Press Play Friday: Songs from the Movies (Disney Edition)

A Whole New World

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Press Play: Disney Edition. Get ready, because this time, we’re going to the movies. Part two in our series (See Part 1 HERE), focuses on those timeless Disney classics we all loved as a child and still love today. What would our childhood be, if we never spent a Jolly Holiday with Mary or looked for The Second Star to the Right? Would we know all the Colors of the Wind? Would we ever Seize the Day? (Oh, wordplay. I love you.) All of these songs are significant to us in different ways; memories of a time, a place, a feeling. We take them with us, to feel like a kid again, to escape reality for even the smallest of moments. A soundtrack that extends farther than any other, these movie-songs have that signature Disney style; unique to an ever evolving musical society. To tell the truth, Disney music is just, plain and simply, awesome; fun and entertaining. I know you’ll have to agree. This collection is extensive (very extensive), and if we were to list all of my favorites, we’d be here a very, very long time. So today, we’ll be looking at just a handful of these out-standing melodious moments from Disney’s movie history. I’ll give you the important task of telling me all your most-notable moments when we reach the comments. Until then, let’s get this party started!

Under the Sea: Who doesn’t love this song? The calypso beats; the fast-paced rhymes and lyrics. It’s a Disney classic! While Ariel may be wishing to be Part of Your World (Another fantastic piece off the soundtrack, I might add), Sebastian needs her to see all the magic and wonder that lives right under the sea. The Littler Mermaid listens closely as Sebastian & Friends sing with harmonious effort. His pleas are unsuccessful, of course, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. “Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things surround you; what more is you lookin’ for?” 

Belle: Years after its release, I’m sure many moviegoers are still irked at the little girl who memorized and sang this famed tune during several repeated viewings of Beauty & the Beast at her local movie theatre. It was my favorite song from the whole movie, what did they expect? To this day, I still remember every lyric and I’m sure I’m not alone. A cluster of townsfolk marveling at the unusual girl with her head in a book? Obviously, they’ve never seen a nerd before. A constant theme among most Disney movies and songs, Belle longs for something more – for adventure; to reach out and attain her dreams. Nevermind about the blockhead stalker with a serious addiction to raw eggs. Oh, Gaston. *Shakes head*

Just Around the Riverbend: If there is one Disney song that has actual magical abilities, it would be this one. At least, for me it does. Night after night, once I pushed that well-worn VHS tape into the player, the opening hymn of Pocahontas would begin, and before you could say “Just around the . . . ,” I would be out like a light. A fact that was taken advantage of often. With her friend, the curious Meeko, by her side, Pocahontas wonders which path she should take. Should she give up her dreams or follow them no matter the consequences? The song contrasts natures miracles to difficult real-life decisions. Crashing symbols and expanding strings create a strong enthusiasm, flowing into a soft, hesitant finale. Just Around the Riverbend is a relatable tale; expectations vs. unyielding dreams.

Married Life: Just for the record, I love this movie. A lot. I’m sure you knew that already, though. I did profess my love for it previously; quoting, pretty much, an entire scene from memory. Sigh. That was awesome. Up follows Carl Fredricksen and his friend, Russell, as they make the exciting journey to Paradise Falls: “A land lost in time.” When they finally arrive at their destination, they meet a few new friends (Dug and Kevin (I love those guys)) and discover how wild the wilderness can be. The catalyst for this expedition is Ellie, Carl’s wife. Married Life is the musical foundation for a lifetime love affair. From the happiest of times to the worst, the recurring strain is heartwarming and heartbreaking, sweet and jovial. Muted horns. A single violin. A bit of a piano trill. This central theme appears again and again in the film, pushing and pulling, creating a roller-coaster of emotions as we experience the Up‘s and downs of this thrilling adventure.

Have a magical day! – Kim

What did you think of the songs featured in this week’s Press Play Friday? Are you a Disney fan? What’s your favorite Disney movie? Favorite character? What’s your favorite Disney movie song? Tell me in the comments!

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Kim. I’m just letting you know that I have passed the Kreativ Blogger Award on to you!
    Thanks for the Disney music today

    1. THANKS, Emma!!!! I just saw your post. I’ll see you over there in a moment.

      You’re welcome. We all need a little bit of Disney music every once in awhile. 🙂

  2. setinmotion says:

    Awww. First, I have to say, the movie Up has to be the saddest, more heart-rending film I have ever seen. notebook has NOTHING on it. Oh the memories!

    Secondly, love your Little Mermaid choice, but where’s Aladdin? All the songs from that film are great!

    1. It is one of the saddest, but it’s also one of the funniest. “Squirrel!” “Hi. My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you.” Lol.

      I know, I know. Aladdin does have great songs. There are just too many in the Disney songbook, it was so hard to pick which ones to feature. You should have seen my list in the beginning. There were at least ten or more.

      1. setinmotion says:

        This is quite true. It has the saddest first ten minutes of any film, and then its mostly lighthearted. Except I’m such a blubberer I kept crying throughout the whole film (Um, that bit when he realises that she has written their everyday events in their journal as “adventures” oooohh!)

        Hmm…very good point. I have to say, I am not a musical fan by any stretch of the imagination, but when its Disney I can’t help but sing along…

        1. Exactly! Me too. I hate the part where they take Kevin and Carl sends Dug away. So sad. Or the part where Dug has to wear the cone of shame. Poor, Dug. Lol.

          I’m the opposite. Musicals are my favorite genre of film. I’m an addict, really. Especially ones from the forties and fifties.

          P.S. I sent you something on the Twitter. It should be in your mentions. 🙂

        2. setinmotion says:

          Hahaha, really? I don’t mind some musicals, but for the most part I’m like “stop with the singing, get on with the storyline!” Let’s just say, that I’m a bit impatient hahaha.
          Ooh just checked it out. Cutie!

  3. Elle says:

    Damn you Kim! You made me cry! That opening scene from up gets me everytime. Everytime!! Reminds me how I felt when I watched the first part of Bambi when you know who died. The little Mermaid is probably my favourite Disney movie. Quite possibly because I actually had the video and it was the 1st one I remember seeing. I know I watched them all at some point but I don’t remember the songs or the actual stories and scenes from the others. I did love Mulan though and Tangled was a really good film with some great music. I always said I would get all the movies one day but now you’re making me want to seek them out and watch them again. Can’t wait for the 3rd installment!!!

    1. I’m sorry! I’m sorry. But the music is too good. Oh, I won’t even watch Bambi. Once was enough (though I love Thumper). Too sad.

      The Little Mermaid, good choice. I don’t think I have a favorite pick now. When I was little it was Beauty & the Beast, but if I had to choose, I’d probably pick Up. Yes, I know it’s sad, but it has Dug. I love that little guy. Lol.

      I keep hearing Tangled was good, but when I watched it, I couldn’t make it through.

      I know what you mean! I had a lot of them on VHS, but now they’re either lost or broken. And they charge an arm and a leg for DVD’s today. Slowly, but surely I’m going to get my collection back. If only they didn’t have that stupid Disney vault. Sigh.

      1. Elle says:

        Oh I forgot the end of Toy Story 3 – that was really sweet. “Squirell” !!! I love him!! Please tell me you prefer dogs over cats and we can put this Cullen thing behind us FOREVER!

        How come you couldn’t make it through Tangled? I thought it was great!

        1. Hahaha!!! “Squirrel!” Yes, dogs over cats. That’s all it takes to get over our Cullen dispute? Good to know. Lol.

          I don’t know. I thought it was kinda boring . . . and I didn’t like the songs. *Runs and hides* Don’t hurt me!

        2. Elle says:

          I could never hurt another dog lover! I don’t think…

        3. setinmotion says:

          Don’t mind me joining in on this conversation….YOU’RE NOT A CULLEN FAN??!?! Please tell me I interpreted this wrong

        4. Oooooh, someone’s in trouble . . . *giggles*

        5. setinmotion says:

          Uh-oh. A Jacob fan on our hands…At least you like Damon right???

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