ve spilled over onto tabletops and little segments of floor, forcing me to purchase additional bookcases. I haven’t gotten very far in to the process yet, removing only my souvenirs, picture frames, and numerous knickknacks. I’ve just begun brainstorming a system to use, a way to practically place and order my plethora of books. Do I simply fill the shelves? Organize them by genre or color? Or should I take it a step further? Should I type a guide, a well-maintained list of each book arranged by title and author like my grandfather did? It’s a tough decision and one I won’t make lightly. My fellow book-lovers understand reorganization, they know it’s something quite serious to undertake.

Today, I made my first decision regarding how I wanted to proceed. I chose to keep my To Be Read section separate. I wanted them to have their own corner away from the rest, so I could quickly pick among the group. This afternoon I removed those I haven’t read from my shelves and did an initial tally. Thirty-seven. I’ve collected thirty-seven books that still need to be read. Mysteries. Biographies. Danger and adventure. Romance. Dramas. Classic vampires. Jane Austen and zombies. These are some good books! I have made some fantastic picks. Do you know what the best part is, though? They’re unknown. I have no idea what most of these novels and volumes are about. This will be my great adventure. Let’s see how many I can read this year.

See you tomorrow!

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