TV Rewind: The Originals – “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”

Saying Goodbye

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I know this post is super later, but I hope you can forgive me, because I’ve been trying to figure out what has been going wrong with the final season of The Originals and I think I’ve finally got it. From the start of the season The Originals have focused on one thing: Hope. If it were any other season of the show, that wouldn’t be an issue. However, Hope’s story-line is starting to take over anything and everything. Elijah’s standout episode aside, it’s almost as if The Originals has forgotten about The Originals. Klaus has almost become a side player, having no considerable character development or compelling plot line since the season began. Kol and Rebekah are MIA, as usual. Hope is the only one who is front and center. It’s becoming quite clear that the show is only focused on setting up Hope’s spinoff series. They’ve forgotten who their core audience is and it’s making me worry about how the rest of the final season will go.

Wednesday’s episode left a lot to be desired. It feels like the show is running around in circles. Klaus and Elijah, friends or foes? Who cares anymore? Klaus has to stay away from Hope or the world ends. It’s all becoming routine. Nothing’s moving. Nothing’s happening. Hayley’s unexpected and lackluster departure made way for a boring and lackluster farewell.

Warning! This is a SPOILER ALERT!

After the death of her mother, Hope Mikaelson prepares to say her final farewell. Only, things aren’t going as planned. Since he can’t actually be with Hope, the Mikaelson’s have enlisted the help of The Oracle to do an astral projection spell. Then, at least, Klaus can give some support to Hope during this difficult time. After he receives a short but sweet note from Caroline, Klaus is going to make sure, come hell or high water, that he can be there to say farewell to his baby mama.

Across town, Elijah arrives with Antoinette to give Greta’s followers a quick “How do you do?” and a pat on the back after her untimely death. Both Elijah and Antoinette are surprised by their views on vampirism, unsure as to why they would still believe in Greta’s plan when their leader is dead. Elijah and Antoinette remain cautious of Greta’s minions, especially after seeing how many there are. Antoinette begins to reassure Elijah that she does not share the same beliefs as her family, but Klaus interrupts them. He has the best timing. Klaus snaps Elijah’s neck and bites Antoinette. Yep, that can not be good.

When Elijah finds out that Antoinette has been bitten and needs Klaus’ blood to live, Elijah immediately calls Klaus and requests a truce. Elijah tells Klaus that if he saves Antoinette he will be part of the family again. A.k.a. He will gladly accept his memories back from Marcel. Klaus rejects his proposal.

Disliking Klaus’ ruling, Marcel and Vincent go ahead with the plan. They think that if Greta’s vampires find out about Antoinette’s death, they will surely kill everyone in their sight. They think that if Antoinette dies it will radicalize Elijah to the point where he would join forces with Great’s vamps. This is the only solution they could come up with. Vincent begins the procedure, but something goes wrong. Elijah is resisting. His memories are not pleasant ones, they bring nothing but pain. Elijah doesn’t want to become that man again. Despite Marcel’s attempts to compel Elijah, he fails. Elijah is lost.

At Hayley’s funeral, things go from bad to worse for Hope. Klaus is late. Vincent and Marcel are nowhere to be seen. Freya never told Declan Hayley died. Where are all the people who cared about Hayley? Where are her friends? Hope knows that this is wrong. Everything is wrong. Hope panics. Her anxiety heightens. She’s right, something is wrong. A van speeds past the crowd. It’s Greta’s minions. They want to know where Antoinette and Elijah are. They’re not leaving until they know. Hope breaks out of Freya’s grasp. She is fed up. This is her mother’s funeral. It shouldn’t be like this. Hope unleashes her magic, setting fire upon her enemies. Klaus tries to save Hope, but The Oracle stops him. He can’t be near Hope. It’s too dangerous. Yep, this again.

The Oracle tells Klaus that there is an ancient prophecy, one that perfectly describes all the craziness that is happening in New Orleans. Blood falling from the sky, snakes, and maggots. It’s all connected. Only, it’s not going to result in the end of the world like everyone thinks. The magic that is split between the Mikaelson siblings? If they reunite, it will cause all the firstborns of New Orleans to, you know, croak. As in, dead, dead as a door-nail. As you can imagine, no one is exactly thrilled with this idea, Klaus included. Hope is a firstborn, as are so many others. Klaus knows he has to stay away for good this time.

Via astral projection, Klaus meets with Hope. He tries to apologize for his earlier absence, but Hope is having none of it. She is mad as hell and she is not going to take it anymore. Hope needed him today. She needed him to be there. He is barely in her life anymore and that is not right. It isn’t enough. Hope banishes him from her sight.

That night, the crescent wolves prepare to say goodbye to Hayley. Marcel, Vincent, Josh, and Keelin (making a surprise appearance) are all in attendance. Freya whispers some sweet words about Hayley, but it is Klaus who brings peace to Hope’s troubled mind. His disregard for any apocalypse-like events means a lot to Hope. Their relationship is somehow mended. She holds his hand as Hayley’s body is set aflame and is pushed out into the river. Thunder crackles as lightning bursts from the sky, but it doesn’t matter. Klaus needs to be there for his daughter. He will always be there for Hope.

As Klaus leaves the bayou, his vampire senses begin to tingle. Someone or something is following him. There is magic in the air. Klaus’ neck snaps and he falls into unconscious. When he wakes up, he’s home and Elijah’s there. “There’s no way out. We’re trapped here.”

The Originals

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Originals? What do you think Greta’s minions will do next? What is going on with Elijah and Klaus? Are you enjoying the season so far? Will you watch Hope’s spinoff series? Tell me in the comments!

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