Blog Challenge Update (March)

Oh, man. I am exhausted. February was a rough one. I managed to make it through, but obtaining inspiration was definitely a problem last month. Instead of planning ahead, choosing topics beforehand, I decided to write about whatever themes were calling out to me that day. On the plus side, this allowed me to blog about things I wouldn’t normally write about. Those posts seem to have resonated with you more than I thought possible. However, this new under-the-wire tactic tended to lead to a lot of late night writing sessions. I may get my ideas in the dark, but I think I write better in the early morning. I can take my time and perfect my style. If I get stuck, I can walk away and come back to it later. That was practically impossible last month. I had to be a stream-of-consciousness kind of writer, which is exactly the opposite of who I am and who I want to be. As usual, I’m still grappling with the “something is better than nothing” thing. It’s hard to avoid with this type of challenge. I can only do my best. I just have to ignore all the negative thoughts in my head.

February may have been difficult at times, but there were some articles that I was really proud of. Some days the words flowed easier than others. In March, I hope to find the time to write a few lengthier features. I’d like to start a short story I’ve been wanting to work on. I’d like to broaden my horizons, expand my thoughts and ideas. I want to write something completely new and different. Whatever this month throws at me, I’ll be ready for it.

See you tomorrow!

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