I’ve never really liked audiobooks. They’re just not my thing. Over the years, I’ve tried to establish a connection, but my multiple attempts at coupling never yielded any sparks. My most recent expedition was mildly successful, but I think that was just because it was Outlander. Still, a partnership was never formed.

It’s a wonderful premise, I’ll admit. However, for me, it can be difficult to concentrate on the story-line with a narrator speaking in a multitude of voices in my ear. When I read a book, I place myself in it, I become the characters. With an audiobook, a separation occurs, I disconnect. Gone is the blanket of illusion. Without question, these events are happening to someone else. I’m observing the plot from a different perspective than if I was reading the sentences myself. The narrator reads at a different pace than I do. Their cadence is entirely opposite of my own. At that point, I’m not part of the novel, I’m just a stranger peering in. An audiobook doesn’t send my emotions upside down or spinning. It creates more of a calming affect. I tend to get bored rather quickly.

I like to think I could develop some kind of devotion down the line. My love of books is infinite, that should include audiobooks too. Yet, I don’t think we’re compatible. I don’t think we ever could be. I need to feel thoroughly overwhelmed by a story. Audiobooks don’t do that for me. They leave me wanting, searching for more. Any passion I have for this type of medium eludes me. Honestly, I think I’ll stick to paperbacks and hardcovers for the time being.

See you tomorrow!

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