What Are You Watching?

Two weeks at home, without much to do, means that you can catch up on some films and shows that have been waiting impatiently on your To Be Watched list. Three days in to required and extremely necessary social distancing and I’ve already sorted through three episodes of The Witcher, a much-needed re-watch of Moulin Rouge, the newest episode of Supernatural, the entire first season of I’m Not Okay With This, and The Sound of My Voice: a phenomenal documentary about the life and career of Linda Ronstadt. That’s a pretty good accomplishment for such a short period of time, but this temporary isolation isn’t over yet. There’s so much more out there, so much entertainment to claim and conquer. I know you’re still trying to make your way through my list of Hidden Gems, but what are you watching tonight? Which movies and series are you attempting to cross off your list?

See you tomorrow!

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