It’s snowing. . . again. I’ve been watching the modest blizzard from my window for the past few hours as it covers the ground and paints the trees. It’s almost April. I thought we were done with this! I’ve already put my mittens, scarf, and boots away. The reappearance of the white, freezing flurry is shifting my mood significantly. All I want is to put on some fuzzy socks, huddle under a warm blanket, and watch The Great British Baking Show on repeat. I want to read fanfiction and cuddle with my doggo. I want to close my eyes and sleep, dream of warm weather and towering palm trees. Can we banish snow for all eternity? It stifles my imagination and keeps me slow moving. Flowers and sunshine are such wonderful things. Hopefully, they’ll be here soon. Where is Spring?

See you tomorrow!

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