Farewell Brakebills

On Wednesday night, after five seasons, The Magicians said their final farewell and took their last bow. The show’s premature and sudden cancellation was a tough blow for fans who had watched the series since the beginning. Over the years, the show became a beacon for imagination and inclusivity. No one had ever seen such an incredibly quirky, weird, and deeply moving show before. The Magicians pushed the envelope with every single episode. No subject was too sensitive or too taboo for them to tackle. They made those who thought they were on the periphery feel recognized and normal. Even though the series made some tough story-line decisions last season, ones that not everybody agreed with, they still remained true to themselves. Wednesday’s finale brought the saga full circle, while still leaving room for more adventures. I’m just sayin’, SYFY. If you want to bring them back with a last minute renewal, we wouldn’t be upset. The finale may not have been what fans wanted or expected, but it gave a bit of closure to the cast of long-suffering characters we’ve known and loved for years. So here’s to Fillory and here’s to Brakebills. Thank you for the snarky one-liners and the creative cliffhangers. We salute you.

See you tomorrow!

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