Help! I Can’t Stop Watching THOR: RAGNAROK

It’s happening again. I just can’t help myself, I don’t want to stop. I just keep at it, pressing rewind again and again. Oh, Gods! It’s all my fault. Unlike my dalliance with Divergent, my need to watch Thor: Ragnarok on an endless loop is solely my choice and not because it plays constantly on TV. I should have seen it coming, really. I had been obsessed with Ragnarok the instant the trailer dropped, after I’d heard “He’s a friend from work” on repeat. Ragnarok’s neon color and quirky humor was something I immediately gravitated toward. When I finally saw the film it felt like the stars had aligned. There’s no other way to explain it. It was glorious! It was perfect. The combination of comedy and character calls to me every single time. The relationship between Thor and Loki? Strained, sweet, and spot-on. Korg? He’s my hero. Valkyrie? Swoon. The film managed to fuse the right amount of action, plot and weirdness, and roll it into one intergalactic spectacular. I love everything about it. Yes, I really should have seen this coming.

See you tomorrow!

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