My Aesthetic

In general terms, I’d probably describe my aesthetic as vintage bohemian. If I were being specific, I’d probably describe my aesthetic as colorful blooms, songbirds and birdcages, elegant patterns, black and white prints, stardust and rainbows, fairies, classic film, and fringe. I’ve always been attracted to an unorthodox mix of vivid hues and nostalgic designs. My design flair has always been described as vibrant, but distinctive and haphazard. My aesthetic is the visual representation of my soul.

Recently, I’ve been trying to rearrange my office, the place where my desk and bookcases reside. I’ve been attempting to shift from the various hand-me-downs and clearance items that I already have, to my own signature style. The pieces that I’ve found are lovely, but mismatched. There are only so many pictures I can acquire of animals with flower crowns. To be honest, I still don’t have a unified vision. I’ve been struggling to take all of my assorted items and combine them into one clear motif. Today, I happened to take an unscheduled trip to IKEA and found a set of framed pictures too beautiful for me to resist. Not only do they flawlessly embody my eclectic taste, but they’re also a tribute to my love of writing. It’s a perfect fit! Flowers and typewriters, gramophones, pens, and printed pages. These objects are definitely my aesthetic.

Source: IKEA

See you tomorrow!

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