Now Playing: Florence + The Machine – “South London Forever”

With spring ever so slowly approaching, my attachment to South London Forever has infinitely increased. It makes me long for days spent in sunshine and the sweet scent of roses. I yearn for picnics in the park and looking up at the sapphire sky while I lay on a blanket in the grass. I want to take long walks, running my fingers across the wild, blooming flora. I want to scream, “Oh, God. What do I know,” at the top of my lungs in a empty field, because it’s my favorite part of the song. I crave moments spent alone, writing poems about fairies and unrequited love. I long to read a book in a white, flowing, linen gown as a sit in a tree. I desire warmth, sky and stars. I’m desperate for “that special kind of sadness that seems to come with spring.”

See you tomorrow!

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